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    Sunwise Co-op is currently accepting applicants for a September 1st move-in.

    Sunwise rooms are currently $385 and board (food, amenities, utilities, and internet) is $180. All house members must earn less than $32,000 annually.

    You can learn more about our Co-op by visiting schadavis.org.

    To apply, please send your responses to the questions below to sunwise.coop@gmail.com.

    1. Tell us a little about yourself in terms of work, school, or however you spend your time.

    2. Have you ever lived in a cooperative housing situation before? What interests you about living here?

    3. Why are you leaving your current residence?

    4. From what you have heard so far, how do you see yourself being involved in our community? What would you bring to the community in terms of technical or interpersonal skills, hobbies, etc.?

    5. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

    6. How often would you be available to join in our house dinners (Monday-Thursday at 7:00 pm)?

    7. How long are you interested in living here?

    8. Do you have any pets?

    9. Please let us know what evenings you would be available for a “meet the house” dinner. Dinners are at 7:00 pm Monday through Thursdays; please allow at least 1 hour; we’ll feed you.

    10. What is your current lease situation, and when is your preferred move-in date? Do you have any flexibility around the date?
    11. Please provide us with a phone number, email, or other way of contacting you to follow up on your application.

  • Check out our blog for a flavor of life and events at Sunwise Co-op.
  • Sunwise is open to boarders! (Boarder = someone who cooks and eats with us.) If you are looking for a good place to cook and eat mostly local, organic dinners, with a bunch of friendly faces and at a low budget, please stop by at 7:00, Monday-Thursday. Call us at (530)753-7657 or email sunwise.coop@gmail.com.


Sunwise Co-op is a cooperative household in the Village Homes neighborhood in West Davis. Sunwise is an eco-friendly house run cooperatively, providing low-income housing opportunities in Davis, California. The 8-bedroom house is full of low-impact features such as solar water heating, photovoltaic panels, gray-water laundry, passive solar design, and composting. We grow our own veggies in a big luscious garden, and enjoy the company of chickens and bees (and each other). We maintain the house through weekly chores and monthly workdays, share vegetarian dinners Monday through Thursday (with the occasional meat or vegan option), and make decisions by consensus during bi-weekly house meetings. All house members must be either students or earn less than 80% of median income for the region (in other words, less than $42,000).

Here is a little bit about SCHA:

The Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) is a non-profit that has provided affordable, sustainable, and cooperative housing in Davis, California since 1979. SCHA is governed by its resident members (~100) and is comprised of three cooperative houses (Sunwise, J Street, and the Cornucopia Corner Co-op) along with two student cohousing communities on the UC Davis campus (the Baggins End Domes and Tri Co-op Houses). Over the last five years, SCHA has experienced rapid growth and expansion and is currently working on integrating a set of social justice goals to ensure its communities are more inclusive, equitable, and just.

Please see the SCHA website for more details at: http://schadavis.org/

We encourage you to join us for one of our house potluck-style dinners Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.! Also, our house work parties happen the second Sunday of each month starting at 9 am. If you are interested in joining us for dinner or a work party, please send an email at least a day or two in advance to sunwise.coop@gmail.com




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