This page includes references to the older Wikispot format (on which DavisWiki ran for many years).  These references may no longer apply to the current Localwiki format.


Photography is cool. Fulfilling photo requests is a great way to get out around Davis and find stuff. Sort of like a mini scavenger hunt. Following is a list of pages that link to this "Photo Requests" page, so it's a good place to begin your hunt. Have fun!

Some pointers: To add a photo request to a wiki page during an edit session, add the Include Page plugin using the editing toolbar.  Once you take a photo, you can find help placing images on the LocalWiki help guide. If an image is out of date, it is usually best to keep it displayed for historical purposes by just moving the image tag line to a different area of the page.

Historical notes: Under the old DavisWiki format, page plug-ins were called up using macros, such as [[Include(PhotoRequest)]]. Photos were included on pages using the older WikiSpot photo tools .

Current Wiki Photo Requests:

Pages tagged “needs images”

Non Specific Items

  • Spiritual Organizations would look much better with a non-"specific to a single religion" image at the top. Something local with a pan-faith connotation would be the bees' knees.

On Campus

A popular 35mm classic: The Canon AE-1!

Around Town

Old Photos

Places that have passed into history - help us remember!