Olive Tree Lane is a pedestrian and bicycle path on the UC Davis campus lined on both sides with an endless row of trees. The path is located off Russell Boulevard near Arlington Farm and can be seen while riding the Unitrans D bus line. The path ends near the University Airport.

Olive Tree Lane is home to several feral colonies of Honeybees.

The lane is not on Google Maps (as of 2008). Got a free weekend? Go to Google and complain until they fix it!





Trees as far as the eye can see View from Russell Blvd. Sign of Olive Tree Lane at Hutchison Drive Late Afternoon Trees


Whoah, I thought the sunlit picture was showing the trees on fire... I have fond memories of biking to camp putah along this path!StevenDaubert

As of 2 Feb 2010, Google Maps labels this as "Airport Road," but I recently reported it as a problem and suggested changing it to Olive Tree Lane, as the locals call it.AliPezeshkpour