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Woodland wiki?

Thought that myself.


Just to play devil's advocate (since I don't really care about this particular page), we have other Woodland businesses on the DW. It's a principle I've defended. Why not this one?

Is it something unavailable in Davis, or that the Davis community is likely to look to when they need it? If so, I'll defend it too, and remove my "Thought that myself". A lawyer commenting on this type of business would be helpful.

Well, it's a service used by law firms statewide (and nationally), and was founded by UC Davis law alum (and past president of the alumni association) and Woodland councilmember Tom Stallard. So, I'm not weighing in whether it's properly on DW or not, but it is a respected business with wide reach. Specifically, if you're in a lawsuit over a statute, you hire Leg Intent to provide a comprehensive analysis of the legislative process of a bill that moved through the Legislature. In gleaning the Legislature's "intent," you can argue that your perspective on a statute is correct. — ScottLay

Good Davis ties. Would you say that if somebody in Davis needed their services, they would have to go to them rather than find a local company?

Well, it's really a unique business and nearly a monopoly in the service it provides.

I'd say it falls within the "shadow of Davis community". Not by proximity, but by connections, notability, and possibly (very weakly) as a regional resource.

There's so much crossover-has anyone ever thought of merging Davis and Woodland Wiki's?

  • There's not that much cross-over. It would be a huge amount of work. And Davis and Woodland perspectives are arguably different. —cp
  • Was just an idea. -PeteB
    • Sure, no worries. —cp

I recall an approach in the past that retained out of town pages on DW if there is a Davis perspective worth having a page for, while maintaining a main page on the actual wiki that the subject is local to, (woodland in this case). —JT