SPCA Thrift Store, summer 2005.

920 3rd Street , *Suite A and Suite F* Main Store and Furniture Store
(Just East of the train tracks)
Main Store Hours
CLOSED  Sunday

10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday

11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday

Furniture Store Hours
Donation Hours

appointment only

Visit the website to fill out a Google Form and schedule your donation
(530)759-1260 (Suite A) (Furniture)
(530)758-0544 (Suite F) (thrift store)
Website link
Facebook Page
See their website for all their online marketplaces
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Visa and MasterCard ONLY ($5 minimum on cards for both Suites)

The Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store is one of three thrift stores in Davis, and operates on paid and volunteer labor. It is the primary source of funding for the Yolo County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Yolo County SPCA). All of their merchandise comes from community donations, which are accepted seven days a week. The thrift store offers a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, household goods, electronics, furniture, antiques, music, toys and movies.

Donations are accepted daily, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; however, they cannot accept any broken, unusable items, or any items that are not assembled. There are also a handful of items that they are unable to accept for safety reasons, which include: mattresses, incomplete or metal bed frames, car seats, and cribs. If you are unable to make it to the thrift store with your donations, they offer a pick up service by appointment - call 530.758.0554 to make arrangements.

Donations are processed the same day that they are received. Most items are priced and sent into the store for customers to purchase, but there are some items that cannot go into the store because of space limitations or other reasons. Clothing, shoes, and purses that are too worn to sell in the store are resold per pound to clothing recyclers. Other items that cannot be sent in for sale are re-donated to other community organizations. The Salvation Army picks up items from the thrift store three times a week. Other organizations that benefit from the SPCA's donations are Families First, Communicare, the Battered Women's Shelter, and the Davis Cold Weather Shelter.

They keep their online presence up-to-date with weekly specials.

The thrift store carries many brand name items, and lots of items that are new with tags.

On any given day, you might find a microwave, a stereo, or a television set from brands such as GE, Sony, RCA, LG, Vizio, Yamaha, Bose, Panasonic, Soundstream, JBL, Boston Acoustic, Pioneer, Samsung, Phillips, Toshiba, Sharp or Memorex looking for a new home. Essentially, if it was once sold new locally, you might be able to find it roll through their doors at a fraction of the original price. Careful though, as they are not authorized dealers for these brands, they can not help you with any future warranty issues.

Many of the collectible items that are donated get listed on the thrift store's eBay site. The eBay listings can be found by going to ebay.com and searching sellers for Yolo County SCPA.

The Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store loves to give back to the community that gives to them! They work closely with the city's Public Works Department in a constant effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. Unsellable (but still usable) household goods, sleeping bags, tents and even perishables such as food are taken to Davis Community Meals. They recycle ALL unsellable clothing, shoes, purses, backpacks, and belts to others who need them. Puzzles, games and school supplies are given to schools, youth groups and senior centers. In addition to this, they often support the efforts of other organizations, and have donated books to the Co-op, the library and other animal rescue groups. Tools and garden equipment have supported the efforts of the Persian Cat Rescue program and the Salvation Army truck is a frequent visitor!

In spite of all their efforts, sometimes things do end up in the dumpster.

Photo soup

More of the book section. Part of the shoe section plus the specialty section behind the counter. The perpetually plentiful belt and scarf section. The very abundant purse/bag/wallet section plus the linens section. The shoe section. The ever-fun and diverse toy section.

Customer Appreciation Days

  • Tuesdays are Senior Citizen's Discount Day (55 and older) with 20% off all purchases.
  • Wednesdays are Student Discount Day (Can be a student ANYWHERE but MUST have current student ID) with 20% off all purchases.
  • Thursdays are Yolo County SPCA Member Discount Day, become a member & save 30% off all purchases (ask a cashier how to become a member or join online).
  • Co-op Member Discount is a 20% discount on a single item that costs $10.00 or more.

Part of the clothing section circa 2007A wider view of the store from inside. Photo taken circa 2007. One of many very full themed sections; this happens to be the garden section. Photo taken circa 2007.

Thrift Finds

Some interesting Thrift Finds, including a limited edition porcelain art plate from China, model train sets, Pottery Barn chair, from Bounty and Savings

Employment at the SPCA

The thrift store is constantly in need of new employees, and full and part-time volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, either for community service, or are interested in a paid position, come by the store or call (530) 758-0544. Note: If you are interested in volunteering, they require you to have a health insurance plan; however, they state that volunteering is not the only way to get hired at the Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store. Bring a resumé by, fill out an employment application, and meet the staff. They review all applications, and are constantly interviewing prospective employees.

While many employees, both present and past, will laud the SPCA as being a great opportunity to get paid and help a worthy cause, Wes P had a different experience. In 2010, he discovered that in order to be employed by the SPCA you must first fill out two applications: one for employment and one to volunteer. You cannot be employed by the SPCA unless you first volunteer for a minimum of two weeks. Volunteering is complicated by the fact that if you don't have health/medical insurance on your own you cannot volunteer for them — and therefore cannot qualify for a paid position. In this way, employment at the SPCA not only keeps their costs down (since they don't have to pay for insurance for the volunteers save for extreme circumstances) and is all but impossible unless you are a student at UCD where insurance is mandatory or a citizen who is just looking for something to fill your time.

The reason for hiring from their volunteers is probably so that they can pick the more impressive workers and weed out the less motivated. It's not a bad plan, although they might have many more applicants if they weren't required to have insurance.


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2008-02-14 22:56:16   I read in the paper that the thrift store had been burglarized a couple of weeks ago. The crooks smashed a window in order to steal jewelry. It's a shame that happens at all, but it's even worse when it's done to a non-profit organization that helps helpless creatures. —DukeMcAdow

2008-02-15 20:58:13   I was just in today, so sad that people broke in. The damage done to the unused side door and display case outweighed what they stole by leaps and bounds (they smashed a jewelry case that was unlocked). In addition to the donation box, they have a store restoration jar by the register. —JaniceGutshall

2008-02-19 09:53:09   GrumpyoldGeek stop being so cynical, these people are mostly volunteers thats not something a volunteer would do, perhaps their inventory was full and sent it to a sister store or perhaps it sold almost immediatly, i mean this place does get a ton of traffic every day. goddamn why even donate if your going to take that attitude afterwords, be content with your own actions and stop judging others and assuming the worst. —piratechef

2008-02-19 10:03:27   this is a great thrift store, if youre looking for customer service or perfect displays go to arden, if you understand what thrift stores are all about and like them this is one of the best. i just dont understand all of these angry customers, if i ever saw any of you giving their employees a hard time like you do on here id probably interevene with my fists because they are doing a great service to the community and to the spca. Keep up the good work guys and the rest of you, i hope you burn. —piratechef

2008-04-14 20:27:20   I always thought this place was nifty despite never actually shopping here (to be honest, I never really shop anywhere), but since I finally got out of the financial hole, I figured it'd be a place I'd venture to now. So I ended up coming to this page and was shocked at all the controversy. Seems like a lot of people getting upset over nothing. I don't get why people like to complain about a place when they could easily just stop going there. Its not a retail store, so this whole idea of customer service really needs to be looked at differently. I mean, what are they being compared to? Longs? Target? Walmart? —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-04-15 22:33:53   This whole argument seems insane to me. This store is a non-profit. The employees are volunteers. As for Davis attitude and hippies...move to LA if you don't like it. GEEZ. Reading all this bs makes me not even want to go into the thrift store. Haven't seen a circle jerk like this since Berkeley. —unipeg39

2008-06-22 10:50:33   I was just told that they're drastically scaling down the toy section (replaced with a new shoe section, which I must say, is very nicely displayed). But my kids had really enjoyed the toy section while I "tried" to shop around, so that would make me less able to come back (without the toys to keep them occupied!!) They said it was "too messy" and the toys don't sell very well (of course, there were many junks in the toy section that they shouldn't even have try to sell them. But I've found many nice toys there myself for 10 times less new). —youkai

2008-07-28 17:01:30   I love this little thrift shop. I was there just the other day and found a good sized picnic basket for $2. I also discovered it's a great place to find pretty wine glasses for a decent price. Their used furniture pieces look a bit worn down but most are at considerably low prices as well. —thai

2008-09-16 09:56:18   Is the drop off hours 2PM or 3? I thought I saw 3PM on the sign —calvinz

2009-02-15 04:43:27   This place is craaaaazy but the people were helpful. —GregWebb

2009-04-06 12:23:52   I once dropped something off @ 7 or 8 PM. I don't remember the exact time, only that it was getting dark in late winter. —MasonMurray

2009-04-13 18:23:57   nice little store and good prices —Churro615

2009-04-23 19:54:20   This is a cute little thrift store with generally good prices. The selection of dishes, kitchenware and knickknacks is second to none - but I have never had much luck in the clothing section. —Beconomics

No more toys. An employee told me today they've discontinued selling them. —NoelBruening

2009-06-21 02:24:04   Love this store - but lately have seen more people in there, maybe because of the economy? —val

2009-08-24 17:15:50   Love the store, people working there is awesome. I have seen lots of movement last days. Only wish they improved jewelry display on days when jewelry is on sale and put all plain t-shirts into bins and left more space for the really cute items on the racks. Great store. —Maga

2009-11-22 12:05:27   They still have toys here and there, mostly the bigger toys. I was told that they were afraid the little toys (scattered by the kids who accompany their parents to the thrift store...) would trip and fall someone. Make sense to me, they couldn't be cleaning up the mess all the time. I wonder how other thrift stores deal with this potential liability. —val

2009-12-06 19:08:21   I put this on the Lost and Found page a while back, but thought I would leave it here, too LOST Oct/Nov 2009 Davis High School Yearbook ('97-98 academic year). Inside notes are addressed to "Sarha" Recently moved and afraid that yearbook was donated to the SPCA Thrift Store by accident (checked, it's not there). If found please contact Sara Granda (530)-400-9752 or smgranda@gmail.comCurlyGirl26


2010-07-11 06:53:20   I'm used to an area with really fabulous thrift stores with really rock bottom prices, so I was kind of disappointed with the prices here. I know it's basically a donation but $5 for a tank top? It doesn't even cover your arms! In Woodland, I can find way cheaper stuff and not all of it's old navy.

But it's got the biggest book section ever. Thanks for that~ —Mogitha

2010-07-13 01:42:02   Boy is this place awesome. For a small shop it's easy to get lost in there! So much good stuff. My modem broke and guess what? Went to the Thrift shop and picked one up for $5. badabingbadaboom. I sure hope AT&T read that. Also, if you're ever looking for a VCR :]

Pro tip : Keep a look out for their daily sales. Are you a pants guy? Then your face is going to light up when you hear that they have 50% (or so) off clothes every so often!

CHECK IT OUT DAVIS! —davidennis

2010-07-13 10:24:24   This place ROCKS! and I think $5.00 is well worth the price of a tank top if you were to go to Target you would be paying at least $12.00. The SPCA Thrift Store has 50% off Clothing sales ALL the time! ;) —KTcooper

NOTE: KTcooper works for the SPCA Thrift Store.

2010-07-16 17:22:32   This is the best thrift store in town. Full of treasures. Sometimes they have 1/2 off sales with bitchen prices. —JasperD

2010-07-19 15:57:05   @KTCooper ~ Sorry, but I'm used to woodland prices. $3 for a Tank & they have a sale every day. Thrift Store Outlet is the best for clothes and kitchy things (and furniture)

Though I have to say, like I've said before, SPCA has the most bitchin' book section for cheap. —Mogitha

2010-09-19 11:50:36   Personally, I'm not one to buy other's clothing, however, if you are looking for some used household items or novels and other media entertainment the SPCA can be a great source. Staff has always been friendly and helpful and they update their inventory all the time with new donations. —Wes-P

2010-10-30 15:47:33   Great place to go for bargains; however, the kids that work there play loud music nonstop. Too bad. I won't be going back any time soon. —JadeDee

2010-11-04 10:07:32   Re: The loud music comment from JadeDee...there was a staff meeting and the topic was brought to their attention and you should notice a difference. ;) —KTcooper

"2010-11-07 10:40:44"   I love this place! It is literally the only place I shop other than groceries. I have at least tripled my book collection since discovering the thrift store. Definitely would recommend!! —superamazing123

2010-12-29 17:17:56   While I enjoy the store from time to time, I recommend the staff review section 4 of the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner before utilizing it for ad copy again. —Wes-P

"2010-12-29 16:16:16"   While many employees, both present and past, will laud the SPCA as being a great opportunity to get paid and help a worthy cause, those actually in need of a job might wish to look elsewhere. In order to be employed by the SPCA you must first fill out two applications: one for employment and one to volunteer. You cannot be employed by the SPCA unless you first volunteer for a minimum of two weeks. Think you can just fill out the forms and volunteer? Guess again. Unless you have health/medical insurance on your own you cannot volunteer for them (and therefore will never get hired for a paid position either). In this way, employment at the SPCA not only keeps their costs down (since they don't have to pay for insurance for the volunteers {which they are exempt from anyway according to the department of labor} save for extreme circumstances) and is all but impossible unless you are a student at UCD where insurance is mandatory or a citizen who is just looking for something to fill your time. If you happen to be one of the unfortunate who desperately needs a job in this economy, too bad, better look elsewhere. —Wes-P

I agree that this is a sketchy practice, and I've seen them requiring this, too. You can't volunteer for a company where you're an employee, and this seems like a way to get around that requirement. A volunteer is someone who offers to do something of their own volition. Let the volunteers volunteer because they want to volunteer and hire the people who need to earn money. —Angel.York

2011-01-21 09:15:51   I'd guess that the reason for hiring from their volunteers is so that they can pick the more impressive workers and weed out the less motivated, not too bad of a plan, although it really is too bad that you are required to have insurance; they would have many more applicants if this were not a stipulation... —bryceadams

2011-03-30 19:12:46   Went here to get an office chair back in the Fall and I happened to go on the day the furniture was 50% off!! Got a good chair for only $4. And the cute guy at the counter helped me carry it out to my car! I plan on going back once I have more money to spend. —KathrynAzarvand

2011-04-16 18:03:47   I love this store! I got this cute pink music box for 2 dollars! Coming back there soon! —LuuKyu

2011-05-03 22:29:56   Today was the first time I visited the SPCA thrift store, and luckily for me, the $0.25 for each woman's pants was today, so I ended leaving with 12 pants and 1 short sleeve jacket all for $7 plus tax. The place is fairly decent, but the amazing thing is that most their woman's pants are all brand new. I was very happy that I could by a bunch of unused brand named pants for $0.25 a piece. I'll most definitely come again if they have another sweet deal going on. —youkogurl

2011-05-26 02:13:23   Love the thrift store! Although I do have one little not very important complaint slash a sort of courtesy...bleach wipes please, I mean I know it is a ridiculously inexpensive place to get good stuff sometimes the items that make it are quite dirty and it would be nice if some wipes were around in those instances...I know less money for the cause and what not, but I had sticky stuff all over me for the rest of the shopping trip a little gross and a little annoying. However, I am a block away in a house on 2nd so I cna't beat the location!!


2011-07-13 10:10:01   I love SPCA! —LenaSchiffer

2011-07-17 19:02:39   I must say each time I come here it seems like they've rearranged the store again. I mainly check out books though, always a nice collection to browse through. —JimL

2011-09-09 09:26:05   I love shopping here! I always find great stuff. And I'm glad the money goes to a good cause.—zombiek

2012-01-29 17:39:37   Rapidly turnover inventory and can have some great deals or just lots of stuff. The only downside is it can be insanely crowded. —JaneBF

2012-07-26 16:51:53   This thrift store has it all: a great selection with a great turnover and decent prices. Take advantage of the student/senior/etc discount days. —Awiwi

2012-07-29 13:07:47   They always have great student and senior discounts! I rarely go there without finding something on sale. Great volunteers and a wonderful cause. I got my cat from Yolo SPCA, thank you everyone who donates! —KatelynRingrose

2012-08-24 15:10:41   Scathing review: They consistently throw a LOT of donations into their dumpsters. They don't do metal recycling. They specifically told me that it was too much trouble. There are metal recycling scavengers who would happily pick it up from the back of their store for free. It has gotten to the point to where I'll take my things to Freecycle, the free section of Craigslist or the various free piles around town, but there's no way I'm taking them here. —Angel.York

2013-02-13 19:41:15   I used to really love this place, especially for quirky and interesting home decor pieces and clothing. I stop in pretty infrequently now, though. Their prices continue to get higher and higher. I understand that the money goes to a good cause- but the clothing here is so much more expensive than other thrift stores relatively nearby (in Woodland and Sacramento). The prices on furniture, home decor, children's items, etc...seems to just depend on who was doing the pricing the day it came in. Some days you can find a good deal, and some days you will find a used Ikea shelf for more than you would pay for it new at Ikea. Now that I have a child, I'm especially seeking children's items and theirs are, frankly, gross. Stuff I wouldn't even pick out of a free pile priced at $5, like clothes and toys with suspicious stains. —KianaFreitas

2013-04-12 11:34:02   Friday 4.12.13 SALE: EVERYTHING IS 30% OFF! —RominaNMunoz

2015-09-23 21:07:38   Unfortunately, this thrift store throws out most of the electronics they receive as donations... Please read this post before you consider donating your items: http://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/5223943779.html —FlyHiFi

2017-06-28 20:43:57   Went to this page today and saw hours 10-7. Arrived at 6 and was told they were closed. Poor biz practices to advertise being open when they aren't. —highexpectations