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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a powerful energetic modality using the theta brainwave in order to clear negative beliefs and fears from the auric body. Once these blocks are removed a deep healing can take place through the application of Universal Life Force Energy. In addition, positive beliefs can be downloaded into the client.

Theta Healing Basics DNA 3 Day Foundation Course

Learn the empowering technique of entering the Theta Brain wave in order to shift and change your fundamental experience of who you are. Through aligning yourself with Source Energy you are given the capability of redefining your very core existence. Open yourself to love and work opportunities that are a natural expression of your being. Connect with the deepest and most real sense of who you truly are.

Basics DNA Nov. 2013 Friday, Saturday, Sunday Location: Davis, CA

Investment: $486.00 non-refundable deposit $108 Scholarships Available

Individual Sessions Enjoy the healing techniques of Theta Healing with a one on one treatment - $108, 75 min., Two for One Sessions


What is Reiki?

rei - the Japanese word for Universal

ki - means Life Force

Reiki is the energy of the Universal Life Force. In other traditions known as prana or chi, this energy is the life force that exists as particles of energy we see as solid form.

How do I receive a Reiki healing?

The client reclines on a massage table fully clothed and allows the practitioner to place hands either above the body or directly on the body aligning with the mid-line of the body and the chakra centers.

What does the Reiki energy actually do?

Healing energy enters the body and deeply regenerates and relaxes the client. The chakras become rebalanced translating to a harmonizing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual centers.

Does the Reiki energy heal physical imbalances?

Because physical misalignments begin first in the auric body, Reiki energy can act to assist in healing on the physical level. By channelling energy into the aura, the chakras rebalance, translating balance into the physical body as well.

Individual Sessions Enjoy the healing techniques of Reiki with a one on one treatment - $81, 75 min., Two for One Sessions

Therapeutic Bodywork

Enjoy the deep relaxation of therapeutic bodywork. Massage regenerates, rejuvenates, helps you to relax back into the center of your natural peaceful state. Relaxation massage and Asian Footwork opens you to the healing power of the wisdom of the body.

Individual session - $81, 75 min. Two for One sessions


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