Peet's on E Street

1411 W. Covell Blvd. #114 B in The Marketplace
231 E Street #A across from E Street Plaza

Mon - Fri 5:30 am - 7 pm Sat 6 am - 7 pm

Sun 6:30 am - 7 pm

Mon - Fri 5:30 am - 5:30 pm

Sat - Sun 6 am - 5 pm


(530) 747-2064


Founded by Alfred Peet in Berkeley in 1966, Peet's has branched out from its Bay Area roots and is now opening for business across California and the United States. There are two Peet's in Davis: on Covell Boulevard next to Noah's Bagels. The downtown coffeeshop on E Street replaced Cafe Roma in the spring of 2007. For some reason, there are no bathrooms available in Covell Peet's. Unfortunately, Peets is not run by Amanda Peet.

Peet's serves excellent coffee, espresso and tea, along with pastries and a few sugary specialty drinks like flavored lattes and Freddos (blended ice drinks). If you're in search of an excellent cup of coffee, be sure to ask about the coffee of the day. The espresso-based drinks have an odd sizing; both the small size and the medium size hot drinks contain two shots of espresso, so the taste isn't constant across the sizes.

Peet's also has an extensive collection of loose leaf teas. In addition to regular iced tea they also have hibiscus tea. They also have Tea Freddos available in matcha green tea and chai. Mango and Berry Pomegranate are seasonally available in spring and summer.

Since summer 2008, free Wifi is provided in Peet's. Once you get the access code from the cashier, you have free internet access. The logon page says that you have one hour. It used to be two hours, but Peet's decided to limit it to one hour. As of January 2013, you still get two hours despite the logon message granting you one hour at the E Street Peet's. The Marketplace Peet's appears to actually grant only one hour, but alternative wifi is now available. As of April 22, 2013 (Earth Day), Peet's no longer requires a code for internet access.

Peet's Coffee was bought in 2012 by German conglomerate Joh. A. Benckiser for $977.6 million. The foreign owned company is known for beauty companies like Coty and luxury goods business Labelux. Peet's is under the same umbrella as Krispy Kreme, Panera Bread, Einstein and Noah's Bagels, etc.

Peet's provides coupons from time to time via this link: coupon link

You can print the coupon or show it on your mobile phone.


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I'll second the statement that, if you want actual coffee, this is one of the best places to go. If you like lightly coffee flavored milkshakes, this isn't your cup of... tea? Speaking of which, they have Earl Grey with extra bergamot, a quite heady tea.JabberWokky

2005-07-24 18:36:26 I go to the one in North Davis, it's nice and quiet, usually a pretty steady stream of people (mostly older, non-undergrad-looking types) coming for their afternoon coffee. Their coffeebean section is quite popular. They also seem to have at least one if not two sample pitchers of a particular tea or coffee for people to try. If you don't specific that you want the drink "for here" they will give you a paper-or-plastic cup to take out, but you can request a real non-dispoable mug. Their cappuccino was on the wetter side, still good, but useful to know for the first time you order from them. —IrenePark

2005-12-20 02:20:23   My mom went and bought a couple of coffee mugs ($5 each) from here today and they gave her coffee on the house. I'm not sure I like the setup in the shop itself. The tables in the corner are kind of crunched together and make the people sitting at them look intimidating to sit next to. The coffee bar itself is rather large and makes it difficult to form a line in the proper places. Otherwise, the decorative, lighting and overall attitude of the employees were all quite pleasant. —SS

2006-01-13 14:28:11   Not the best place to hang out, but by far the best coffee in Davis. If the quality of the coffee is what matters most to you, this is the place. —ToNils

  • strongly agree. Peet's coffee is way better than Roma's, Mishka's, Common Grounds', or needless to say, that other coffee vendor that starts with S. —KenjiYamada

2006-01-13 20:05:04   Starbucks? —JosephBleckman

Satan? — ArlenAbraham

2006-01-18 12:40:54   Amazing coffee, tea, and the fact that they carry Scharffen-berger (sp?) makes them even cooler. Horrible layout, but then again most Peets' aren't conducive to lingering. —AhuShahrabani

2006-01-22 23:33:15   A few weeks ago, a nice Peet's barista was practicing making espresso con pannas. He gave me one, in addition to the coffee I had ordered. Needless to say, I was mighty caffeinated for the next few hours. A tasty beverage, espresso con panna. —JamesShearer

2006-01-28 15:32:36   The best store-bought espresso I've had in Davis. The service is fantastic and the employees are nice to both customers and their kids. If only the parking lot wasn't a death trap...—CharanRanganath

2006-02-06 09:59:03   this is tha last place I will ever buy coffee in Davis again. I like peets coffee but; the service can be totaly lame (for example: "can I help you?" a refill please"" you'll have to go to the back of the line" —RobiPochapin

2006-02-06 10:01:26   The is the worst peets I have ever visited. Starbucks has better service, mishkas fresher bean, and any other cafe has an accessable restroom. —RobiPochapin

2006-02-26 19:43:15   I really like the coffee and being from the Bay Area it's nice to find the same great cup here too. HOWEVER, for the most part, people who work here seem a little stressed out and aren't as nice as SBux. Yes, I know, but it's true. AND they charge you for a refill (-10cents if own cup) where Sbux only charges 50cents. Also, they always seem to be out of my favorite cookies. Anyway, it's ok to hang out there if you know the employees I think or if you are older. I don't think they are as nice to the students. Oh, and there's no bathroom!! —LookyLoo

2006-03-19 13:38:33   They used to carry this really good biscottie called quresomalis(sp?). Too bad they discontinued it. I love their Jasmine Lime tea that comes in the Spring —PattyLouieJunior

2006-04-12 13:51:12   Actually their small and medium sized espresso drinks contain two shots of espresso. —EmmyMelton

  • If this is true, then they've changed their espresso drink recipes. While I still think inconsistent ratios is odd, two shots in a small might be worth getting...-mc

2006-04-21 14:34:19   Peet's and Mishka's house blends are neck-and-neck for me, but when I want a cozy atmosphere I go to the latter. The coffee is flavorful, fresh, and strong. Sometimes the servers are a little clueless- there's this one girl who stood idle while staring at the line of customers. (You work in a coffee joint! Wake up and smell the coffee!) —JennaChan

2006-05-04 18:23:46   The people are chill and the coffee's great! —MandyDillingham

2006-05-06 11:18:34   Great coffee, but the refills at Belmont on El Camino are $1.40. I asked the manager twice if he was sure. Good coffee, but not worth $1.40 refills. He actually said there is only a discount because I 'brought my own cup.' Go Starbucks $0.50 refills! —UmeshSf

  • Free refills at Java California. Plunk your money and study/work/hang out all evening. — jw

2006-05-16 09:13:02   I really like this place. It's in a location such that the only time I ever have a chance to stop by is after I've been grocery shopping, but the coffee is good and fresh and strong and the people that work there always seems nice enough to me. My wife and I bought some beans to send to someone as a birthday present, and the guy who sold us the beans gave us each a free cup of coffee! Very cool. I wish there was one of these downtown. —AdamSchneider

  • Peet's always offers a free cup when you buy beans. I believe that dates back to when Peet's was a single store in Berkeley. Best beans in Davis. —JimEvans

2007-02-20 02:08:22   I especially love all the junk for sale in shelves on the wall. Product everywhere I look, in many colors for me to choose! That is sarcastic. Anyway, their coffee is so strong it makes me dehydrated and my stomach churn. I guess I'll have to get used to it. —JeffShaw

2007-03-10 13:35:20   Ick... Coffee is too strong for my taste, but I know that's how a lot of people like it. To me, the coffee tastes like the bottom of a coffee pot that's been sitting for 6 hours. Nice merch, though. Real nice. —BriannaBetancourt

2007-03-11 21:55:25   I just had my first Peet's coffee drink (vanilla latte) from the Marketplace location, and i'd argue it was the best cup i've ever bought. Good, strong coffee and just the right amount of and consistency foamed milk. Davis needs fewer Starbucks, and more Peet's (Silo, anybody?). —LeonardMarque

2007-05-22 12:05:53   Is there a scheduled opening date for the downtown location yet? I generally prefer peet's to the starbuck's on the coffee taste, but I'm also not terribly particular and will drink almost anything. —RocksandDirt

2007-05-25 13:26:41   * I just called their downtown store and they said they are now open. —BenBackes

2007-05-28 19:26:16   the downtown peets is the antithesis to what roma was... —StevenDaubert

  • Patience grasshopper...Roma was what it was due to the clientelle, not so much the store management (In my opinion). So, let this clientelle grow on the place. — rocksanddirt

2007-07-05 19:04:24   Go for their latte. Definitely better than Starbucks' (latte at Peet's has a deeper taste to it). —at86

2007-10-27 03:31:59   Peet's has delicious coffee. I went to the Marketplace location first and thought the seating arrangement was quite strange; everyone was huddled in that tiny corner. The Downtown location has a much better set up. There was a barista who seemed a bit ticked off and on edge when I tried to order something that is apparently seasonal to spring only (but is still up on their board), but everyone else was quite nice. The Hibiscus iced tea I ordered in lieu of the seasonal item was great. —ScarlettYing

2007-10-27 23:27:04   I love Peets coffee. It is much better than Starbucks. —HeatherBeck

2007-11-07 23:37:20   The E Street Peet's seems to have a fly problem in warm weather, probably because the outside tables are located just a few feet away from the Chipotle dumpster (tucked behind a door in the alleyway). I like the downtown location because it has a lot of tables and it's within walking distance of the campus, but man those flies are relentless around noon. —robinlaughlin

2007-11-08 17:47:45   I am glad Peet's coffee is downtown. They have a great staff who is always friendly and knows every customer by name. To me that shows that they care. I do agree that the flies do get a lil annoying but the atmosphere makes up for it... —AC

2007-11-28 13:31:38   The downtown Peet's is much better than what was there before. It has a nice, soothing atmosphere and is almost perfect for studying. It's much less chaotic than Mishka's. I say "almost" because if you want to use a computer, good luck in being the one person to sit next to the one outlet in the cafe. P.S. Why do people think that Cafe Roma had such great clientele? I say good riddance to the riff raff that hung outside both locales in Davis...especially the pit bull toting hoodlums outside former 3rd street location.... —AnnieSirrah

2007-12-18 16:03:24   Does anybody know what the deal is with the mentally disturbed homeless guy who frequents the downtown Peet's? On several occasions I've seen him have some interesting conversations with himself and scare away customers. —Red

2008-01-25 07:29:15   This place is great. Classical music, quiet, and wonderful staff behind the counter. Go early to get a table! —jsg718

2008-03-18 01:19:47   The downtown location strikes a nice balance between the clean, corporate ambiénce of Starbucks; and the grungy, laid-back atmosphere of Mishka's. Still, go to Mishka's if you want to give your folks the authentic Davis experience. —StephenUy

2008-03-27 17:11:55   I love, love, love, Peet's coffee. It is STRONG and helps me stay focused when I have an important deadline. I have raring ADHD and it's just as effective as Ritalin or Adderall except without all the nasty side effects. I usually go to the Peet's in North Davis, but I'm happy that there is a downtown location. It's convenient when I'm in desperate need of relief. The place that was there before had strong coffee (again, just as good Ritalin), but it had the ambience of a Greyhound bus station with the same clientele. —CurlyGirl26

2008-06-21 22:51:58   Best drink of all time: Matcha Green Tea Freddo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Peet's. Their drinks have a more natural taste than the sugar-loaded Starbucks. —mikam

2008-08-29 01:57:08   I'm admittedly not a huge coffee drinker but the espresso at peets is really good. Unfortunately I seem to have really bad luck and about a third of the time they don't get my very uncomplicated order right (regular espresso instead of iced or regular milk instead of soy). This is particularly true of the downtown location. —JakeJames

2008-08-30 07:54:50   I LOVE PEETS’ LARGE ICED WHITE MOCHA WITH NO WHIP CREAM!!!!! I DRIVE OUT OF MY WAY AND WAIT IN SOMETIME LONG LINES JUST TO HAVE THIS FIX. WAY better than anything else in Davis. Infinite better than Starbucks.

The only thing I would make better is the service. They’re too slow, especially if you go there in the afternoon.


2008-11-17 19:01:43   Best coffe and tea, worst a refrigerator! I cannot go there anymore because of this. —G.L.

2009-01-24 17:23:35   Love the E Street one — on the inside. On the outside, it smells rancid by the trees and gutter. The mix of spilled coffee, spilled chipotle, and bad drainage can make the outside untenable. —jsg718

2009-05-04 17:10:18   Just wanted to add a firm thumbs up for Peet's coffee over Starbucks. House coffee here isn't 1-dimensional, unlike almost all Starbucks varieties. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-06-01 11:41:01   The reason Peet's takes longer to make drinks is because they start from scratch. Have you ever noticed that at starbucks, you can't make a frappuccino (blended ice drink) specialized? At Peets, you can get any milk you want, any syrup you want, and NO drink is made from a premade, standard mix. Also, at many Starbucks (maybe not all, but MANY) use milk that's minutes old, and Peet's doesn't start your drink until you order. They don't put milk and shots under an automatic machine and walk away. They have to watch to make sure the shot is not underpulled or overpulled, and milk is steamed to perfection. Want quality? Peets. —JesBisagno

2009-06-12 14:31:42   good chai. reasonably priced. —strawberry

2009-07-14 20:57:33   The E Street Peet's, though I miss Roma's, has its charms. If you drink tea Peet's has the best selection and quality. They put two bags in every cup, but if you tell them, as I always do, that you want only one bag, they will give you the second bag to take with you. I have a collection of about 20 in my computer bag.

If you plan to sit, bring a parka—even on the hottest days, you risk hypothermia lingering too long within. —MichaelPlotkin

2009-08-11 19:32:38   Peet's in downtown Davis is, in my opinion, the best espresso in Davis. It is pulled properly, the beans are of high quality, and of the many dozens of drinks which I have had from Peet's, only one was truly less than satisfactory. I ordered a large iced Americano, and the barista pulled the espresso too quickly, resulting in an acidic and harsh drink. However, considering that at the CoHo, Starbucks, Mishkas, and any other coffee place in Davis this sort of thing happens nearly half the time like clockwork (and 90% of the time at the CoHo espresso line), Peet's has a remarkably record.

The atmosphere in Peet's is always nice, the employees though can be pretty frigid if you catch them on a bad day or at a particularly busy time. Generally, though, they are polite and know how to do their jobs very well, which is the most important part of customer service. I have never had to wait unusually long for a drink at Peet's, nor have I ever been dealt with truly "rudely". I love Peet's and have no reason to stop any time soon, despite one bad drink experience out of a great many. —RDRIII

2009-09-28 22:17:00   I just went to Peet's on E street for the first time since it was Espresso Roma, and it feels like they're only using half the space. Anyone else notice this, or is it just me? —MikeFolf

  • Totally. Many mornings when I was there, there're no place to sit, even after waiting over 15 minutes. I asked them whether they'll be putting more tables and chairs and they said they're "looking into it". —val

2009-11-20 14:40:24   I love their caramel latte-just the right amount of sweetness and espresso. Though I tried the vanilla latte yesterday and strangely it tasted just like the caramel one, to me! —val

2009-11-25 12:25:57   Doesn't have great coffee, no great places to sit. Staff is nice enough though, I have never had problems at Peet's Coffee. If you really want good coffee though, go to Noah's. Otherwise you are just paying for PLAIN and PEDESTRIAN bean water. —JSlice

2009-12-29 13:36:32   Best coffee in Davis! —EmilyHughes

2010-01-16 20:16:45   I love the atmosphere, but they desperately need to add more tables.. —LeeY

2010-01-17 13:50:04   I think adding more tables would make the counter and the bathroom less wheel chair accessible. Perhaps we should all be a bit more considerate of people who have mobility restrictions; its difficult enough maneuvering through the existing tables and chairs in a wheel chair. —AndreaG

2010-03-21 17:33:08   They sell high-quality espresso makers by the Italian manufacturer Bialetti here. Good stuff.

2010-06-27 21:03:27   While I really like the classical music played in the downtown location, the service can be amazingly slow. It seems that even with four people working most of the time, they often struggle to have one at the register and one making drinks. I don't know what the other two are doing. Their efficiency (or lack thereof) would be an excellent project for an Industrial Engineering student looking for a project. Mishka's (with two people) is much faster.


2010-09-12 12:53:44   Great coffee and great service. One of the barista gave me a coupon for a free small cup of coffee after I had to wait for them to brew a new batch of coffee. I actually did not mind the wait at all so the coupon was simply overly nice. It can get real busy at peak times so be prepared to wait. Frankly, this doesn't seem unnatural for any coffee shop. Fortunately the service at Peet's compensates for the sometimes slow pace. Overall, I love Peet's coffee. The coffee is always bold and rich in that distinctly "coffee flavor." That the service is always topnotch makes getting my morning-cup all the more enjoyable. —blastoff

2010-11-06 17:06:57   We love Peet's, but beware of the floor mat by the front door! It is fun to sit and watch one person after another trip on the mat. Any lawyers out there should take note—this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. —MichaelPlotkin

2010-11-17 13:11:57   Excellent coffee.... brutally slow (but very friendly) service.

Attention Peet's Ownership: don't change the coffee, but consider using some of the assembly-line mechanics of the evil empire (Starbucks) to speed things up a bit. Your coffee is superb, but sometimes.........alas......I just don't have time to pace around waiting for the espresso jocks to get my order up and across the counter to me. —browneyedblues

2011-01-22 17:49:28   In response to the comments about slow service, this is often because of customers purchasing beans or merchandise - these customers take longer to ring up and there is sometimes not enough staff to open another register. Other coffee shops like Starbucks or Mishka's do not have this constant high demand for beans. —Whit

2011-02-13 11:58:43   The Peets in the Market Place (Covell location) is awesome. John, the barista at this location makes THE BEST coffees and lattes I've ever had. He clearly loves what he does. He's so friendly and nice, actually the entire staff staff here is friendly and easy to chat with — and they try really hard to remember your name if you come regularly. You should also sign up for Peet's emails because they frequently give out Buy one Get one coupons. —Bryna

2011-02-13 12:03:02   Oh and another thing — for those of you complaining about the slow service (I've never personally noticed and we go regularly to Peet's on Covell) if you want fast coffee that compromises taste and quality then head over to Starbucks. Otherwise, so you may have to wait an extra 2 mins for your coffee.. BIG DEAL. Don't you know you can't rush perfection? —Bryna

2011-03-15 14:20:19   I LOVE Peet's their coffee is AMAZING! I am a bit depressed that prices go up, but oh well I guess everything get's expensive. I think sometimes they are under staffed and under appreciated in terms of the employees, but overall I would much rather pay for a good, quality cup of coffee than anything else! Oh yeah, and the marble bread is yum yum! —LindaHT

2011-08-03 19:48:30   I'm from the Bay, so I love going to Peet's! I can't wait for the summer because I can order their refreshing Jasmine Lime iced tea (imagine slightly tangy, sweet goodness in a cup)! During the winter, I usually order a caramel latte. I think that their drinks are much stronger than other large competitors (namely Starbucks) and that you get more bang for your buck. The downtown location is usually filled with students studying and the North Davis location is more older family-type folks who like to sit and chat on the patio with friends and their dogs. Though atmosphere is an important feature for a coffee shop, but it all boils down to their products and I think their coffee is an amazing way to start my morning! —AI

2011-08-05 17:07:12   My brother worked at one of the original Peet's locations in Berkeley, circa early 90's. Unlike Starbucks, back then they were content to be a local place, not sell and expand (as some pressured them to do with Starbucks on the rise). They didn't want to compromise the quality of their product, which is still great, though they've obviously expanded (locally in California anyway). Still the nest hot chocolate in town (my opinion of course). —OldDavis73

  • Rumor has it that the three founders of Starbucks learned their trade working for Mr. Peet. —jimstewart

2012-03-18 15:09:18   About the E St location: Good coffee, good atmosphere, but they really, really need to upgrade the wireless internet. I understand limiting access to an hour or two, but if you limit my internet access, I really shouldn't have to wait forever to load Gmail. —DanVillarreal

2012-03-18 21:33:16   If you like loose leaf should come here. It's always a treat. —KristenM

2012-07-01 21:53:29   [ Peet's] is a great place to study at. Love it. —JamalJ

2012-11-05 14:47:51   At long last, a wifi code is no longer needed at the North Davis Peet's. Noah's now has wifi which can be accessed by presenting an email address (likely even a fake one). Not sure if it has time restrictions, but I am writing this comment using it, so I can attest that it works!


2012-11-26 13:56:14   What! Non-classical music at Peet's? Say it ain't so. —MichaelPlotkin

2013-02-17 19:20:11   My friend and I both applied here and they were so rude. The managers asked us to come back for interviews several times then they would call our reference who would miss the call try calling back, leave a message with someone else, and then they would never call him back. We would call them to check on the status of our application and they would have us come back in for another interview, but only after not calling us back for a long time. Because they were so rude we won't return. —Ilovetacos

2013-04-23 13:25:33   Unexpectedly, Peet's has entered the modern age. Wifi access is now open (no codes needed) and apparently unlimited. Next they will offer a light roast and real food! —MichaelPlotkin

2013-08-06 08:09:30   Peet's is shrinking the collection of teas sold at its shops. Lion Mountain Keemun is already gone, I was told that Russian Caravan, Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast would be discontinued also. —Mochi

2013-09-28 17:44:56   While I like the downtown Peet's, I have a few comments. The first is that service is often slow. They often have 3 or 4 people working and only one person at a register (even when there is a line). The second is that the staff often seems more focused on their other duties then customer service (making drinks and/or working at a register). The third is that they often shut off the music (which is disappointing because it adds to the atmosphere.) The final is that they really need some blinds on the windows facing the alley. (On sunny days the counter is almost unusable.) Interestingly, other Peet's seem to be more efficient (for example, the store at 19th & S in Sacramento). And, other Peet's have blinds for sunny days.


2014-02-09 14:50:48   As predicted Peet's is now selling food. Troubled waters ahead. My recent gripe however, to echo RMS, is the service. In an informal survey, I have discovered my order is wrong 60% of the time lately. That is, I always ask for a "for here" cup and (yes, sometimes they are out of these, but...) often enough they simply forget. When I get tea, I always ask for one bag only. Often enough, I get two. service can be glacial in tempo, and while most of the baristas are friendly enough, the quality of the espresso beverages is erratic. OK, back to worrying about global warming, Bisphenol-A and other things that distract me from griping about Peet's. —MichaelPlotkin

2015-01-04 16:28:58   The internet at Peet's is exceptionally slow. I mean slow to the point of having to abandon the cafe and go somewhere else. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this due to high traffic, inferior equipment--or is it a trick used to discourage people from using Peet's as their office? —MichaelPlotkin

2015-6-17 18:27.46 Now the students have gotten out of Dodge (during their break), the empty atmosphere in downtown Peet's reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.-- BrianKenyon