The return of a lost pet is an amazing thing!

Lost Pet Success Stories

Yellow lab lost and found in same day

LOST DOG: 4/3/14. "Amador". Yellow lab, male. Shaved hindquarters from recent surgery.

Amador is a very sweet, friendly, lab who had ACL surgery a few weeks ago. Escaped from our yard on Elmwood Drive this afternoon. He is microchipped but his tags had fallen off his leather collar.

FOUND DOG: 4/3/14. An elderly male yellow lab was found at the intersection of Oak Avenue and W. 8th Street.

He has had recent medical attention as his left hind rump has been shaved. he has been taken to the County Animal in Woodland.


We are watching Amador while our neighbors are out of town. He escaped from our yard and was found around the corner by a good samaritan who took him to the shelter. If his tags hadn't fallen off yesterday, or my kids told me they had fallen off so I could put them back on, the trip to the shelter (and the $75 reclamation fee) might have been avoided...but no matter, the important thing is that he is home!

Note that I didn't see the FOUND DOG notice when I added the LOST DOG notice, because the FOUND DOG notice has been added to the Wiki incorrectly and wasn't at the top of the page. I didn't bother looking through older posts. Another good samaritan saw the FOUND DOG post and contacted me. Someone else pointed out Amador's picture taken by the shelter and posted on the HarborPet website. Thanks to all of you for your help! What a great community!


Found after 3 months!

LOST CAT: 9/24/13. "Moki". Buff orange medium hair

Moki has been missing since 9/24/2013 from our home near Adeline and Lehigh off of Pole Line. He has a collar with no tags. He is microchipped and ear tipped. He is usually friendly with people and dogs. Please call 702-xxx-xxxx if you see him. Thank you!

Update 12/21/13 from the facebook group:

I would like to share some good news photos of Moki's first day back at home, safe and sound. He was missing for almost 3 months to the day, and since he left just a short time after we moved here, I felt little hope that I would ever see him again. All of you were so supportive and encouraging, and it's because of this FB page and daviswiki that Moki is now home. Last night a woman from Vacaville named Linda was putting bags in her car at the Davis Target when a cat approached her asking for attention. She was surprised how friendly he was and was sure that he must belong to someone, but he had no collar. She Google searched "lost cats in Davis CA" and it brought her to daviswiki, one of the places where I posted Moki's photo. She called me right away, and I knew from the picture she sent that it was Moki, but he wouldn't let her pick him up. I was in Sacramento at the emergency vet with my dog and I had no idea how long I would be there so I immediately got on FB to see if anyone in the Pets Lost and Found Davis group could help wrangle him before I got back. Carol Ernst to the rescue!!!! Seconds later, Carol called me and was on her way to pick up Moki. As soon as I could, I drove to her house. I was pretty sure it was him but it was dark and hard to see inside the carrier, but I was hopeful. He meowed all the way home, and as soon as we got inside the house and I opened the crate, he stopped making noise and rubbed all over the dogs. It was him!!!! You can't imagine my happiness!!! I don't have much information about the amazingly thoughtful woman in Vacaville who was kind enough to actually search for me on the internet, but I will be eternally grateful to her for bringing my baby home. I couldn't sleep last night, even though Moki stayed right next to me because I still couldn't believe he was here. Thank you to everyone for your help in searching for Moki! Here are some photos of his first day at home.


Our Wayward Kitty April came back!!

LOST CAT:11/23/13. "April". Female Calico

She was was gone for weeks, we wrote her off for dead after not finding her, but she appeared at the door, well fed and recently washed. She escaped her captors and was very jumpy for the first few days. She was a zombie, she did not respond to our affections and attempts to reconnect with her, but in the last few days she has finally returned to her secure and happy self. We don't know where she was, or what she experienced but she seems intent on staying home this time, she goes out less and stays nearby. We are glad to have her back home!



LOST CAT: 10/6/13. "Agoshen". Grey Bobtail Cat

Large and Shy! Agoshen is a Green eyed grey neutered male cat with no tail. He is all grey but has some lighter grey markings. He is wearing an Orange velvet color with a brass tag that has the number 1 on it. He was last seen at home at 8th and M in Davis. Agoshen is 3-5 years old and probably weighs 16-18 lbs now.

He has had a very difficult life, abandoned on a farm and nearly killed by wild animals we nursed him back to health and brought him home. He would go outside a little bit, but never wanted to roam. Even if you think you have seen him dead we would just want to know.

Thank you


Charlie has been found!

LOST DOG: 8/12/13. "Charlie". Black/Brown Male Miniature Pinscher

Charlie was last seen early Monday morning near Davis Senior High School off of W.14th street and Oak street. He is a black and tan, neutered, miniature pinscher. He was wearing a red collar. Please call if you have seen him!! I have some suspicions that someone has kept him so please call if you see someone with a dog that looks like him as well. Thank you!! (530)662-2220. UPDATE: 8/16 He was FOUND behind the Ramble apartments in west davis - about 2 miles away! Thanks everyone for all of your help. I hope these success stories help other people who have lost their pets! Facebook is what led us to him!



LOST DOG: 8/02/13 "Lily". 4 Month Mini Australian Shepherd, red tricolor with white paws

Last seen at 8th and D. She has a collar but no tags or microchip. Please call (916) 764-5230 or email UPDATE 8/3: She was found and brought home this afternoon!


Came home!

LOST CAT: 7/28/13. "Obsidian." All Black with Yellow-Green Eyes

Missing from Loyola at Monarch in East Davis

2-year old medium-sized jet black, with two small nicks in left ear. Neutered male (not easy to tell). HAS MICROCHIP.

Friendly and curious. Last seen at home near Loyola and Monarch intersection near Mace Ranch Park on Sunday about 1 pm.

Please check your garage and other hiding places!

Was wearing green breakaway collar with his name and our phone number written on it.

Please call 530 xxx xxxx or email xxxxx if you have seen him.

Thank You!

UPDATE: Spotted by a kind neighbor at dusk on Sunday across the street from our home (Loyola and Monarch).

Update 7/31/2013: Obsidian came home this morning! He's very subdued and seems exhausted, but otherwise appears healthy. We are immensely relieved. Big thanks to all who helped us look around for him!

Susan and Paul


Returned to Owner!

Tony, 4-year-old Jack Russell/pitbull mix

It was about 3pm when I realized he was missing; at 7:43pm, I received a call! When I walked the half-mile over after over 4 hours of searching, the girl at the house said her dad saw my post on Daviswiki. Thanks!


Returned to Owner!

"Hal". Neutered, 11 year-old American Shorthair cat, brown tabby with black stripes.

He went missing on 4/20/2013 near the intersection of 8th and H St. Thank you.


Returned to owner!

FOUND DOG: 4/6/13. White Pekinese.

Not sure on gender, recently spay/neutered. Fur has been cut short.

Found on J Street near Drexel. Very friendly, very calm (has mostly been sleeping with periodic bits of frantic running around freaking out my cats). Call me at 925-xxx-xxxx

I'd love to get this guy home and away from my poor cats :)

Update 4/7/13: The dog's owner has been found! My very animal-loving neighbor went for a drive intentionally looking for signs and managed to find the owner - the dog slipped out the open front gate after grooming (so no collar on!) last night. Phew!



LOST CAT: 03/20/13. "Dexter" grey & white cat

Last seen near Pepperdine Pl and Mesquite near East 8th Street. Call 530-xxx-xxxx.

Dexter is microchipped with a Home Again microchip #4A746A7215. Home Again thinks his name is "Jeremy", which was his name when he was adopted, but his name is "Dexter" now.

Update 3/27: "This cat was found! He was stuck in a neighbor's garage until about an hour ago, for at least 3 days."



LOST CAT: 3/12/13. "Pi". Cream-colored, long-haired kitten w/ brown markings

Lost cream-colored, long-haired kitten, brown markings on face and front paws. He has dark brown ears and fluffy tail. Very bright blue eyes. Six month old. He is an indoor only kitty and very timid, his name is "Pi."

Went missing El Paso Ave, nearest cross streets Donner and Bidwell, he may have run into the greenbelt that borders our HOA/McKeons/La Buena Vida. Please see photo. If you see him, please call Sharon 530-xxx-xxxx. Thank you. Avid chip #004-069-629.

Update 3/21/13: Found on 3/20/13! Thanks goes out to everyone who looked for him. He is home safe, now.



LOST DOG: 3/10/2013. "Sasha". Dalmatian-like

Black and white, purple collar, broken tooth left side, broke through a gate in West Davis on Sunday, looks like a dalmatian, though the spots are slightly blurry and she has collie-like markings on her face. Chipped. Please call (530)758-6178 if found, her sister and family miss her.

Edit, 3/11/2013: That was fast, we've now been informed that she never went farther than Patwin school, and a little boy was walking around with her asking if anyone knew who she belonged to. Thanks to everyone who called in so far!

Edit 2: It now appears that she chewed through the fence of the people who had found her, and she is now AWOL again. My worry is only balanced by the hilarity of the situation.

Edit 3, 3/12/13: Sasha is now home. It seems that she actually jumped the fence of the people who had her, spent the night wandering, and then somehow got back over the fence the next morning, at which point more communication resulted in us going to pick her up. Thank you to everyone who helped, and here's hoping Sasha has learned her lesson about being an escape artist!



LOST CAT: 3/7/13. "Tera". Black Oriental Shorthair.

Name: Tera. 5 years old. downtown Davis on University Avenue between 3rd & 4th Streets and A & B streets, spayed female, no collar, microchipped, contact her loving family 530-xxx-xxxx, reward offered

Update: Found while walking downtown!


Reunited with family

FOUND CAT: 3/8/13 Young Gray Female

Found on 3/8/13, gray female cat, 6-8 mo. old, collar but no ID, south of 5th St. (a bit south of the Explorit Center). Call 916-276-4568.

3/10/13: Posting flyers in the neighborhood resulted in an almost immediate response from this cats owner. This sweet kitten is now happily reunited with her family!



LOST DOG:2/9/13 Female pug but with a snout. Missing her collar. Very friendly.

Her name is Rogue. She ran away around Mulberry and w.8th. If found please call xxx-xxx-xxxx.



Returned to owner! "The owner responded to the ad and came and retrieved her cat! Thank you!!"

FOUND CAT: 2/20/13 Male orange and cream domestic long hair

Near Davis High School. Very friendly. Very hungry. 530-xxx-xxxx(h) 530-xxx-xxxx(c)


FOUND! — via this posting! — and reunited with his family on 2/21/13

LOST CAT: 02/10/13. Gray Domestic Medium Hair

Our domestic medium hair cat ran away from home yesterday (Friday, February 8) in Stonegate in West Davis. His name is Helmut and he is a 13 year old neutered male with no front claws, only one canine tooth, and tattered ears. His fur is mottled grey and tan with a cream-colored belly with light tan spots on it. His tail has a slight bend at the end. He has green eyes and likes people, but not other cats or dogs.

Please call or email ASAP if you have found him! Thank you!


Returned to owner!

FOUND CAT: 01/02/13. Large white cat

neutered male cat, very friendly. Found in the Solano Park APT complex, south from the UCD campus. No collar, not sure about microchip but is litterbox trained and loves people. If you have any information please contact Rafael at (530)304-6037.

Update 1/15/13: "Mission accomplished- Bunny got back home. Thank you all very much for your time and support."


Returned home 11/6/12!

LOST CAT: 10/13/12. "Popeye". Black Male Cat

Last seen Saturday October 13, 2012 at our home on Eureka Avenue, four houses down from the high school. Popeye likes to spend time in the field behind the Catholic Church on 14th Street. He is pure glossy black with a couple of whisps of white hair on his chest. He is shy and has been neutered. He is about 3 years old, average size, and very sturdy, athletic, and heavier than he looks. Please contact us at 530-756-9256 if seen or found.



LOST CAT: 10/13/12. "Puma". Black, no collar, but microchipped

Puma is long and lean and all black except for a few white hairs on his chest. Last seen around E&7th (downtown Davis) 12/01 around midnight. He slipped out in the big storm and hasn't come home. Any information, please contact Becky 530.400.3811 Thank you!

Update 1/11/13: Puma had gotten into a neighbor's house and was hiding out in their couch.



LOST CAT: 3/22/12. "Lily". Orange & White striped with white belly, orange markings around nose

Large orange striped cat with a white belly and orange markings around her nose. Her name is Lily and my family and I are devastated that she has gone missing. She ran away on March 22nd in the Dollar Tree Store area on East 8th Street. We love and miss her! Any information please email Thank You!

Update 1/10/13: "Yes I've found her!"


Returned home

LOST CAT: 4/29/12. "Lucca". Long-haired Tabby, grey, black and white

He went missing near J and Covell on April 29th. He is a skinny, beautiful grey, black and white tabby medium-sized cat. His name is Lucca and he responds to it. He is wearing a grey reflective collar. He is friendly but hates to be picked up. Please, if you've seen him anywhere on J or Covell or behind the Pinecrest or Cranbrook Apartment complex, contact me!!

Update 1/10/13: "He came back home."



LOST CAT: 5/19/12. "Tibbers". Orange striped American Shorthair Mix

I lost my cat Tibbers this morning (5/19/12)! He is an 8 months old American short hair mix. He's orange with stripes! He has white coloring on his chin and has a big bushy tail. He is 10 pounds and meows alot when he is hungry. He is wearing a light blue collar with a bell and a tag on it that says "TIBBERS." Please contact me at or call me at (510) 449-9583. He escaped from our house on 5th and F street. He is shy around strangers.

Update 1/9/13: "Yes i found him!"


Recovered from shelter.


Found on F street, Davis. Call 415 8769044.No collar, litterbox trained and loves people. I cant keep it, please call fast.

Update 1/8/12: The cat was scanned and didn't have an owner. I had to give him to the police animal control care, I could not do anything else. Anyone who wants information about him should call animal control at 530-666-8920.

Update 1/13/12: According to the Pets Lost and Found Davis CA Facebook page, this cat was microchipped and redeemed from the shelter back on 1/8



LOST CAT: 9/19/12. "Hopper". Calico

Hopper is a calico cat. She looks similar to a Maine Coon/American Longtail, but with a smaller frame. She's 14 years old, declawed, and a little shy. She's has a green collar around her neck with her name and a phone number on it, however the phone number is currently inaccessible. Please contact Vicki at 916-947-4549 or email if found. She was last seen wandering around the downtown davis area on 9/20/2012.

Update 1/9/13: "Yes we have found Hopper."



LOST CAT: 12/2/12. "Carlisle". Brown Tabby Cat

Have you seen Carlisle? Age: 1.75 years Neutered male Fur: Long (fluffy) Color: Brown Tabby with black and white stripes Black spot on back left paw Eye color: Yellow/Green Tail: Bushy/fluffy Body Size: Lean/fit 13-15 lbs Friendly (most of the time) No collar Lost from 2301 Isle Royale Lane at Denali If found CALL (530) 758-6021 or (530) 613-6021 EMAIL: or

Update 1/9/13: "Carlisle has been returned to his loving home."


Recovered same day!

LOST DOG: 1/7/13. "LUCKY" Manchester Terrier Mix. Black and Tan

Ran out of office door at 632 Cantrill Drive, Davis. Contact Melissa Turner 916-607-5602 or Trisha Turner 530-756-5200. Microchipped and silver collar. Scared, new to area. UPDATE - Found him at the Shelter this morning. Thanks for your help.


UPDATED 10-10-2012: NEW HOME FOUND for NEUTERED MALE BROWN (gray/brown with dark stripes/spots) TABBY CAT

Is this your cat? He was living in the Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden on the West Pond Greenbelt (west end of Lassen Pl.) since August. He is friendly and meows a greeting to everyone. He was scanned for a microchip but appeared not to have one. Friends of West Pond fed him every day until a kind person took him to her home in central Davis to begin his new life. Lucky cat!



Stripes is DEAF & should not be outside. He has no fear, loves to escape (although this is only the 2nd time we haven't caught him immediately), and will roam.

Missing since 9/19/2012 morning or 9/18/2012 evening from East Davis near Covell/Manzanita Cat's Name: Stripes Age: 1 year Sex: Neutered Male Fur: Long Color: Grey tabby, tawny reddish brown on sides, white from nose down neck, chest, belly, white front paws Eye color: Yellow/green Tail: Fluffy Body size: mildly overweight Behavior: Confident/friendly, including NO FEAR of other animals & likely to go up to dogs (the last time he got out, he walked up to our neighbor's black lab when they were on a walk & followed them home) Collar: Red buckle collar (not quick release) with rhinestones, has plate on collar saying "If I am out, I am lost" & phone #; Stripes has a habit of removing his collar, however. Microchip #: 985121008258353 (Home Again registry) Missing from Bates Dr in East Davis, nearest major cross streets Covell & Manzanita

Owner contact info: Cheri Kannarr or James Cubbage Daytime #1 & Evening: 530-759-0334 (home) Daytime #2: 530-752-3902 (James' work) James's cell: 530-867-3965 Cheri's cell: 530-867-3964

Or, Stripes is an Acorn Vet foundling kitten & Acorn can be contacted, or he can be brought there if found: 1340 E. Covell Blvd. #101, Davis 530-753-7580



The information on the microchip was the key to this success story!


Sirius the Border Collie found 9/11/12

Some college students a few blocks down the street found him and took him in. Fliers placed around nearby neighborhoods really do help!


Peanut Found February 2012

We lost her for a month and she had been taken in by neighbors. Make sure to put up signs and tell your neighbors if you lose a pet! It really helps!


Reunited with my mini schnauzer, Moco! 1/2/12

Thank you so much for finding my dog and returning it to me! And thank you Davis Wiki for providing this service! :-D



Samson: Neutered male, domestic short-hair, Orange-striped and white (and looks kind of like he has an orange moustache). He went missing the morning of 9/11/2011 and was found on 9/19/2011, about 5 blocks from home. He had only been in Davis 36 hours when he escaped and disappeared. The family who found him have been missing their cat, Hercules, since July 30 and our boys could be twins (Except for Samson's moustache). Thanks to all the folks who called about Samson. A special Thank You to Christina and family!! I am so sorry that is wasn't Hercules, finding his way home to you!! I "met" Christina and a great group of devoted pet finders on the facebook page, Pets Lost and Found Davis CA, which has a link on this page under What Else You Can Do.


Recovered lost pet "Cowboy"!

Cowboy was captured at the corner of Oak and Russell, about 3 days after he escaped from our yard. We truly appreciate everyone who emailed and called us with sightings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Lost Dog - Rolf - FOUND

Lost white wheaten terrier, mid-size (38lbs), neutered male, name: rolf. green collar with no tags that says "bark if you're irish". microchipped. lost 4pm friday, december 7th.

Thanks so much to Krystyna & Family! (and the Davis Wiki!)


Lost Dog: "Jo" - Medium sized female Bull Mastiff? mix

Jo went missing early this morning [Friday 11/23], she escaped near Poleline at Loyola. She is about 8 yrs. old, tan with white markings, and is wearing a black Grateful Dead collar. Her tag has an outdated phone number. Thanks!


Lost Cat - Tommy - FOUND

Tommy had been trapped in a humane raccoon trap in a backyard on B street! He was trapped for three days with no water until the people finally checked their trap and let him out. They had just gotten the flyer the same day and called to let Tommy's folks know they'd just checked the trap and let him out. A warning to anyone who is setting humane traps for wild animals: check your traps every day!

Last seen on Thursday morning November 1, 2012 on Cedar Place (directly opposite North Davis Elementary, nearest cross street 14th Street ). Male, neutered tabby with dark to black striping, black tip to the tail, pink nose with a black dash on the right hand side, light belly. He is chipped. He does cross to Community Park so could be on any surrounding street. Please call 530-304-6660.


Lost Cat - Grant - FOUND

Grant was found two blocks from his home on October 28, 2012. His humans and kitty friends are very glad to have him back again!

We just moved to Davis and Grant got out without a collar from our new home at 12th & B st, Davis on Thurs 9/27 or Fri 9/28. He is a short-haired gray male cat with some white around his mouth and on his chest, and a pink nose. He also has a small notch cut in one ear to indicate he has been neutered. He is medium-large size with a big head. He is shy but very friendly with people. His best girlfriend kitty misses him. Please call 415-407-3738 or 415-385-0660 if seen or found.


Lost Cat: Female Brown and Black Tabby, named Cousteau (Found!)

I had been going out searching at night and early morning every day (with cat food and a flashlight), and she never came out! Turns out she was in a neighbor's backyard half a block down the road, and they recognized her from a flyer and called. She had been super friendly and hung out with their kids and let them pet her. Hurray!




Lost Female Siamese Tabby Mix - North Davis / Saratoga West Apt Complex FOUND!!

Lost on 3/10/12 9pm from Saratoga West Apt Complex in North Davis (Covell and Denali)

Not wearing a collar but is microchipped.

Indoor only, has never really been outside, is probably very scared.

Blue Eyes, Greyish white with tabby markings on her face.

Please contact me at 408-230-8204 if you have seen her.

My bf and I had been searching all day. I had pretty much called it quits when my housemate convinced me to do one last search around 10:30pm. I'm happy to say she's back safe at home! It's very true when they say cats can be a unresponsive to your calls during the day (when things are louder and scarier). If you have a lost kitty, I recommend grabbing a friend, a flashlight and a sound source that she responds to (in my case it was a tupperware filled with kibble which I shook as I walked). I also made it a habit of talking the entire way so that she would hear my voice. My housemate came along with a flashlight; it helps to see their eye reflectoins. We found her by her meows not more than ten feet from my apartment front door (despite the fact that we made the same desperate rounds just five hours before). Best of luck to all of you who are still looking!


Lost Cat Finally Found: Indy

Originally reported missing September 24, 2011, near the El Macero Nugget Marketplace on the corner of Mace and Cowell.

He's finally home after three months of being out on his own. Based on the new missing line of fur across his nose (not pictured; images are from lost posting), he had a tussle with something. Besides being paranoid and a bit stressed out, he's safe and comfortable with a can of fancy feast and a big bowl of fresh water and my whole bed to himself.

A very caring couple around the block from my apartment complex noticed him coming around their house about a week ago. They fed him and he returned daily. Their neighbor called me after having noticed the similarity between that stray and my file at the SPCA and when I got home from my first day of classes today, he was curled up on their back patio table when I got there.

Thank you to everyone who looks out for these little lost pets. I'm so overwhelmed right now. I can't believe he's back. Never give up hope!


Yume is home!!

Lost: Siamese mix Mallorca Lane 11/08/11

Yume (pronounced You May) Light & dark grey & buff Siamese mix, blue eyes 12 year old neutered male, declawed, about 11-12 pounds. No collar or chip as he's an indoor cat. Very timid, may be hiding in the bushes in someone's yard. If found please call Larry 530-400-8420 or Tina 530-400-2142


LOKI is found!!!!

Loki is a neutered male chihuahua/doxie mix; he is about 6 years old. His coat is dark brown with caramel markings on his paws, chest & face. His face markings look a little like a mini pincher. He is super friendly with people and will wiggle & roll over for a tummy scratch if you bribe him with treats or sweet talk. He is a huge part of our family and we are missing him very very much. He snuck out the front door on Thursday (7/14) around 9 or 10 pm. He likely would have been picked up along Apple Lane, Drake Drive, Kent Drive, Sycamore Lane, Villanova or Anderson Road, or any of the intersecting streets in the neighborhood around the park on Sycamore Lane. His favorite destination on evening walks is the little dog park there. If you have seen him or have any information on his whereabouts, please please please give us a call at (530) 304-4782.

Thank you so much for all the support & help in the search. the fliers around the neighborhood really did the trick. I especially appreciate the kind people that took him in until I found him.


FOUND!!!Lost: Male Black and White Cat Last Seen 4/12/11 Near Davis Athletic Club

Mostly white with black "cow spots" including one spot on his nose; answers to "Quincy" - very friendly;no chip/collar; may have injured paw. If you see our kitty, please call (530) 304-8402. Any help appreciated.



LOST: Female Australian Shepherd Black Tri named Georgia Vic. Lemon Lane & Villanova in Davis - April 12th or 13th. Microchipped. Reward. Pls. Call 758-3503 (lv. message) 668-6626 or 916-747-8855.


Dwayne was FOUND!

Thank you to all who had eyes out there and helped us find Dwayne. He was recovered on Friday night after 3 days of non-stop searching. A special thanks to Heather and Ben! He has since been reunited with his family and friends as you can see in the picture. For those of you searching for a pet, don't give up!


We found our Chihuahua Feb 13 2011

Abby survived the night in the wetlands; cold but now safe! Our small Chihuahua Abby ran away during a walk Saturday afternoon at the intersection of County Rds 29 and 105 between the Yolo land fill and the Davis Water treatment facility (a gravel road where many people take their dogs for a walk). She did not have a collar.


Winnie is safely HOME

Thank you to the caller who helped to locate her, 5 days after she went missing. Thanks to all of you for your concern!

Winnie was missing for 5 nights and days before she was found in the parking lot of the apartment complex where we live. Tips I learned about trying to find an indoor cat who has gone missing: They tend not to travel very far, so focus search and advertising energy quickly within 2-3 blocks of where your cat has gone missing.

  1. If you've lost your cat, please be sure to contact the Yolo County Animal Shelter and ask about their 'Tips for Finding Lost Cats'

  2. post fliers liberally in your neighborhood (in a circle defined by a 2-3 block radius from your home), and even make them larger than 8.5"x11" if you can (e.g. 11"x17"). If weather is likely to be wet, get them laminated and that also makes them more sturdy on stop sign posts; post them where there is people traffic - e.g. at intersections and stop signs, laundry rooms and mailboxes at apartment complexes, nearby grocery stores, nearby parks and playgrounds, vet clinics, pet stores

  3. contact local vet clinics and leave them a description of your missing cat, in case someone brings your cat in injured

  4. if you live in an apartment complex and see someone who seems to feed cats outside, talk to her/him - they may know a lot about local cats and whether there is anyone new they've seen

  5. check local areas for your cat in the quiet of the night (e.g. after midnight) if it is safe to do so in your neighborhood, calling their name and scanning with a flashlight for eyeshine under bushes, under dumpsters, and under parked cars

  6. make fliers with your contact information and a good description of your cat (distinguishing features) and distribute them door-to-door in your neighborhood, so people have your contact information at hand if they see your cat. Also let them know they can contact you any time of day or night and to please contact you immediately if they think they've seen your cat

  7. there are additional ways to try to hone in on where your cat may be: there are individuals out there who work with trained dogs who can potentially help define an area where your cat is most likely to be (check Craigslist for scent hounds)

  8. seriously consider microchipping your cat. It's not a GPS, unfortunately, but it can help people who find your cat get him/her back to you. Also be sure to keep your contact information updated with Avid (they take phone calls 24 hours/day and are pretty friendly)

  9. also consider keeping a collar with ID tags on your indoor-only cat (safety release may be a good option, in case it gets caught on something, it will safely snap off). Yes, they are indoor-only: only until they get out and you are looking worriedly for them

  10. listen to and take comfort from the encouragement of the people who tell you not to despair — that it can take time — sometimes many days or longer — for your cat to be found. Don't give up, keep looking and asking for people to keep an eye out, and don't burn yourself out looking. Pace your efforts and hope that it is just a short matter of time until your cat shows up. Thanks to the people in the past week who helped me learn these things! And thanks to those who take the time to check whether that cat they see out there is one that someone might be badly wanting home.

    Lost Cat: Dark grey/brown tabby, named WINNIE. Missing from Pinecrest Apts. (Cranbrook Ct. & J St, near Covell) on 2/7/2011. Missing from Pinecrest Apartments (J St. & Cranbrook Ct. near Covell) on Monday, February 7th. She has a collar with name tags and is microchipped (although she may have lost her collar during her time outside, because it is a safety release collar). Please call Kirk any time of day or night at 607-379-2733 (cell) or 530-752-3016 (work) if you have seen Winnie. We are very concerned about her. Thank you for your help to bring her home! **Reward**


LOST CAT: Orange Tabby 10/19/10 FOUND!!!!

Thank you, Davis! Thank you, Davis Wiki! (great tips) 10/20/10

"Pete" was last seen this afternoon on the Putah Creek bikepath near the creek, then near pumphouse, walking west; older, needs meds, may be disoriented, much loved, dearly missed; blue collar with tags — $100 reward — pls call Kathy at 530-219-5175


Cat Returned 10/15/10

Our indoor cat got out on the evening of October 14, 2010 without our knowledge. We live in the downtown and a kind soul found our cat in Sophia's and took him home. She posted a Pet Lost ad on Craig's List and took him to South Davis Veterinary Center in the morning. Between the Craig's List ad, the DavisWiki entry for our lost cat and the SPCA we were contacted about our lost cat! Now he is home and we are overjoyed! Definitely use every resource you can when trying to find a lost pet and be sure to microchip your pets!


Dog Returned 06/15/10

My dog jumped out my car window on the evening of 06/13/10 in the Safeway/ Marketplace in North Davis. Fortunately, kind citizens of Davis were afraid of him getting run over and took him in for 2 nights before the pound opened. During my time of emotional stress, Cayce Wallace found my ad on facebook and reached out to help. She called me again this morning and informed me her friends saw him at the pound. Other concerned people called me to tell me they saw my dog at the SPCA while comparing it to the DavisWiki listing as well. Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those who helped my dog find his way back home. You have no idea how much it means to me! Don't lose hope out there if you're missing a loved one. Davis is a good town.


Found owner of grey tabby 2-15-10

Young female grey tabby showed up at a home near 5th & E around February 10th and stayed. Turned out she was pregnant. Got out when she was in heat and owners were away; she had no collar or microchip. Owners wanted her to get pregnant because they like kittens, but so many kittens are euthanized in shelters why not adopt, or foster, instead?


Found owner of Found female chocolate lab 12/29/09

Thanks to my roommate, who was helping me post fliers for the chocolate lab puppy I found, the puppy was returned to her owners who were driving by as he was posting the fliers. Yipee!


RETURNED! Cat: lost 11/06/2009 returned 11/16/2009 Male Long Hair Tabby

We got our kitty back!! Never underestimate the adventuring power of kitties, cause he went FAR- all the way from 4th and A to the glacier point apartments, which is past 2 busy streets and a freeway! luckily someone had taken him in awhile ago, and when her roommate saw one of my fliers, she emailed me! you can NEVER put up too many fliers, and you should ALWAYS put them on campus- I put mine in and around the MU and Silo, and apparently it worked!


Cali kitty is home after 23 1/2 days of MIA. She called out at 1:00am and I called back and she came to the screen door. Happy ending!!


Casper returned after 13 days, somewhat dirty and hungry, but clearly some kind soul had fed him and did not try to capture him.Thank you. Still, we are really glad we chipped him. SPCA was a wonderful source and support.


Babr came back after 3 weeks! We left the door open and one day found him in the apartment. Thank you to TANGLEWOOD apt for their help. they are VERY pet friendly :)


Chester is home after 5 weeks!! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!


Cat found: Lost 10/31/09; West Davis (Russell and Evenstar area), Tortoiseshell and white

We're pretty sure she slipped out when we were distracted with our one set of trick-or-treaters. She's got a very squeaky meow and is very friendly. Has a chip. She has a yellow collar. *found* She managed to find her way back, much skinnier.


Spike's owners were found! 10/31/09


Black lab, pitbull mix found around Russell Blvd and Arthur around 4pm. White/black markings on chest and feet. Blue collar with no tag. No microchip. Being kept at Davis Small Animal Hospital temporarily. Please call (530) 756-1766.


Alfie was AWOL, 10/26/09; now FOUND!

Apprehended Thursday, 10/29.


LOST orange cat, West Davis—FOUND on a neighbor's roof!

Lost: male, neutered orange bengal cat. Has stripes on his back, spots on his belly, and a white chin. He is a bit larger than most cats, about 14-15 pounds. He is very friendly, will walk right into homes with open doors. He is microchipped! May answer to "Merlin." He is on prescription food and medication for a medical condition. Please call me (any time!) if you might have seen him! 951-775-3629. If you catch him and keep him at your house, I can pick him up, any time, day or night. Thank you, Allison


FOUND male chihuahua 10/16/09== Returned to Owner 10/17/09!!!!

Found today at Hwy 113 and Russell. Neutered male chihuahua, about 5 years old, tan with white on forehead and chest. Green collar with orange necklace. No id or microchip. please call Davis Small Animal Hospital (530) 756-1766


Lost Cat: 1 year old Female White Cat with Brown Patches, "Sasha", 10/9/09, RETURNED HOME 10/13/09!!!!

Sasha is white, fluffy haired, with brown markings on her face, upper body, tail and back legs. She is very sweet and shy. She is mostly an indoor kitty. She does not have a collar. She lives in South Davis, by the old Nugget and the Ford Dealership, El Cemonte & Chiles. She is dearly missed! Thank you.

UPDATE: I got some tips from the local SPCA to leave food, toys, and some of her litter as familiar scents since she was mostly an indoor cat. I also talked to my neighbors. An hour after leaving her food and litter outside, she returned home. I don't know what exactly did the trick, but I am thankful Sasha is home again!!! Yay!!!


LOST CAT: Calli - female calico (May 26, 2009)... RETURNED Sept. 19, 2009!!!!

-slender unfixed female calico cat with green eyes, one year old -has collar with purple tag, "Sadie" and old contact number (it's her mom's tag. number still reachable, but (650)455-8361 preferred)) -may still have blue leash on her collar (ran off during a walk) -lost May 26, 2009 around 10:20pm -last seen at the Unitrans bus stop Cowell Blvd and Research Park, by Tanglewood Apartments -timid, but very affectionate once she is comfortable. not very vocal but has a high, purring meow -not microchipped

Please let us know if you find her, call (650)455-8361 or (530)368-3885, or contact number on tag. Or email She's not fixed yet so we want to get her back before anything happens. Thank you!!! -Mario and Satomi

Update: Regina, a girl from the opposite side of the apartment complex, had found and had been feeding Calli for a few weeks at her porch. Apparently our cat had been wandering the area. By sheer luck, she met Amanda, another girl from the complex, who helped Regina do research on lost cats in the area. Amanda found our post on DavisWiki, and they both contacted us. Now, our cat is happily back with us. Thank you to Regina, Amanda, and DavisWiki!!!


Lost Dog: Maltese named "Ken Ken" 9/14/09 Now Found!

Our dog went missing around 7pm on 9/14/09 around intersection of Sutterville and Cutter in Sacramento, CA. He's later found in curtis park around 8pm and picked up by sac animal control around 10pm and we found out he's in the animal shelter the next morning. We found out he was found in curtis park through craigslist. Thanks to all who helped.


Lost Brown Tabby Cat—Now Found!

Casper, our male brown tabby adult cat of 6 years, has gone missing in East Davis (819 Zaragoza) across from the police station. He is long and skinny and is fairly timid. If you have seen him please call us at 530-758-1038 or 530-902-8601. Thank you!

UPDATE: We found him 5 blocks away as we wondered around the neighborhood looking for him at 11pm.


Lost Cat-NOW found— "Trick" 7yo Shorthair Tabby- Anderson and Covell

—Trick found his way home after his brother snuck out to find him. He was only missing for 3 days. I am overjoyed.


Fergel Found! 8/11/09

Found at 10th and F tonight, he'd been staying with a very nice man. Just keep putting up flyers, make them bright and stick them up where ever you can.


Misha is found! 7/28/09

UPDATE: We found Misha at the Yolo County Animal Rescue Center. He was taken in from our neighborhood on 7/23 and stuck there for five days when they weren't able to scan his chip. We are very glad that he is home!

Misha is a grey and white cat; a very tall male, approximately 13 lbs, 2-years-old, with yellow/green eyes. He went missing from the NE corner of F and 11th St. in Central Davis; we last saw him Tuesdsay, July 21st. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, very friendly and approachable, likes to sleep during the day, and wander outside at night. He has no collar, but is microchipped. If you have seen him, please call us at 530-756-2091, or email; we miss him.


Lost Cat: Tortoise Shell named Ophelia - SHE'S BACK!!!

UPDATE: Fifi returned the same way she left - bedroom window in the middle of the night. Now she's back, sporting a new collar and tag. Thanks to all who called with their support - we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when she strolled in...

Ophelia, or "Fifi", is a shy, thin adult female with a long tail. She was new to us on San Tomas Street in South Davis for a few days, then dissappeared on the night of June 22nd. She has a microchip. Please call Joe at 304-5978 or Margaret at 400-1697 any time. Thank you!



Our daughter’s 3 yr old green-eyed tabby was been missing since Sunday a.m. Nyx is an extremely loving, snuggle queen who will just drape herself onto you. She constantly rubs her face on your chin and her favorite activity is to hunt frogs. She is well cared-for, microchipped, and we miss her very much!

If you have seen her or know where she may be please call us: 916 705-0527.

Thanks and God Bless!


Angelica Found! Went missing 7/5/09

Solid white cat with black collar is missing in the Wildhorse area in East Davis. She's semi feral, so probably won't come to you. She has short hair and greenish/golden eyes. If you see her or have seen her since 7/5, please call me at 530 902-8207. Thanks!

UPDATE: Angelica has been found. Turns out she was living right next door even though I looked for her there repeatedly.



Update: Kitten came home at 4:30 in the morning on 5/13! I heard her meowing and I ran outside and she was stuck on the other side of our fence in the neighbors yard and as soon as I shined a light on the fence she ran over to me and stuck her little nose through the fence. Then she scrambled with all her might into the tiniest whole ever in the fence to get to me :)

1 year old with bright blue eyes, cream long-haired fur, and brown paws, tail, face, and ears. She responds to "kitten", is neutered, and has a microchip. She is a very shy indoor cat with no collar and was lost near west eighth and oak. If you have ANY information at all please contact me at (818) 288-0484 I miss her so much!


Papillon is home now!!! 03/27/2009

I lost him March 25, at night. I made flyers, craigslist,, I picked him up at Yolo Country animal shelter. They said somebody picked my dog on the street, and dropped him there yesterday. Thank you very much to person who spent his/her time to pick my dog and drove to Woodland. Now, my dog has microchip. I don't want this happen again in the future! Have a nice day, everybody!



(Originally reported missing 1/5/09) I hired a pet detective, Donna Holsten ( and she found my cat. I wanted to post and let you know that she is back b/c if you are missing an animal, you very well may find them. this case will hopefully give you more hope. —Iara



—a very nice man named Jeff brought her in to the animal clinic on 5th in Woodland; they scanned her, found the Home Again chip and got connected back to us Microchipping works!! Thank you Jeff and April

(Original entry—since Wed. night 12/17/08— spayed female; 5 year old chihuahua mix short hair, mostly black with white and cream on face, belly and backs of legs; black triangle on bridge of nose; long tail; starting to gray on top of head and back, missing from fenced yard in Woodland (Clover St. near Olive). Our daughter's pet—has slept in a crate on her bed the entire 5 years of her life. Microchip ID, REWARD—CCRBRTS)


Sunya is FOUND!!! November 24th

Sunya is reunited with his best friend Cali...



After 5 days, Schnurri is back home! Tired, hungry, dirty!



Please keep looking for Windy. She was spoted Sunday 8/24/08 at the Cannery Park empty lot at the end of J Street at Covell. Please Please keep looking.

Windy was lost Saturday 8/9/08. This is a YCSPCA foster dog that was rescued from the Nevada desert a while ago. Because she had little (if any) human socialization as a puppy, she's very shy (but not aggressive). She managed to get out of her foster home and is now missing in Davis, probably hiding. WINDY IS FINALLY HOME after a month!


Dog: Satchmo

Satchmo was returned thanks to this website. Thank you.


Kiki has returned! 8/13/08

Astonishingly, our fluffy little adventurer returned home on her own after a week of being gone (and worrying her humans beyond belief). After 7 days (and 6 nights) of searching high and low, posting fliers, talking to neighbors/SPCA/local vets, posting on craigslist and here, and putting some of her used litter and bedding on the porch to provide a familiar scent, the orange furball decided to come trotting back home very early this morning! My roommate heard some meows outside, opened the front door to check, and Kiki came zooming in. Her fur is impossibly tangled up in leaves, sap, and burrs, so she's apparently been on a little trek. She's an indoor cat, so for her to have found her way home really is impressive...especially since that was the first time in 8 years she'd gotten out (without supervision)! Thanks to all who helped! We're so glad she's back. [[Image(Kiki cat.JPG, thumbnail, 300]]



Nutmeg & Whittier. She came home after being gone for almost a week, look like she may have been stuck in the sewer.


Found: stray duck

Vicinity of 10th and D.

  • Does it answer to the name Hroðgar? If so, and it has a black feather above the back of the left ankle, I think I might know who it belongs to. Anxiously awaiting a reply...
    • It don't answer nuttin'. Duck has been returned to its human companion. pt

Dog (Brown/Black): Nikki

Lost on 2/18/08, found on 2/23/08.

Thank you to the kind people who keep a look out for our lost pets!


UPDATE!!!! (02.22.08 at 10:00 am) Last seen in the fields where mace and covell turn into each other. She then ran into the golf course by wild horse! Any info PLEASE call the number above!


Cat: Toby

Lost on 1/2/08, found on 1/17/08. Thanks to many supportive people, mostly strangers! As I was instructed, I left small flyers at every house within a 2-3 block radius of the house. I took all the other advice, too, but eventually someone a few blocks over recognized him as the cat from the flyer and called me. He is fine, he's been eating, and appears unfazed by his 15-day adventure which was extremely stressful for me and my family. Thank you, everyone!! This is a happy day for us.


Lost Dog: Reese

UPDATE: Reese is at the shelter. She bit someone who tried to pick her up. Its because she cant see well, but at least I know where she is and that she is safe!!

Reese is a 12 year old Yorkie Mix who escaped from her dog sitters home during the holidays. She went missing 12/24 on Arthur Blvd. Reese Does not see well. She is a foster dog, and she is very sick and need to have a tumor removed from her bladder. Please Please call me if you see her 530-902-6266. —AshleyDunleavy


Dog: Berry

Lost at the parking lot of university mall at sycamore and russel on 11 Nov 2pm in davis. Recovered 14 Nov. Heart-felt thanks to one of the kindest souls on earth who gave me the information needed. I don't know if you will ever read this, but the world would be a better place if there were more people like you.

Berry, mini-pomerianian


Dog: Black Lab Mix 8-10yrs old.

October 14, 2007 We found a very sweet and old black lab mix with lots of grey around his muzzle and paws. He was first seen on Saturday, Oct. 13th near the intersection of L St. and Colgate. Then, on Sunday, we spotted him again rummaging around the back of Osaka Sushi next to the CoOp on G St. We have picked him up and are currently taking very good care of him, but would love to find his family if they are missing him.

RETURNED TO OWNER! Owner had called in to Midtown Animal Clinic so when we took him there to check for a microchip, the staff already knew who he was!


Dog: Pascal: lost 11/25/07, found 12/02/07

"Pascal" is an 8-year old fixed male mini (10 lb) Poodle. He has a short tail and is (still?) wearing a blue collar with information written on it with a Sharpie. Last seen on M St. heading towards E. 8th Street. Thanks for your help! He's very sweet. Please call 530-902-7476 if you find him or email me at

Update: He was found in a pipe near the Nissan dealership on Sunday 12/02/07. Thanks to the folks at Hanlees Nissan in Davis and to the driver who handed him over the cyclone fence. Also, thanks to everyone for your concern and for keeping your eyes open.

Pascal was dirty and had lost some weight, but other than that, he's fine.


Cat: Neutered male tabby

Found September 27, 2007 about 7pm, near Colgate & L.

Was injured, apparently hit by a car, but stable. Contact Midtown Animal Clinic (530)758-5650 to identify.

Owner saw flyer, picked up cat on Sept. 29. And the cat should recover fully from his leg injuries.


Dog: Skittles

She came home!! (I am not sure this is a success of the site, but still a happy ending)


Dog: Emma, Sept. 15, 2007

Emma was found by a wonderful couple and returned to us early Sunday morning! Thanks so much Catherine and Mike, Emma couldn't have been luckier than crossing the path of both of you!!!

Thank you, William and Kerri Dawson


Cat: Max : 8/24/07

Max was found by a neighbor, 9 days after we had last seen him. We put paper posters up in our neighborhood which generated several calls with news of Max, and his return.


Cat: Bender

"'Original'" Lost : 12/20/05 — Our Bender is missing. He's been a little lonely missing the rest of my roommates since break started. Anyways I came home to my apartent in Temescal last night and he ran out the door. He's about 5 months old, grey and white, and has a cute bent tail (hence the name, Bender). I looked for him but can't really see anything at night. It's been raining so he probably was crying at someone's door in Temescal (I hope). If you've seen him or happen to have taken him in on rainy night, please bring him home. He's home is M4 in Temescal. Please don't let his mother come home to find him gone.

  • Contact: Carlos, *phone number* or *email address*
  • Lost Flyer: here

Found: 12/31/05 — He was found by a girl down near E building, just wandering outside her apartment. She saw the poster I put up next to the mailboxes and called me. After getting back to her she brought him home to me. Aparently her cat was getting jealous of him. He's still trying to run out the door whenever it's opened. I think I gotta ask my roommate to get him a coller.


Cat: Simba

Kristen and I were walking down Russell Blvd. on our way back from Jack in the Box, and we heard this one cat meowing really loudly. It was sitting on the edge of this fence across from the International House. The meowing was so frequent and friendly-sounding that I went up to it. It promptly jumped on my shoulders and rubbed itself all over me. We knew that someone had been missing their cat, so when I got home I checked this page — it looked identical! I called up KarlMogel and sure enough it was Simba! —PhilipNeustrom


Cat: Loki

Found and returned after three days by kindly Davisite who received one of our flyers. Our cat, Loki, according to his rescuer, was camped out under a house, crying incessantly—and this house was only one block away from our home, so our cat didn't go too far. For those of you out there still missing your cats, just know this: s/he's likely alive, adapting somewhere in good health. Don't give up hope. In our hunt for Loki, we saw many cats roaming about (most without collars), and all of them looked healthy. Some cat owners in Davis feed their cats outside, so there's plenty of food within a one-block radius to sustain multiple strays. —ZN


Black Dog

RETURNED TO OWNER...found dog 11/25/05 walking along Chiles and Lillard. She had tags with a phone number and address but when I went to the address, the owners said they had just moved in and didn't have a pet. I have left a message at the phone number listed on the tags.


Dog: Marley

Marley is a primarily black lab, he has some white hairs on his tail and a white chest with black splotches, his two back feet are the same, white with black splotches. He is a big pup, likely nine months old, roughly 60 pounds , male dog is not nuetered, friendly, got out between 1 and 3 pm Saturday Dec 8, we live on pole line between madrone and loyola maybe 9 months old, male, not nuetered friendly dog will jump up to greet people, really great and really loved. Dog was found on Saturday December 8th.


Dog: Sanibel

Female Yellow Lab, Near Mace / Cowell Blvd, Missing since 12/30/07 @12:30am. She is very friendly and lil chunky. She was wearing no collar or tags. We love and miss her very much. please call (530) 902-4374 if you've found her or seen her anywhere.

Update: Sanibel has been found thanks to a very kind person. Thank you, thank you, thank you...


Found Dog: Neutered male pitbull mix, white with brown ears

Found 11/18/08 afternoon on Camphor Lane near Loyola. Friendly with my dogs and not agressive toward my cat. Was taken to Yolo County Animal Services on 11/19/08 and reunited with owners 11/20/08.