This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


Stone's Cafe & Catering closed the cafe permanently on Friday, March 5th, 2010. Stone's Catering is still operating and will be moving the kitchen to the storefront directly behind the former cafe. Menu Board on 2007-03-29; also see Stone's Cafe & Catering/Menu

2939 Spafford Street #140B (in Fifth Street Plaza)
Mon-Fri: 6:30AM-4:00PM
Sat: 8:00AM-3:00PM
Sun: Closed
(530) 758-9011
(530) 758-9012
Chris Stone
Spring 2008

Stone's Cafe & Catering opened its doors for business on Monday, February 26, 2007. Created by Chris Stone and Mark Lawton, Stone's Cafe & Catering occupies the location that used to be Huong Lan Sandwiches. Most of the lunch items are in the $5-$7 range, and they include sandwiches, wraps, and salads. They offer free WiFi (Network:2WIRE051 Key:1454184399), and they have menu items, crayons, and activity sheets for kids. Stone's Cafe & Catering offers organically grown fair trade coffee. Make sure to look at the day's specials, because they don't always have everything on the main menu board. Bring your own cup and get $.35 off.

Stone's Cafe & Catering has featured artwork from local artists like Rebecca Ryland on their walls.

Taken 2007-03-16 Front Counter - taken 2007-03-16 Coming Soon - taken 2007-02-13

Temporary Sign. Taken 2007-04-11


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2007-03-06 13:59:26   Since I have visited Stone's Cafe several times over the past week (I work close by), I thought it is about time that I include my comments. I have tried quite a few items on the menu, and I am very impressed with the quality and taste of the food. The food is very good. My favorites so far are the "Flurries of Curries Chicken Sandwich" and the "Jerky Turkey Wrap". The chili is fantastic, and the butternut squash soup (soup of the week) was some of the best I have had. Service was pretty slow the first week, but they have improved tremendously since then. Right now, it is just Mark and Chris, and they have hired one other person for the weekends. They are actively looking for employees. They have also had some equipment issues, which is not unexpected for just starting out. Mark runs the counter and is very friendly and courteous. I really hope they stick around longer than the previous establishments in this location. —DavidGrundler

2007-03-09 13:37:48   This place has great coffe! I went there this am and was pleasently suprised. I had the schizophrenic mocha ( like a tuxedo), it tasted so good. Although I was super hyper for the rest of the morning and still am feeling extemely lively. =) Mark was very nice and pleasant to chat with as he made my drink. He said business has been really good. —MyaBrn

2007-03-19 13:39:51   They had a special sandwich containing smoked salmon, bacon, bitter greens, and a garlic aoli for less than $6. It was pretty big and, despite my Jewish sensibilities, the bacon went well with the salmon. The fresh parmesan shavings on the top give them extra points for garnish, but I'm not sure I liked their choice of (french) bread. I'll definitely be back for their other sandwiches. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-03-27 22:05:06   I love this new place. They have the best coffee in town. I had a white Mocha with Raspberry. To die for. Yummy!!. I also tried their chicken salad sandwich very tasty. They were kind of slow, but very nice. They seemed to really enjoy their new place. I will definitely be coming back, especially for the coffee. —KristinaJohnson

2007-03-28 17:50:41   I am posting from there right now. This is my first time trying the place, and I had the "Flurries of Curries Chicken" sandwich and a large coffee. The sandwich was extremely delicious and it is some of the best coffee I've had in town. Combined with free wi-fi and I think this is a great place. Highly recommended. Will be coming back for sure. —ChrisNeff

2007-03-30 20:39:28   I love this place! I had the dizzy mocha this afternoon for the first time. It was fantastic—made by Mark. My husband had the raspberry snow mocha made by Jason—SUPERB. I have had several other items previously... the curry chicken sandwich is the best, but what seriously takes the cake are the GIGANTIC cookie icecream sandies. You gotta see them to believe them! This place is on my short list for favorite places in Davis. —JenniferMolina

2007-04-04 23:03:21   I think the food is fairly good. Im not so big a fan of their wraps, however that is due to the fact that i dont like cold store bought torillias, which is what most places like this use (the filling was pretty good here in the hummin wrap). The curry chicken sandwich is quite tastey but fairly rich and sweet, with those candied sunflower seeds (can be too much for some). The salads are good but the dressings does not taste homemade (the taste and texture is like a good store baught dressing). Overall i will go back, but its not amazing. And what is up with the super tiny water cups, uber annoying. —MattHh

2007-04-05 13:19:36   I went there today out of a time shortage for lunch. And I must say I was surprized! I actually thought about leaving because their menu did not look all that great to me... But I decided to have the Hummin Veggie wrap. I love it! It's full of great flavors, not like so many other bland veggie items that are out there. It was also very fresh tasting, great produce! —Jessica

2007-04-06 22:05:38   My boyfriend read about this place on the wiki as I was still in mourning over Huong Lan. tear. Anyway, we checked this place out. I like it and he's madly in love. I've had the Thai chicken salad (nothing exciting) and the Veggie Hummus Wrap (veggies with hummus and avocado.. very yummy). My bf has had the speared pig, jerky turkey wrap, and the curry chicken- all good, especially the curry chicken, which keeps him coming back for more. And the service is nice too! —ThuHo

2007-04-25 08:12:54   Yum! I'm going back. Food was very fresh and folks were nice. I want to try everything on the menu. Food for vegetarians and meat eaters. —CatAdams

2007-04-29 20:54:37   I just had Stone's Cafe cater my sons First Communion party. All the food, sandwiches and salads, were fresh and tasty. Great presentation, and HOT coffee!!! —ZachStidger

2007-04-30 13:43:33   Love the food and drink here! The "Bleu Moo" (seen on their daily specials menu) is outrageously good. The kid's size ice cream is huge (and delicious)! The staff is very friendly. It is a quiet place to study and I will definitely bring my business to them more often. —GeorgiaKk

2007-05-07 19:17:24   It rocks. I thoroughly enjoy the "Speared Pig" sandwich. "Flurries of Curries" isn't too shabby either. I am hoping to try the "Jerky Turkey" wrap soon. It is lovely and clean inside, and would be a great place to study if I still had the need to do so. These sandwiches are reasonably priced and have wonderful, attractive ingredients. You get a better quality sandwich for a better price than the Nugget! I highly suggest you try this place if you haven't already!!! —CatLa

2007-06-17 20:56:44   On our first visit, we had the Plain Jane (as a wrap), Hummin' Veggie Wrap and a Fuji Apple salad. All of the dishes were great. The people who work there seem really nice too. I hope they stick around — we've started telling all our friends about them already. I like the simple menu - it is better to have just a few excellent items rather than a whole lot of mediocre ones. —CoryHamma

2007-07-18 01:31:41   I've changed my opinion of this place. I used to like it and now I love it. My favorite food place in Davis. I always get the veggie wrap or the fuji apple salad. Try their specials; they're so good! They had this wickedly awesome eggplant sandwich that was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. Also, the owners are really friendly and willing to improve their restaurant per people's suggestions. Today they gave us gigantic portions for some reason. I am not complaining. —ThuHo

2007-08-11 16:55:47   I love this place! My favorite is the Speared Pig. —JoeLow

2007-08-12 15:28:34   This place is really good. I has an iced snow cap mocha this weekend and I loved it. I'm usually fairly picky about white mochas but this is one of the best that I have had. The orange scone was really good and my roommate really liked the breakfast burrito that she had. I'm excited to try the sandwiches that they have and will be going back over and over. They have a brand new cashier but I'm sure he will be a pro soon. Give this place a try. My only suggestion would be to change the HL bakery sign b/c I don't think anyone really knows this place exists. Also you should advertise in the nearby apartments like university village, greystone and the senior apts. —MaijaMangrum

2007-08-14 13:30:10   WOW! After reading the rave reviews about Stone's on DavisWiki, I took my best friend there today and we ordered the two sandwiches that seem to be the most popular on this site and we shared them. Both the Flurries of Curries Chicken Sandwich and the Jerky Turkey wrap were delicious! The Jerky Turkey had the taste of a Caesar salad and I love Caesar salads so the sandwich was right up my alley. The Curries Chicken sandwich was a unique sandwich that you don't find in very many places. I left there not too full and not too hungry so the portions were just perfect. Next, I am hoping to try the Speared Pig which seems to be another favorite on this board. Stone's is definitely up there with Sam's Mediterrean as my favorite eateries in Davis. —ellenondaviswiki

Really tasty sandwiches and chili. Everything is really fresh and tastes homemade. My new favorite place for a sandwich in Davis.

2007-10-01 21:04:51   The food here seems very fresh and healthy, and the sandwiches are all intriguing, the sort of menu where you want to try them all (I'm still working on that). Bread can "make" or "break" a sandwich — this bread definitely falls into the "make" category. It's hearty, fresh, and tasty. Burgers are served on a sourdough roll (and I wasn't sure how I'd like that — but it was good) with enough greens on the burger to make a salad (plus, of course, other options — choice of about 5-6 cheeses, bacons, different types of onion, etc.). I wasn't crazy about the mix of flavors on the avocado sandwich, but that's probably just an issue of my personal taste buds. The curried chicken sandwich was much more up my alley. And you can get a real turkey (not pressed deli turkey) sandwich. Woo hoo! From comments on their wiki page, sounds like they used to have an eggplant sandwich — I wish they'd bring it back (swap out the avocado sandwich??). It's also worth mentioning that everyone here goes out of their way to be extremely friendly and helpful; it's technically counter-service, but it's more like counter-service+. —CovertProfessor

2007-10-14 11:32:36   I could have sworn I left a comment on this page before.... Anyway, you MUST try their Curries of Flurries sandwich. Although I am not a big fan of curry, I still found this to be very tasty. Back when they first opened, it used to taste sweet, but not so much anymore the past couple times I've eaten it. I've also tried their Banana Creme Coffee Blends beverage (a little thick; shake-like), which reminds me of banana pudding! —at86

2007-10-15 10:08:47   This place is not near downtown, but I have gladly ridden my bike on a Saturday for 40 minutes just to go to the Post Office, then here for a raspberry mocha and an Avocado Bravado sandwich (avocado, fuji apples, goat cheese and greens, garnished with red bell pepper and shredded parmesan). Delicious and healthy. You can find coupons in the Green Machine booklet. —CalamityJanie

2007-10-28 18:16:15   LOVE this place. Service is always friendly, all of the food is incredible, good coffee, great pastries ... I could go on forever. I'd walk a mile uphill in the snow, barefoot, for a jerky turkey wrap and a dizzy mocha. All that, and organic, fair trade items and renewable, compostable to-go cups! Nice job, guys :) —Mummers

2007-11-04 15:05:20   The food here is REALLY tasty. Must agree with everyone who talked up the curry sandwich (messy but good). Also loved the creamed orange drink and chicken noodle soup. We've been scouting replacement cafes for NaNoWriMo, and so far, other than this one closing early and the location being far out, it's pretty dang ideal as a hangout spot. I love that they have real food to eat instead of just pastries the way most cafes do. —JenniferRutherford

2007-11-05 12:20:27   My husband and I just discovered this place about two months ago, and we have been in 4 times since then. Each time, we have enjoyed the food and atomosphere, but yesterday, we were unsatisfied with the service. It started when I asked for a glass of water with ice. The woman behind the counter told me that they have water in the self-serve area. I explained that I wanted a larger glass, with ice. She said they didn't have larger glasses, only plastic. I said I would take that, and she seemed annoyed. We ordered veggie burgers, and they came out unsliced. I walked them back inside and asked the woman at the counter if she could slice them, and she seemed annoyed. She walked them over to the chef and asked him to slice them. I stood there for a few minutes and she finally said that they would bring them out when they were ready. Again, she seemed annoyed. I went back to my table and waited for a few minutes. Finally, I went back inside just as she was picking up my food to bring it to me. Again, she seemed to be annoyed. I took my food and went back to my table.

The point I would like to emphasize is that in food service, when food comes back to the kitchen, the staff should realize that there needs to be some apologies made and a desire to make the problem right as quickly as possible. It is ridiculous that I had to wait longer than two minutes for them to cut my sandwich. I did note that the chef had another order he was working on, so perhaps he felt he needed to finish that first. In the future, with an issue like this, he should know to push it to the front of the line.

2007-11-07 20:37:54   I haven't gotten around to trying the food yet, but the ice cream is awesome and really cheap for the amount you get. Try the strawberry cheesecake! —LilyT

2007-11-29 19:26:02   My wife and I are among the (fairly) regulars. We used to come by more often when we lived on the eastern edge of Davis. Now that we're more inland, we tend to come in on the weekends. It's always a treat to come to Stone's and chat with Mark. He and Chris have got a great operation going here, and we wish them the very best. Try the new Cinnamon Shells or a Dizzy Mocha! —ArthurFrane

2007-12-06 22:47:37   Thanks to stones I can no longer think of the word "Burger" without having my tongue start to loll out of my mouth which forms an obscene puddle of drool at my feet. I love their food. I love their service. I love their coffee. —Ericmoose

2008-01-31 12:02:11   this place is right by my office, nice for anyone in east Davis. The food is very good, the chili is the best I have ever had. The ham and cheese pastries are also excellent. Creative menu items. The service is what really stands out to me, these guys aim to please, if you want something special they can make it for you. —DagonJones

2008-02-27 19:20:31   I had the Flurries of Curries Chicken Sandwich today (on wheat instead of a croissant because they ran out of it, much to my disappointment). The chicken is prepared as a curry-flavored chicken salad and comes with honey roasted sunflower seeds, lettuce, shredded carrots, and tomatoes. The bread was soft and doughy with a perfect crust and the sunflower seeds complement the sandwich well by adding crunch and sweetness to the mix. It was delicious though difficult to eat without making a mess since the curry sauce and chicken pieces kept oozing out. My only complaint is that there was a bit too much oil in the sandwich for my liking.

I have been here twice before in the past. The first time I tried one of the specials and was not at all impressed by the focaccia bread in which the sandwich came. Pushing my skepticism aside, I gave the restaurant another try and ordered the Plain Jayne, which is a solid turkey sandwich on wheat bread. The quality of the wheat bread and turkey blew me away. They roast their own turkey rather than use overly salted deli turkey, so the sandwich you get is anything but ho hum.

While I was there, I eyed the selections of other patrons and everything looked enticing, particularly Thai Chicken Salad, Feta Craisin, Breakfast Burrito, and breakfast croissant. This place does not skimp on portions, so go with an appetite or be prepared to take home leftovers. —QS

2008-03-14 14:02:20   I have to note that the breakfast burrito really isn't very good. I hate to say it, because everything else is DELICIOUS. My favs are the turkey chili and the hummin' veggie wrap. I also enjoy their burgers and fries and the caesar salad. The quality is good, the staff is friendly. —doctorpibb

2008-04-24 20:47:59   I absolutely LOVE their Feta Craisin salad. The sweetness and crunch from the sunflower seeds add a nice touch to the salad. I like the fact that they use mixed greens instead of just regular lettuce. I will be coming back for more! —at86

2008-04-26 19:49:19   I love Stones. I highly recommend the Peanut Butter-Coffee smoothie, its my favorite thing there, and I don't see it mentioned at all in the wiki comments!! Yummmm....., like a Reese's! Also, they are happy to do substitutions; you can get your sandwich (including wraps) on any type of bread they have that day. —Catan

2008-06-11 21:48:43   I was not happy with the fact that they had used processed deli meat instead of the usual real carved turkey for my jerky turkey wrap. It just tasted different and didn't leave me feeling full afterwards. I hope that was just a temporary change instead of being permanent. —at86

2008-06-13 13:08:20   I went here many times, and only a few selections greatly impressed me. The burgers were pretty good, and the sandwich's were above average, the rest werent that good. Also, the staff was friendly, and the coffee is incredible. I will probably come back, either for the burgers or the coffee. —jrendler

2008-07-10 16:39:32   I came to Stone's this afternoon to use the wi-fi while enjoying an iced mocha and it seems like the A/C isn't working or can't keep up with the 110 degree weather. I'd avoid this place if it's 100 plus. The temperature inside the cafe is 83-85 degrees F. No one's dripping sweat, but everyone inside is definitely glistening. —cwashizawa

2008-08-21 06:18:56   I stopped in one morning to get a cup of coffee for my wife. Now, I'm not a coffee drinker, but this was the absolute best I've ever tasted. My wife had to get her own cup! —RobWestergaard

2008-08-26 16:51:54   Had a late lunch with the family here - we were all very happy with our Mace Ranch veggie burgers. Nice staff to boot. We'll be coming back for sure. —DataPoint

2008-08-30 08:05:07   The Flurries of Curries Chicken Sandwich is the best. This place is also a good alternative for coffee to the always crowded Peets. I got a scone here once that was great, but they never had it again. I think they make all their pastries.

Great place and good quality. The only reason I can come up with for why it's not ALWAYS crowded their is their location. A little bit away for all the students to walk from campus; but that makes it better for residents. We don't have to worry about waiting 30 min for just a cup of coffee. :)

Is this Davis' best kept secret? I think so. Everyone should try it out.

2008-09-10 09:09:32   Their food is delicious, their coffee is the best in town, and their staff is super nice. What more do you need? —AmLin

2008-10-29 21:08:11   Today I had the Davis-Wiki burger. Excellent, wonderful, totally worthy of the name! —HazelWatson

2008-11-15 16:21:52   Tasty food! I also really appreciate that you use *real plates and silverware*. But could you please use mugs instead of 2 paper cups and plastic lid for coffee? And could you please use small dishes for the salad dressing? Alternatively there are compostable containers. Thanks - I'll be back for lunch soon -

2008-12-13 12:53:24   They have 7up in a glass bottle! —StevenDaubert had 7up in a glass bottle ¬_¬

2009-12-08 14:32:53   I love Stone's sandwiches. My favorite so far is the Speared Pig; the garlic aioli is very delicious. But today when I went to get coffee, the girl at the front thought my 12 oz thermo mug was a 16 oz one and filled it only 2/3...I didn't realize the mistake until I got home. Seriously, thermo mugs may look big on the outside but they are very small.... So if you bring your own mug, be sure to either tell the staff the size of your mug or check how much they gave you afterwards. Don't make the mistake I did assuming they know the size when they didn't ask :( —winddolphin

2010-01-13 17:36:23   one of the lesser known and populated places to eat—probably due to its proximity to campus—but absolutely delicious nevertheless. i discovered it this year and have been there a few times already. the sandwiches are wonderful. the more popular ones tend to the the flurries of curry, which is sweet and delectable, and the jerky turkey wrap, which is satisfyingly savory. I've only had one drink, which was the raspberry snow mocha, i could taste the raspberry immediately and it was wonderful. the other great thing about this place is that there is rarely ever a line there; i think once i went and there were two people ahead of me. definitely one of the best kept secrets in davis. —OpticalOut

2010-02-23 13:53:11   I'm very sad to hear about the cafe part of the business closing. I imagine it would have done much better with a downtown location. —CovertProfessor

2010-03-12 12:12:32   I'm really surprised that the cafe didn't make it. Despite it's location, every time I'd been there lately for lunch it was really busy. Much busier then when I used to live nearby a few years back. —AmLin

2010-03-15 12:49:11   Good luck with the Catering Chris! —Mark7

2010-04-04 13:23:34   the sandwiches were so good, I'm so sad to hear that the business has closed. =[ —XuJeong


2012-03-22 00:48:49   Oh no. I wanted of their muffins so badly. —MikeyCrews