Guinea Pig
Allison Miller
June 26, 2007
She is a very sweet guinea pig, but she can take a minute to warm up to you. She squeaks constantly, and espcially so in the morning, because she is trying to tell you that she wants some kiwi, carrots and parsley, her favorite treats!

Pumpkin was born in June 2007, and then Allison found her and brought her home. Pumpkin enjoys hanging out in her pink igloo house and eating tons of timothy hay! She's currently living at Allison's parent's house because Allison's Davis apartment is waaaay too cold for Pumpkin to live comfortably in. She'll be back in Davis when it's a bit warmer.


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2007-09-27 15:27:33   Awwww, super cute. —jefftolentino

2007-10-31 15:14:22   Any pictures of Pumpkin's little babies? —FeralFeline