The HORSE POLO CLUB is managed by the men's and women's UC Davis competitive team members, who have come in first at the Regional Competition for the last 6 years. The team offers weekly clinics to teach anyone how to play the game. It is a great alternative to the Equestrian Center Prices and so much fun! There is absolutely no riding or horse experience necessary. Clinics are available from beginners through advanced, for whether you are interested in learning about horses or in a position on the team. Horses and equipment are provided, bringing boots is suggested, and any other personal equipment (excluding horses) is welcome.

$60/person or
$35/three or more people
*no exceptions*

SIGN-UP FOR FALL NOW!! In the FALL: Clinics will be offered MON — FRI 5pm-9pm


To view the team schedule, recent news, or more info visit our website at

Being that this is Davis there is also Bike Polo, not to mention Horse Ball.


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