Nearly every apartment complex and management company DOES NOT allow tenants to sublet the apartment they are the leaseholder on. There are a variety of reasons for this, mostly to protect the leaseholder from serious litigation.

Example: You sublet your room to someone. They don't pay rent. Your management company takes you and ALL OTHER TENANTS ON THE LEASE to court, because you are the responsible parties. You believe that your agreement with the subletter is valid. It's not. You violated your lease by subletting your living space. Eviction proceedings commence. Your rental history is affected indefinitely.

Another example: You sublet your room to someone. They destroy your living space. Your lease prohibits subletting. By the terms of your lease, you have willfully violated the agreements by allowing a subletter. You are held responsible for all damages AS WELL AS EVERYONE ELSE on your lease.

Review your lease before subletting. Many places in Davis allow for "roommate release" and "roommate takeover" situations.

Don't sublet. Talk to your management before you make a decision that can ultimately cost you more than it's worth.

For those considering a sublet, please know that you are not able to request maintenance, get access to your apartment if you should forget your keys or authorize any maintenance procedure. In the eyes of the apartment complex, YOU DO NOT LIVE THERE. Always sign a lease with the apartment manager!!!