400 C Street, West Sacramento
(just west of the I Street Bridge)
Daily, 11am-8pm
(916) 372-3892

Sal's Tacos

From the moment you enter Sal's, you know it's a special place!

Sal's Tacos is a far cry from Ernesto's Mexican Food or Zocalo, Sacramento's local chain restaurants that serve trendy CaliMex cooking at inflated prices. Sal's is a neighborhood taqueria that just serves your standard platos. The food is fine, but what is truly unique about Sal's is the owner's mosaic fetish, which he has managed to merge with his Sacramento Kings obsession. From the looks of it, Sal's used to be a drive in, a'la A&W. Sal Galvan has managed to get away with adding on various seating areas, probably long before West Sacramento was incorporated... back in the Broderick days.

The salsa is fine and the tamales leave much to be desired, but they do serve horchata and beer, which any self-respecting Mexican restaurant must have available. Otherwise, the food is good but not spectacular, and will run you from $5-$10 per entree. Curiously, there's a neon beer sign attached to the ceiling above one booth and parallel to the table, which makes one wonder whether this might be the drunk booth.

Future mosaics are painted on ceiling panels

What did you think of Sal's?

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2005-10-24 09:50:08   The name makes me think of _On The Road_. I agree that the food is not remarkable. —NickSchmalenberger

2006-05-11 12:42:48   I ordered the worst vegi burrito ever from Sal's. Absolutely horrible. —CharlesMcLaughlin