mile signs, a local musician, is Josiah of the Future on guitar, with vocals. (Josiah is also in The Musical Drum Key, and in the band earthly). They have some music on their website.

Traveling throughout the USA, especially Humboldt, Portland, Seattle, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Denver, Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and all over California, Josiah was inspired by the commonality of underground music scenes throughout American cities, as well as by the street musicians he met and busked with along the way. In July 2009, When Josiah and Time Lane when to do an art show in Santa Ana, CA at Neue Transit Studio, back at the motel, Josiah wrote "The Watering Hole", which would become the first in the song series to become the album, and the artist 'mile signs'.

Releases from this time period (Feb. 2010) include :

  • 'mile signs'
  • 'warm water and sea salt'
  • 'the symmetry of a broken heart demo ep'
  • 'a way paved'

Josiah wrote the bulk of what would become these records in Davis, CA; specifically around the original Mishka's Cafe, where he would play almost every day during the bulk of 2009 - 2010. He played and wrote songs, in front of, across the street, and out back in the alley.

Mile Signs did a mini-tour of the bay area to debut the album, doing shows at El Rio, Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco, and The Stork Club in Oakland, which resulted in the live recording and release :

  • 'Live at The Stork Club'

Upon moving to Seattle, WA (For a year and a half)

Josiah recorded :

  • 'earthly' (demo) (2011)

which would become not only an album, but create a movement whereby Josiah has merged his musical projects (Mile Signs & The Musical Drum Key) together to form a band which encompasses all of his musical styles. This band called earthly, which is based in Davis, CA.