Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.                   — Ludwig van Beethoven

Soup is one of the essential food types, and Davis has it in amounts that reflect the amazing number of restaurants and zeal for local cuisine of the people.

The Souper Bowl is a local annual contest that first took place in 2007, followed by 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and presumably the 2012 Souper Bowl.

Notable among restaurants that serve soup is Stone Soup Catering & To Go, although the title refers to the folk tale. Other restaurants with remarkable soup can be added here, because the wiki reflects the community.

Notable Soups

  • Davis Noodle City The 5-Spice Beef Noodle Soup features a flavorful broth, large chunks of braised beef, a few vegetables, and a big serving of house made noodles for around $7.

Past Soups

  • Sasha's Soup Club was a former business that delivered locally made soup once a week.

Not Soup!

Soup is also used in non-food contexts. Soup Da Jour is a local professional rapper, and Alphabet Soup is a euphemism for the many acronyms that bureaucratic organizations can create, and none in town contributes as much as the UC Davis Alphabet soup.