a wiki user reaches for his enormous wallet to buy some fresh strawberries.

One great reason to check out the county roads on the outskirts of town is the great fruit and vegetable stands. These are often the absolute best place to get your fruits and veggies; although the variety can be slim at the smaller ones, the larger ones are better than the produce section at a grocery store.

The Yolo Fruit Stand, Ikedas, and Pedrick Produce are the more commercial of these stands, but others are seasonal, transient, and may even move locations from year to year. Also, don't forget the Farmers Market! See the article, Pull Over for Produce, in The Davis Enterprise — it talks about Ikedas, the Yolo Fruit Stand, and others. Bounty and Savings maintains reviews on fruit stands around Davis, and the Sacramento Farmers Market under the Freeway.

These stands are a good reason to take local county roads to places like Woodland, so you can stop on the way. A few places to keep on your route:


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2005-06-19 14:12:15   Does anyone know where the "Fruit Stand" that is "Under the Freeway" in Sacramento is? I am always looking to buy fresh, red "Pasilla Chilles" but have not been able to find them anywhere. My old room mate got a few at this mysterious location.... but blah... I think my room mate got the name of this pepper wrong. —MichaelGiardina

2005-06-19 15:36:41   doing a little googling, it looks like it is on Sundays between W & X streets and somewhere between 5th and 8th street. —RogerClark

2006-12-26 16:51:15   I've been there, but it's a farmer's market and I can't tell you where it is as I was driven. It's on Sundays, a lot cheaper than the Davis farmer's market with a lot of the same vendors. Bigger too, with lots of things Davis doesn't have. —AmyGoogenspa

2007-08-19 22:18:40   If you do go to the sac farmers market, check out the Kumamoto oysters. They're a steal at 12 for $8. —atwong