Ping Pong Underground & Social Club
@ Third Space on Olive behind RedRum Burger
All Comers, All Skill Levels, All Ages
Recreational to Very Competitive
Very Selective Open Enrollment
Open All Year
Weekdays 11am-7pm, Social Club Mixer Thursday Night after 7pm

Davis Ping Pong Underground

Ping pong gaming and social event at Third Space building, the site of the new Davis Flea Market, behind Murder RedRum Burger and Dutch Brother's Coffee.

Play is open daily 11am til 7pm for regular games.

Thursday nights after 7pm are club nights for social gaming. Social games include Team pong, Death Pong, Tournament Pong, Name Pong, Berlin Pong (a social game for all skill levels playable by up to 30 people), and possibly other yet to be discovered or invented social ping-pong based games.

Social hours also include high quality, low decibel musical theme-ing, dj'ing and/or accompaniment - to set the right atmosphere for maximum social ping pong experience.

Games are 25 cents per game to 11 points, 50 cents per game to 21 points. During regular hours, loser pays! Additionally, players can pay $3 at the door and avoid all per game fees.

Social hours go by the same rule - pay $3 at the door, or 25 cents per game. All Payments are on the honor system: proceeds go towards keeping Third Space going - if you like the space, pitch your quarters!

Game play is controlled by a monster pink, part-alien, part-computer, 1-ton-brain-in-a-tank named Tex, kept under six feet of concrete and lead in the underground bunker below the space. Tex likes good vibes and Eclectic American music.

The Ping Pong Underground is also open to non-player visitors and socialites. It boasts "the most deadly ping pong in the Central Valley".


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