400 Russell Park near the intersection of Russell Blvd. & Orchard Park Drive)
Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm
Phone: (877) 868-5076
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Types of Units
1br/1ba, 1br/1ba with loft, 2br/1ba (3 sizes), 3br/2ba
Price Range
$1,205 to $2,069 (2020-2021 rates)

Russell Park is an on-campus apartment complex that specializes in housing for students with families. It is privately owned and managed by Tandem Properties, but located on the campus of UC Davis. The land lease agreement with the university stipulates that apartments at Russell Park be offered to student families before any other type of tenancy is considered. If they are unable to fill their units, the next on the list of consideration are graduate students, and then undergraduate students.

Like The Atriums, Russell Park is bound by the university's fiscal year so rates are on an academic calendar, and new rates are approved in May of each year. Because the apartments are relatively large for the price, there tends to be a long, long wait list to get in (well over a year in some cases). Turnover is very low compared to other apartments in Davis and this says good things about the complex. This complex also allows room sharing, unlike several other complexes in Davis, and the living room is easily converted into a bedroom with the use of a curtain. This greatly reduces rent for all involved.

Management Notices

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Free Parking with permit Two Playground Areas 24 Hour Landry Rooms Study Room Community Room Two Daycare Centers on Site Affordable, On-site Storage Available Volleyball Court Central Heat & Wall Unit Air Patio for all downstairs units Kitchens include gas range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator and pantry

Community Playgrounds available for residents



  • 7x8s @ $75 per month
  • 7x11s @ $90 per month

  • Available to UC Davis Students, Staff and Faculty.

  • All storage rentals require a 2 month minimum rental. Last Month's Rent and a $20 security deposit due at signing.   30 days notice required before vacating the rental. 

Public Transportation - Russell Park is located near the Unitrans D, K, and P/Q bus lines.

Bicycle - Russell Park is on the Northwest corner of the UC Davis campus and on The Davis Bike Loop.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, your best bet is through campus to The UC Davis Arboretum. Since this is an older part of town, the closest access to The Greenbelt is at Community Park. For limited grocery, shopping, some services and dining, University Mall is about 2 blocks away. Residents of Russell Park have very close access to Trader Joe's. If you're into gardening, the Experimental College Community Garden is very close.

Parking - Free on-campus parking is available to residents. 

ADA Accessibility - Accessible units are available.

Floor Plans

Apartment Size Sq. Ft. Rent Deposit Comments
1 bedroom 1 bath 688 $1,205 $350  
1 bedroom 1 bath with Loft 897 $1,373 $350  
2 bedroom 1 bath Small 848 $1,510 $350  
2 bedroom 1 bath Medium 885 $1,544 $350  
2 bedroom 1 bath Large 1010 $1,702 $350  
3 bedroom 2 bath 1142 $2,069 $350  



1 bedroom x 1 bath 1 bedroom x 1 bath with Loft 2 bedroom x 1 bath, small 2 bedroom x 1 bath, medium

2 bedroom x 1 bath, large 3 bedroom x 2 bath


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2009-07-03 02:37:58   we lived here several year and there used to be far more grad. students and families with small children. Now it seems like there's a move to only accept young undergraduates. Last year and this year virtually everyone new to Russell Park is 18 and lives with roommates. They drive really fast through the parking and hang out outside making lots of noise until 3 or 4 in the morning. The playgrounds are becoming less a place for kids to play and more a place to hang out all night and drink beer. Instead of moms in mini-vans it's now SUVs blasting hip hop in the parking lot. —bradjone

2012-01-03 19:09:22   I've lived here for under a year, and I love it. It's a quiet complex; VERY close to campus (a two-minute walk from Trader Joe's/Cost Plus/Starbucks etc., the ARC, Student Health Center); management and maintenance are efficient, professional, and friendly; and the one-bedroom floor plan is spacious and well-laid-out. The apartment itself is a little older, so it's not super pretty inside, but it's not ugly or shoddily built like several other places I've seen in Davis (plus it sounds like they're updating at least some of the units starting this summer)(EDIT: I've since moved into one of the remodeled units, and I really like it! The kitchen is very pretty). I've also never had problems with package delivery, and their four laundry rooms are clean and always working. If your apartment is near/facing the day care center, you'll hear kids screaming and playing from around 10-5 on weekdays, but it is a family complex after all, and it's really not too loud.—zombiek

2012-02-19 02:26:49   I shared a 3-bedroom apartment at Russell Park during 2010-2011 and was fairly satisfied.

The top perk about living at Russell Park is the location. There is usually a huge price premium associated with living on-campus, but rent here isn't all too unreasonable. Rent for a 3B/2BA was 1450/mo in 2010 and was bumped up to 1522/mo in 2011-2012. I was told that the rate increase was primarily due to the increased charges for University Police and Fire Department services. As mentioned in the rest of this page, Trader Joes, Starbucks, The Old Teahouse, and a whole bunch of other services are right across the Russell Blvd. at University Mall.

The management is professional and does a good job of handling package deliveries—even during the post-Thanksgiving shipping rush. Sometimes you'll get a UPS InfoNotice slip on your USPS mailbox, other times you won't. Just be mindful of when to expect packages and drop down by the leasing office to pick things up. Maintenance is quick to respond to all service requests—they travel around the complex on electric golf carts.

They used to allow post-docs and campus employees to be leaseholders, but I've heard that they're only allowed to house full-time continuing UC Davis students. That means anyone else would have to be added on with renewing UC Davis students. Once again, the management excels at handling all of the messy paperwork involved in joint leases and can even accomodate transfers other Russell Park units if you decide to ditch your housemates when it comes to renewal time.

There are four laundry rooms, one at each corner of the complex. These are all coin-op when I was there, so be sure to save up some quarters. It was 1.25/wash and 0.75/dry—or something like that. I've had a few instances where my quarters would get stuck and I'd have to shimmy a knife into the slot to get things rolling, but that's to be expected. It would appear that they moved the USPS mailboxes inside the laundry rooms due to safety concerns, but that happened after I left.

It's a rather quiet complex. The worst I've had to endure were crows caw-caw-ing during early Winter mornings. Consider it a free morning wake-up call. —Roarasaurus

2012-11-17 21:27:56   I am living in atriums apartments this year and have been very happy so far. Yesterday I was in the office and I overheard a fraternity member complaining to staff about recent bike thefts and car break in. Just a warning to all residents about this. I think it's an easy community for thieves to prey on due to density of student body. I am a little worried about crime though after last years warnme message about the gang member from sac who threw his gun in the childerns playground while evading police.

I wish there was an easier way to check crime reports for this area. Does ucdavis police provide this service? —shraken

  • Hi Shraken, I'm glad to hear you've been happy with your experience at The Atriums. While we don't know the crime rates at Russell Park or The Atriums to be especially high, bike theft is certainly an unfortunate issue in all Davis communities. Locking your bike is one way to help prevent theft. As the police are the official keepers of statistics on these matters, we encourage our residents to view updates posted by the UC Davis Police Department at police.ucdavis.edu and to inform police of any incidents. You may also find this resource from campus police on crime prevention to be useful http://police.ucdavis.edu/crime/prevention/crime-prevention-resources. Paying attention and sharing information as neighbors are the best things we can do to promote our community's safety. This is the main reason that we send out informational notices whenever any incident of crime is brought to our attention. You are also always welcome and encouraged to contact our office staff with any questions or concerns that you have. Take Care, Trish (Residential Manager, Russell Park Apartments) —TrishW

2015-06-04 21:30:05   I love living at Russell Park! This is my 2nd year here, and I've renewed my lease for a 3rd. PROS: -THE LOCATION. These apartments are on campus, <0.5 miles from the ARC, and across the street from Trader Joe's. It doesn't get more convenient than this! -The apartments are very nice, nothing fancy, but extremely spacious and kept in good condition. -Maintenance requests are taken care of ASAP, usually on the same day, and the maintenance guys are REALLY nice. -The ladies in the office are very nice too, very friendly and professional; they even helped me get my money refunded when one of the washing machines quit in the middle of a cycle. -The other tenants here are very considerate; there's a lot of families, older, and international students. It's usually very quiet, with no parties or loud music. -Parking is free! -Only small caged animals are allowed--this is a huge plus if you have asthma like me! CONS: -The frat houses next door can be a little loud. They like to throw parties on the weekends with the bass pumping. It's not very noticeable if you close your windows though; I have no trouble sleeping through it. -The AC is a wall unit in the living room; not overly efficient. That's pretty typical of Davis apartments though. -There aren't many amenities--there's no workout facility or pool. However, the ARC and the Rec Pool are both less than 0.5 miles away! The bottom line: this is a GREAT place to live if you want a quiet, low-stress living experience. I would definitely recommend living here. I will post an update when I move out next fall! —LynnB

2018-05-12 19:59:24   Always see dogs running and barking around apartments, pet policy was never enforced. Sometimes can even find dog poops around. —kko