Miniature Schnauzer
June 20, 1995
Sweetest Dog Ever

Heidi is a 15 year old purebred Miniature schnauzer; sadly she is showing some signs of old age. Despite her old age, she absolutely loves scrambled eggs and all other types of eggs. She lives with two cats. She likes fresh blackberries off of vines. She can commonly be found in a Cal sweater or a fleece sweater with pink hearts. She sometimes dresses up for Halloween. She can sometimes be found at Petco getting groomed or getting her nails trimmed. She can also occasionally be found at the Woodland Vet Hospital on Main Street, for boarding. Heidi very much loves South Davis Veterinary Center. She especially loves Dr. Grimes, who gave her the nickname munchkin; they do such a fantastic job with her, so she suggests South Davis Vet Center for all pets. Heidi now jumps in the pool a lot and has developed fantastic swimming skills. She lives with two other cats named Poof and Baby. Heidi is a huge cuddler and has become quite a bed hog. She can take up most of the top half of a double bed. Heidi also likes to visit the animals at the Yolo County SPCA where one of her owners volunteers. She has become quite good friends with some of the adoptable animals. She has also been asked by multiple people if she is up for adoption! Heidi is an all around fantastic dog and any family would be lucky to have her.

Update: This past Saturday night (December 4, 2010) Heidi died. It was completely unexpected. We are all greatly saddened by the loss of her. We found her in the pool dead. We all think she had a stroke and then fell in, or fell in then had a stroke. She was a wonderful dog and she had a happy 6 years in our household.