Rendering of the New Building on the UC Davis Architects and Engineers Page

Given the combination of one of the older and more decrepit halls on campus and the young and upwardly mobile UC Davis School of Law, something had to give, and it looks like they're finally tackling the problem. A groundbreaking for a complete renovation and expansion to King Hall was held on September, although not much else seems to be happening.

The project is projected to cost upwards of $21 million and will expand the current usable area by 28% to 27,873 square ft. to provide increased instructional, office, and library space. Funding includes renovation of key portions of the existing building in addition to outfitting the hall with up-to-date technology. Once completed, King Hall will be a more integrated facility that locates instructional, office, and library functions into a cohesive program. This renovation addresses building age and space deficiencies; as campus saw with the VMTH, this can seriously impact a school's ability to maintain accreditation. Additionally, parts of the law school program are currently housed offsite as a result of insufficient space.

Some specific improvements included in the remodel include the following.

  • Consolidating faculty offices on one floor.
  • Reorganizing circulation to improve Library security.
  • Enhancing the courtyard as an organizing element and an exterior program space.
  • Consolidating and expanding student services
  • Relocating administration offices

Recent construction photos and building renderings are periodically posted at the Law School's flickr page.


Northeast View East View 1... that thing on the top is my hand, I'm a crappy photographer East View 2... yep still doing the hand thing

Construction as of 04/15/09 Construction as of 04/15/09 Construction as of 04/15/09