Simba from her lesser-known glamour days. Thought-Bubble: I wish this were Poot

Felis catus
Humans Owned:
KarlMogel and ArielaHaro
Intelligent, playful, and catnip-insensitive

About Simba

Simba is an American Shorthair cat of mixed ancestry, and thus a healthy hybrid free of congenital diseases. She is approximately 9 years old and still fit and energetic. Though a female, she is unable to reproduce because her reproductive system was "broken" by a vet. Strange that they call it getting "fixed." When in Davis, Simba visited the Midtown Animal Clinic. Simba lived in Davis with KarlMogel and ArielaHaro for several years, but Karl and Ariela have since moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where their current housing situation does not allow pets. However, as soon as they live in a pet-friendly location, Simba will be coming along! She currently lives in Petaluma, CA, with Karl's parents.

Simba's Abilities

Simba has a number of behavioral traits which are worthy of note.Simba prefers to read Kim Stanley Robinson.

  • Ability to open levered and sliding doors. (Images coming)
  • Opens cupboard doors, often for fun.
  • Follows pet humans on walks on The Greenbelt.
  • Comes in response to a whistle-call. The call resembles the red-winged blackbird song.
  • Often likes to sit on the shoulders of KarlMogel. ArielaHaro does not like her claws.
  • Strange tastes in food. Simba has been known to enjoy eating:
    • Butternut squash baked with brown sugar, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon.
    • Tuna. Not strange, but strange how she can tell the difference between a tuna can being opened and every other kind of can.
    • Various exotic cheeses, including garlic mint cheese spread from the Farmer's Market.
    • Dennison's Hot & chunky chili.
    • Potato Leek Soup.
  • Likes to drink water out of the faucet.
  • Does not go on kitchen counters.

Why Simba?

Simba is often used by KarlMogel as an example of a personable non-human animal. Karl believes that it is abhorrent to consider adult animals that display high levels of intelligence, personality, and feelings, to be below the status of a single-celled human zygote.

"The Pounce" 3-14-2000 by Karl J. Mogel

She spotted her prey from the dark, rainy night, 
Which sat unaware near a lone, royal light.
While grievously cold with her hunger unmatched,
She planned her attack from the leap to the catch.
Through climbing a cliff to a crack under pane,
She can't make a noise that will startle her game.
When poised for the jump with her target turned 'round,
She dashed to the top in a jump to astound.
The victim was stunned, so she sprang out her trap,
And pounced in an instant upon my dry lap.

Her silence now purring, and dry none the least,
My cat found her bowl and proceeded to feast.


Simba finds interesting places to sleep. Verrry interesting places. Look, a bird! Simba sleeping by the wiki.

Kitty Couch

Step into my boudoir. Keeping warm by the fire. Simba says: I'm the cutest cat on the wiki. What the...

Old Pics

Simba when she was less than a year old. How cute!! Simba licks a younger KarlMogel on the nose. Simba trains to hunt Pootleberry Dinglehopper. A chalk portrait of Simba. She actually posed for an hour on the desk.


  • Simba now has a collar with name-tag.
  • Simba has just been found! Ace Philip, Pet Detective saw a noisy cat near a sorrority house on 5th Street. Later, she jumped on his shoulders. This, he thought, sounded exactly like the description of a cat on the Wiki! Now Philip will be $100 richer, in a Power of the Wiki ceremony during the OMGLOLWIKIBBQ.
    • Yay, I'm very glad Simba's back! Hmmm, does it seem odd to any one else that Philip has found not one but two lost Wiki animals? Coincidence

or evil plot? ;) —ss

  • That's why he's Ace Philip. KM

Simba's Great June Adventure

Between Tuesday the 21st and Sunday the 26th at 3:00 AM, Simba traveled from her apartment in Sharps & Flats in South Davis to around Rite Aid on 5th Street. That is quite an adventure, full of mystery, intrigue, sex, catnip, and claws.

The Facts, and the hypotheses that connect them:

  • Simba had just over four days from Drew Circle to 5th Street.
  • Simba does not like to cross busy roads. Many of the roads she crossed were the busiest in Davis, particularly 5th Street
    • Suggests that she was picked up by someone.
  • Her front two paws were blistered underneath, and her back two were worn.
    • Suggests instead that she did a lot of walking. Previous hypothesis may not be necessary.
  • When found, she was very light and bony, whereas before she had a small amount of "pudge."
    • Suggests that she did not get much to eat, but does not rule out that possibility.
  • None of the local strays could be reached for comment.
    • Suggests conspiracy...


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Too cute! She looks soooo soft and her nose is just adorable! But, Poot's cuter...and could kick Simba's ass. hehe :)ss

Oh, no! I hope you find her soon. I'm sorry that she's missing! I'll keep my fingers

If her paws seem cut up, that might suggest that she had been hit by a car at a low speed. That has happened to one of the cats I have. Perhaps she was then scared, confused, and mildly injured, thus ending up wandering far from home. Check her for bruises and sore spots just in case she broke a rib or anything. Another possibility to consider is that she was sleeping in the back or even engine compartment of a stopped car that then drove to 5th street.Daemonllama

  • Good points. Highway 80 also proves to be an obstacle to her walking on her own. The only two places she could cross (without walking on the highway itself) would be the Richards Boulevard overpass, and the bike tunnel on The Greenbelt. This is the same greenbelt we've taken her down during walks, but not the same direction. If she walked all the way, the most parsimonious path would be through the tunnel and along the bike path to campus. -KarlMogel

Aww looks like this cat loves adventures.

2007-06-03 20:01:28   Is Simba going across country too? —Jedron