What are peoples feelings on the 'new version?' I'm not a fan... but then I like the simplicity of DavisWiki. The new version just seems so fancy....

I like some of the new features a lot, but I'm not in love with the overall feel. I also think that some of the removed features (user info, IP addresses) are a huge loss when it comes to gnoming and maintaining the quality of content added to the wiki. I'd like to see the transition wait until the gnoming tools are in place. CovertProfessor recently noted that, while Yelp can have additional information that may not appear on the wiki, the wiki's process of evaluation and maintenance makes the information here much more trustworthy. I have to agree with that, and we're going to lose a substantial portion of that if we lose those gnoming tools. —TomGarberson

Yeah, that definitely makes sense. I added a note to the conversion notes page to clarify that we'll have the user info tools before we transition. —PhilipNeustrom

Everyone knows this current software is showing it's age and inflexibility. I'm all for the new version except graphically it seems phoned in / too large / ungainly. Davis wiki has smaller fonts etc. Comparing recent changes side to side was my test ~SD

The mapping is definitly a nice upgrade in my opinion. I've always thought DW, or LW for that matter, needed much better mapping funtionality, especially as a site dedicated to documenting places. Just being able to open the city-wide map and see what has been documented in a nice geographic form is awesome. Being able to draw in bike routes and outline neighborhoods will also be extremely useful, not to mention the multitude of other applications. Its was a good addition and worth the work alone on the PN's end. -JT

I like the new features, but I would prefer a smaller font. —ScottMeehleib

Are the various UI details easily customizable? Would there be a way to show either demos or just screenshots of various options (like font size) so the community can give input on the details? —TomGarberson

I like the mapping as well but it looks so....sterile. —PeteB

I agree that, in its current form, the new version is aesthetically displeasing. —cp