The Schaal Aquatics Center , is named after Ted Schaal and his son Rand who donated over 1 million dollars toward the creation of this swimming pool facility. The grand opening in January, 2004 marked it as the new home for the UC Davis swimming and diving team (even though it doesn't have platforms, or bubbles AND diving got cut the year it was opened despite the fact the previous year they won their division... Carry on) and the UC Davis water polo team. Events such as the WWPA (Western Water Polo Assoc) tournaments, triathlon swims, Inner Tube Water Polo games, and more take place year round at the center. During May of 2006, Schaal hosted the NCAA women's water polo championships. It was the center's biggest event yet. Schaal Aquatics Center is located South West of the main UCD campus, near the Health Sciences Complex.

When UCD students passed the FACE Initiative in February 1999, the aquatics center was conceived as a replacement for Hickey Pool, the idea being that a soon-to-be Division I school would need top-notch athletic facilities. It is pretty nice, despite the lack of equipment that you would find at a real top notch diving facility

Find out more about the Schaal Aquatics Center and other water related activities on campus: UCD Recreation


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2010-09-28 14:12:08   Now that men's diving, swimming, and Masters swimming have been cut, perhaps there's some time for free swimming here now? Hickey pool gets very crowded... —BrianNeal

2012-05-08 15:37:30   I think it is completely ridiculous that this facility exists and is not able to be used by students. The hours at the hickey pool are a joke- only 4.5 hrs out of the day! I love swimming but this school makes it pretty difficult. —SKbear

2012-09-17 19:11:16   I'd like to know how the recreational youth swim team "Davis Aquamonsters" gets away with using "UCD Aquatics" when they compete in USA swimmming sponsored meets. 9/17/12 —DuffDevine