STEINERS SOLAR INSTALLERS. I would like to rave about this company..I spent 3 months and probably 24 hours on line..and got about 12 bids for a solar panel system to lower my pg&e bill..and save trees and the enviroment as we davis peeps are so well know for. Steve the owner is super nice and very patient and will answer every question..make sure and get your quotes from all solar installers in AC and DC wattage so you can compare apples to apples. Steiners was easily able to compete w/ the big guys..some of which did try and use scare tactics to woo me to them rather than a smaller business. I found it all to be baseless..same warranties the best mounting hardware available..30 years in business. In my opinion PPA agreements are a waste of money and your way better off to just start w/ a smaller system if thats what you can afford and add on to it as you can...these guys do not do PPA agreements btw.... Steiners systems use an emphase inverter system that is part of each panel..has a 25 year warranty and is easily added onto at a later date w/out have to change a bunch of other stuff he uses large enough wiring to add on more panels later..although I would tell him for sure anyway thats what you planned on doing. The system Steve installed for me actually puts out more power than what he said it would put out...this was taking into account shading from trees in the area etc. They also do swimming pool stuff as heating ..dc pump systems etc. I will have Steiners come back in a few years when I can afford more panels and probably solar heat for the pool too.


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