Lakeshore Apartments
1175 Lake Blvd. (in West Davis, across from Westlake Plaza)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm
Sat 10am-4pm
(530) 757-7926
Lakeshore Apartments
Central heat/air
Covered parking for extra fee of $20 per month
Handicapped access
BBQ area
24 Hour Gym
 24 Hour Computer lab/Clubhouse available to rent for events
Pets allowed
Pool/spa (closes at 10PM)
Stonegate Country Club Membership available
2 bedroom fully furnished guest suite available to rent for $125.00 per night

Now Pre Leasing for the 2017-2018  season!!!

The Lakeshore apartment complex is a well-maintained,  and comfortable living environment managed by Stonesfair Management. The buildings are three-stories high in beige and brick colors and apartments consist of studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom floorplans available ranging from $1,250 a month-$2600 a month beginning on  January 17 2017. The apartments themselves are very spacious, with wide, open rooms and balconies or patios. The back side of the property, facing Stonegate Lake, is bordered by several "cottage" units, single-story apartments with back lawns and beautiful lake views. The cottages tend to have a much lower turnover rate than the rest of the complex.

The complex offers lake views; a swimming pool, hot tub, and fountain; a large clubhouse with a kitchen, tv and sofas.  The clubhouse is open until 4pm daily, and available to rent for a fee.  They also have a recently remodeled gym; a large laundry room, and a 24-hour computer lab with HP computers. Printing is available to residents using the computer lab for free.

Although the majority of the apartments are filled by college students, there are also some families, older couples, and elderly people, which makes for a slightly quieter complex than many in Davis. There is a pretty nice sense of community here, and the management goes out of their way to make residents feel at home. All work orders are addressed promptly and professionally. The manager has been at the community for awhile and does a great job.

The complex is located out in West Davis, about a 15 minute bike or bus ride from campus. Unitrans D & K bus line stops directly across from the complex, and the P/Q bus line stops just one block away. The Westlake Plaza, located directly across the street, has an IGA grocery store, a great Mexican food restaurant, a dry cleaners, Lamppost Pizza, a Chinese food restaurant a hair and nail salons. It's a short drive or bike ride to The Marketplace on the other side of Highway 113 for even more shopping opportunities.



  • Plan A 1 Bed & 1 Bath Apartment - $1250/month & $400 Deposit
  • Plan B 1 Bed & 1 Bath Apartment - $1425-$1550/month & $500 Deposit
  • Plan C 1 Bed & 1 Bath Apartment - $1475/month & $500 Deposit
  • Plan E 2 Bed & 1 Bath Apartment - $1625-$1800/month & $600 Deposit
  • Plan F 2 Bed & 1.25 Bath Apartment - $1650/month & $600 Deposit
  • Plan G 2 Bed & 2 Bath Apartment - $1775-$2000/month & $600 Deposit
  • Plan H 2 Bed & 2 Bath Apartment - $1885/month & $600 Deposit
  • Plan I 2 Bed & 2 Bath Apartment - $2000-$2300/month & $600 Deposit
  • Plan J 2 Bed & 2 Bath Apartment - $2200-$2600/month & $600 Deposit
  • Plan K 3 Bed & 2 Bath Apartment - $2500-$2600/month & $800 Deposit

*Prices subject to change

1 bedroom, 1 bath

Plan A, 636 sq ft Plan B, 785 sq ft Plan C, 837 sq ft

2 bedrooms, 1 bath

Plan E, 943 sq ft Plan F, 997 sq ft

2 bedrooms, 2 baths

Plan G, 1097 sq ft Plan H, 1271 sq ft Plan I, 1254 sq ft Plan J, 1537 sq ft

3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Plan K, 1744 sq ft


Check our Housing Guide and Apartments pages for more information on rental housing in Davis.


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2008-03-19 13:43:12   Anybody have problems with cockroaches here? —lindsayream

2008-04-04 23:22:42   Anyone know if there are size limits for dogs? And do they allow (*very* friendly) pit bulls? —belinda364

2008-05-16 17:45:49   Checked out Lakeshore today, and they do not have any breed restrictions, but there is a weight limit of 40 lbs. for dogs. —belinda364

2009-02-14   They told the weight limit was 75 lbs.—sweetMeliss

2009-07-16 18:15:13   Why are the stonesfair apartments so expensive? What a ripoff for Davis! —Air

2009-08-03 17:22:02   I visited these apartments a few years ago. At the time, there was significant construction going on in the complex. As a result, some residents had lost the use of their balconies. A number of them were storing the contents of their balconies in their bedrooms or living rooms. I would imagine that the construction has been completed by now (I hope). The apartments were very large, but not in particularly good condition. I saw old and worn carpet and appliances. The lake was nice, but the complex only borders a very small section of it. I think you can get country club memberships that give you lake access though. Prices were comparable to those at other apartments in that section of Davis. Some apartments have a lake view. What that meant for the one I saw with the lake view was that if you stood right next to the window and squinted through some trees, you might barely be able to see the lake. Perhaps other apartments in the complex have a better view? If you bike to campus, you will have about a 12 minute ride from here. —IDoNotExist

2009-08-20 13:54:22   STAY OUT OF THIS PLACE. —GeorgeC

... that was informative.

    2009-10-30 10:37:19   These apartments are very over priced. The appliances are outdated and worn. The worst part is that there is VERY limited parking. What I mean by this is if you come home after 8pm or so on any night, you will NOT be able to find a parking spot. You will have to resort to street parking which has about 5 spots, again unhelpful. They even just took a portion of the parking that we had and converted it to "reserved parking"—reserved for whom??? And the "covered parking" that you can pay for is just a joke; you are likely to get several dings on your car from the far too close poles that hold up the sheet metal that they call a covering. —BField

    2010-02-25 14:53:34   Lakeshares has been my home for the past 2.5 years. We really like living across the street from the shopping plaza especially with the new grocery store open in West Davis. The cheapest gas in town is just half a mile north. For such a large complex, we found the apartment manager Rose and her staff to be very responsive to our needs.

    The unit itself is laid out fairly well. With a bit of decoration and furniture, it was a place we were proud to call home. The amenities include a swimming pool for those hot days, hot tub for the cold nights, and a newly rennovated workout room. There's a laundry room and also a laundromat across the street for large wash jobs. We paid for two reserved parking spots for convenience but when we didn't have the spots, we didn't have much of an issue. On busy days, we may have to park on the street, but there were plenty of spaces available.

    We are moving out prematurely for personal reasons and were originally planning on living here two more years. Rose and her team were very helpful in assisting us find a new tenant to take over our lease. Although we were on the hook for the reminder of the lease, the staff went out of their way to show our unit to prospective tenants.

    We definitely recommend Lakeshores to any prospective tentants. Well worth a look. —DanielHoang

    2010-06-23 01:25:38   I lived here for a short time. I lived in the 2b/2b floor plan J. I have to say that this place, although over priced, is a really great place to live in. Location is really nice too. The office manager is easy to get along with, although I have to say the maintenance is a little slow. I didn't have much problem with the apartment itself. —chloe.jl

    2010-06-25 18:09:14   I lived at lakeshore for 2008-2009. The walls are paper thin, I can hear everything from my neighbors exhaust,to their shower turning on to the toilet flushing, to their talking. Also every night I can hear people screaming in the hallways even with my windows closed. There is lots of noisy foot traffic/ loud talking between 10pm-2am even though I lived on the third floor. I actually had an LSAT on one Saturday and I couldn't sleep all night because people kept screaming and yelling all friday night. I called the Lakeshore security and the police and still nothing was done. This is not the place to be if you want to sleep before 2am. Also my air condition would not work very well and everytime they sent maintenance to look at it they told me this is the older AC and I shouldnt turn the AC below 75 degrees. really though? Also after turning on the AC and turning it off, the AC begins to leak into the ground. Finally, I had a prior walkout with Rose the manager and even then they charged me $500 of my $600 deposit for exactly painting the walls/ and cleaning even though we cleaned it spotless. When we called rose she told us even if theres one drop in the fridge she has to call the house cleaners to clean the apartment even if everything else is clean. When I contacted the regional manager she was even ruder and began trying to cut me off every time I had something to say and telling me how she has worked their for 12 years and how she runs all the properties and how shes a professional. The regional manager lives downstairs in the apartments next to the lakeshore pool/gym. —TylerBrennan

    2010-07-14 17:08:22   I really like how this complex looks and how its located right infront of a little mini plaza. Im having good vibes with this place because I spun a wheel after i signed my lease and I won a flatscreen —Aneeshrege

    2010-09-13 22:53:29   (Writing this now in case my opinion changes later) I recently moved into Lakeshore, and so far it has been quite disappointing. The apartment manager, Rose, has always been very pleasant and friendly, but organization is an issue. There was confusion about our first months rent/deposit, even though all residents had sent it in early. When I got here for the walk-through, the rooms were smaller than had been shown on the website. None of the problems noted on the walk-through have been fixed (despite assurances that a work order would be put in). Additionally, a setup package for internet was delivered and signed for by Rose but then could not be located (she offered no assistance or compensation besides suggesting we call UPS). In the apartment of one of our friends, the roof outside is falling apart and the water heater is not secured correctly. Hopefully this is simply an unpleasant streak of luck and I'll be able to post a better review later, but for now be very cautious when considering lakeshore. —JesseGipe

    2011-03-28 09:18:56   I've lived at Lakeshore for almost 1.5 years and I've enjoyed almost every minute of it! A few times there have been loud parties, but nicely asking my neighbors to keep it down usually resolved any issues. I can't speak for maintenance as my apartment never had any issues. The courtyard does tend to magnify sounds and there is a huge goose that crapped on my porch, but management, specifically Rose, has been fantastic to deal with. Even after I told her I needed to find a new place, she was really generous and helped me to find someone to sublease my apartment. —rachelmmd

    2011-04-14 20:38:38   The management here is very well organized and respectful of the residents who live here. Yeah some residents are routy, but you can expect that at any college campus after midterms and finals. There are an abundance of anemities available despite the fact that West Davis is isolated from most parts of Davis. It's nice to soak in the hot tub during stressful times and to workout in the workout area as well as the country club next door. There are also many parks and bike trails around this area: specifically "West Manor Park" and a nature trail that goes along the wildlife reservation. It is a great place to live if you have kids or if you are a graduate student or even a professor. The best part of this apartment complex, in my opinion, is the beautiful man - made lake and when the sun sets upon it, it reflects vibrant colors that make it seem as though it came from a painting or a pretty movie scene. Couples can sit on the grass to watch the sun set or photographers can come and take pictures of it. Overall, this place is amazing and if I ever had the chance, I would live here for the remainder of my stay in Davis. —peacefulsparrow

    2011-08-20 12:02:23   This truly is a great place to live. The management is great, Rose is super helpful and friendly. Second, the apartments are in great shape and the maintenance staff do their best to take care of every issue that may arise while you are living there. I have lived there for over 2 years, and sadly I will not be staying there next year. However, if you are looking for a nice place to live, with a friendly staff, quiet atmosphere, and an amazing view, check out Lakeshore! You won't regret it, and you also can get a rental credit for touring your apartment, which is a super easy process. So go ahead and check them out! —davisaggie1

    2012-09-26 21:08:58   In my opinion, this is one of the nicest apartment complexes in Davis. Although I can say that, by and large, I had a good experience living there, the process of moving out was very unpleasant. When I was preparing to move out, I made sure to clean every inch of my apartment. I can say I left it in better condition than when I first moved in because I found dog food under my stove. I never owned a dog or other pet, so clearly that food had been there before I moved in. Management commented and noted how clean I had gotten everything and remarked how little they would have to do to make it ready for the next resident. This turned out to be untrue. Weeks later I got a bill for over $300 for "cleaning" and "painting." I received none of my $500 security deposit back and was charged an additional several hundred dollars for cleaning and painting that management had told me would not be necessary. I also was informed I had not paid rent for several days during the last month of my lease. In fact, I had paid my last month's rent, but management had continued to charge me for several days after my lease had terminated.

    Although Lakeshore is generally a nice place to live, the unconscionable charges after my move-out make me reluctant to recommend this complex to another student. —AggiePride89

    2013-06-25 12:07:52   In response to DissapointedStudent. I would be happy to discuss the concerns that you have with your final accounting, please give me a call at your earliest convenience. As for the clubhouse, it is open for residents until 4pm everyday free of charge. There is a $75.00 charge if you would like to reserve the Clubhouse for a private event. -Lakeshore Management —rbarnao

    2013-07-07 10:06:56   Highly romanticized to be very luxurious with great lake views.Not worth your money at all!! Major disappointment!!! Apartments advertised are not the actual units which can be deceiving. There are better units in Davis worth the money that include Wifi. Washers are small and dryers are not always efficient. My place is not up to date (for the price it should be)! Some things put together together tackily. Gym sucks! Workout equipment is beyond ancient. Pool is not heated and located in a shady area. Management is really nice. -Very disappointed —Disappointment

    2013-07-22 08:48:38   Do not try to sleep in on Monday because YOU CAN'T!!!! The lawn gets taken care of at 8 am every week and you can hear everything. Additionally, on the weekends sometimes other tenants are really noisy. —Disappointment

    2013-08-02 15:59:24   Dont live here, student or not, they are terrible they overcharge, and keep your deposit no matter how clean it is. You can do better live somewhere else, this place is shitty anyway. If youre going to pay this much for shit you might as well live somewhere closer to campus. Also the gym sucks, pretty sure every machine is broken. Waste of money, waste of time, dont even bother. Also they changed our move in date without even telling me, is that even allowed?

    WOW they hired painters that cost $55 and hour to paint after we left, AND then they had the AUDACITY to also charge us for the can of paint. WELL SHIT. If I can make $55 an hour painting then WTF am I doing at UCD??? —SonamSaini

    2014-04-07 01:07:34   1. Their appliances are ancient, you need to flush the toilet twice or more to remove everything, we have two toilets and they both under performed.

    When friends come over and they don't flush multiple times the next friend will always run out and scream "SHIT!" This is very embarrassing especially if someone took a loose stool because that doesn't flush at all.


    , bathroom vents don't work well and it gets mildew easily. 2. The vent above the stove is just for display—it does nothing in terms of getting rid of of smoke. It all just ends up on the ceiling 3. They pay for the water but the taps and showerhead barely have a sufficient flow of water. 4. They advertise fireplaces but only a few have them. 5. The grill area never has any propane. The clubroom usually closes earlier than 4pm without any notification 6. Like somebody else said, they just -have- to maintain their lawns at 8-9 in the morning on a MONDAY. What a *great* way to start the week 7. They put in new washers/dryers but the majority are still old, The in-unit dryer needs to go through three high heat cycles (~3 hours) before anything is sufficiently dry.  I AM HAPPY I CAN MOVE OUT, FINALLY CONTRACT OVER!

    2014-05-03 22:59:34   Plus: - My apartment is huge and I love the floor plan

    - The lake is gorgeous (too bad they have a dock but you can't even use it because there is a locked gate!)

    - Safe area, generally really quiet

      Minuses: - Come home after 8PM and you don't have a reserved spot, you'll be parking on the street.

      - I got a complaint about my dog barking (I DON'T HAVE A DOG!)

      - My neighbors sound like ELEPHANTS!

      - The gym? It's a sad excuse of a gym. It's basically prehistoric.

        - The grass and grounds can get messy and gross looking and there's no trash cans around!

        - OVERPRICED like crazy!

        -If your a student, it's not really a studenty type place. Lots of older folks and families.

          - The computer also prehistoric.

          -They don't do anything for their residents..they have a finals breakfast week which is a joke! A few granola bars on a table...enough said.

            - The bathroom doors REAK during rain and the maintenance was of no assistance.

              - Appliances are super old, especially washer and dryer.

              - The pool looks pretty but IT'S FREEZING, and they don't clean anything out of it like bugs and leaves so it's pretty nasty.

              2014-09-13 18:56:43   This place is not worth your money!!!!!! Negatives

              *My neighbors were super loud every night!!! I agree with the previous person that said the neighbor's sounded like elephants.

              *The gym looks crapy, super ancient workout equipment and the gym is small and gross.

              *Everything fell apart when I moved in because it probably was properly put together to begin with.

              *Clubhouse closes earlier that it's supposed to sometimes

              *You won't get your deposit back! The place was cleaner when I moved out then when I moved in and my whole deposit was pretty much gone.

              *Management was fake not very helpful

              *can only swim durning the really hot summer months because the pool is always freezing.

              *Lied about lake access

              * computer room is lame


              *Updated laundry room

              *if you are a loud partying type of student you will love this place because its so noisy


                2015-06-08 19:14:41   Just a warning to anybody thinking about this place. They ask you for a 600 deposit that they "swear" they will rip up if you cancel. We canceled and they filled the vacancy 5 months ahead of time and they still stole our money. They're scam artists I would stay away from them. —conger.ant