1280 Olive Drive
Business Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Arbors is just down the street from In-N-Out, The Olive Drive Market, Dutch Bros CoffeeRedrum Burger, and just down and across the train tracks from the train station. While The Arbors is technically in South Davis due to being just barely South of the train tracks, it's a quick 1-2 block walk to downtown. The Arbors also walking distance to the east border of the UC Davis Campus and Sudwerk, (hint - cross the train tracks right where 2nd Street turns)

The Arbors has a tranquil quality, behind a security gate. This gated community offers one- and two-bedroom units and also features a 24 hour clubhouse with television and pool table (free for residents use) and 24 hour fitness room. We also have free Wi-Fi in the clubhouse!

If you plan on moving here, you have at least 3 choices for high speed internet: DSL, Comcast Cable Modem, and Instaconnect Wireless, or you can just use one of the (many) open connections.

**Rental Rates for 2019  1x1 $2195.00 Deposit $450.00  2x2 $2625.00 Deposit $750.00**  

We allow small dogs (1 per apartment) with a $500.00 deposit and cats (2 per apartment) with a $250.00 deposit.

The Arbors pays water, sewer, and garbage.  The resident is responsible for the gas/electric/internet/cable.

Wiki users that live here include AndrewIrino, Tiffee, and bear.

Wiki users that used to live here include Oleg.LokhvitskyAndreyGoder, ZacMorris, JenniferLaFever, TarZxf, Evan JabberWokky E., AubreyJohnson, ChrisTakemura, SarahHillard, BradBenedict and CharlotteHoar,.


Central Heat/Air
Ceiling Fan
Gas Range
Granite Countertops
Tiled Entry/Kitchen/Bathroom
Private Patio
Free Covered and Uncovered Parking
Two 24 Hour Laundry Rooms
Storage Closet
BBQ area
24 Hour Clubhouse
24 Hour Fitness Room
Pets allowed (small dogs & cats)
24 Hour Pool/Spa


One Bedroom Layout Two Bedroom Layout


Note: these are photos from the management

Common Areas


2x2 Interior


1x1 Interior



  • See our Housing Guide for more information on housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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2005-03-24 16:09:45   Can anyone tell me if the Arbors is a loud place to live (eg. the cars on the highway and the train tracks)? Thanks —MonicaWilliams

2005-03-24 18:39:52   The row of apts that are against Olive Drive gets the brunt of the train noise, but also blocks it for the rest of the place. We're in the next layer back, where you can hear the trains (runs nearly on the hour) but it's quite muted. It really depends on the location in the complex. —TarZxf

2005-09-26 11
:34:10   I have a co-worker who lives here, and 4 laptops were stolen from his apartment, despite the security gate. —RyanCastellucci

2005-11-16 15:15:08   I've had a horrible experience at the Arbors. First, my car window was smashed open just to steal a backpack in the back seat. The apartments near the freeway are probably the loudest, but they also offered a decent discount. ($900/mo. for 900 sq feet in Davis is cheap.) Secondly, as we attempted to release the apartment (due to job relocation) twice so far we found willing people to sign a sublease, and as they were filling out the rental application from the main office, the main office has contacted them and signed them on a different apartment. I've never even heard of anything like this before. —MarcusTylutki

2005-11-21 16:35:16   I love it here. Just moved a couple weeks ago, BUT it has a great pool and weight room. The laundry units are cheap to use, the scenery is great. The trains are a bit noisy, and I can't stand the garbage trucks at 8am every Monday, BUT these are small downsides compared to the usually quiet surroundings. —JenniferLaFever

2005-12-04 20
:52:54   Marcus — yeah, my stepdad had a really nice jacket stolen, and once when we had to park on Olive Drive someone tried to pry the license plate off. also someone broke into it when it was filled with Xmas presents on year, opened the gifts, but didn't take any. Or maybe they did? Can't remember. heartless bastards, though. but that's not the Arbors fault, just some of the assholes that inhabit the area. Monica - The Arbors is a VERY noisy place to live. It is SO much quieter here (we moved to North Davis). —AubreyJohnson

2007-01-10 17:00:28   I lvoe the Arbors. I've been a resident here for 3 years and plan on staying many years more. The apartments are spacious and are a great price for the space and for the location (close to UCD campus). The noise has never bothered me (and I live right against the freeway wall). The current management and maintanence team are truely awesome. They are friendly and communicate well. Even when I have minor problems in my apartment (like a loose doorknob), they always come within 24 hours (usually within 2) to fix it. The apartments are also being upgraded and I believe that most of them now have tile flooring and granite countertops, which is awfully
nice for a college apartment. Oh, and I've never has anything stolen, even though I frequently leave my place unlocked and have expensive electronics lying around. Just thought I should put the positives in here for anyone considering taking up a lease at the Arbors. —RachelPeters

2007-03-04 11:46:53   CharlotteHoar and I just moved in here. We're in the back row so the trains are quiet, but coming from cul-de-sac Esparto I'm not used to living with the noise of a freeway, or even loud cars and trucks for that matter. The only complaint I have with the apt is that the bathroom is REALLY hard to put things in. No medicine cabinet, the sink counters barely hold a toothbrush and as of now our shampoo and conditioner is sitting on the toilet cause the won't fit on the ledge in the shower. —BradBenedict

2007-03-05 09:18:32   And the gym room sucks if you plan on doing weight training. —BradBenedict

  • What's wrong with the gym? Does it just have only a few machines or something? I'm curious because i'm going to move in this September.. —PeterCung

    • The manager asked my girlfriend today why I thought it sucked, so I thought I'd clarify. I guess I'll help you out too. The gym is lacking the single most important piece of equipment for strength training — a barbell. There is also no bench. So the three major strength exercises (Deadlift, Squats, Bench Press) cannot be done in there. To me, that's a big deal. I don't expect a fully decked out gym, but to do the basic, most important exercises would be nice. There
      are some isolation exercise machines, which doesn't make sense to me cause I'm of the belief that isolation exercises should be a supplement to compound exercises, not the only exercises performed. Weight machines are a scam. The cardio part of the gym is excellent. —BradBenedict

    • Also, if you're like 90% of the guys in Davis and your biceps are the only muscles in your body, you'll be fine. There's lots of dumbells and a preacher curl cable machine. And don't do squats on the calf raise machine unless you're about 7 feet tall. You won't get full range of motion and will eventually ruin your knees. —BradBenedict

    • Oh yeah, the press machines will technically have you doing compound exercises, but they are weird. No matter how I adjust them it feels wrong. Maybe because I'm not used to starting a bench press with a positive motion. Also on one, I can "bench press" 11+ reps of 200lbs (that's as high as it goes) and on the other bench press machine next to it I can barely do what I think is 140 (they are numbered like 1 - 20 or something). But yeah, there's not really room for a bench or squat rack now and I wouldn't expect them to get rid of the machines they spent thousands of dollars on. I just deal with it by doing deadlifts and whatever else I can at home, then a few things over there. The fact that they even provide a gym is great though. It's still better than paying $40+ for a gym across town. OK, if I write any more I might as well just buy thearborsgymreview.com. —BradBenedict

2007-03-05 12:19:22   The office hours are 10 am - 5 pm. If you call the maintenance number they'll tell you it's open at 8 am, but it's not. However, they do allow you to have cats and small dogs. —CharlotteHoar

2007-04-11 16:30:16 
My spouse and I have lived here for five years under three different managers. We had problems with noisy neighbors in the past, but things have been very quiet lately. Karen is a great manager and the facilities are well-maintained. If you take a look at Acadian's properties, you'll see how bad things can get when property managers are unethical. After hearing about other people's experiences, I'm glad to be living at The Arbors. —aafrancis

2007-04-22 20:45:28   Management is awesome. I mean, AWESOME... best I've seen in Davis and I've lived here almost 6 years. The complex is quiet, safe, and pet friendly. Parking has never been a problem. The units have very nice granite countertops and new tile. The best part? The HUGE living/dining room area. I don't think anywhere in Davis boasts such affordable space for a one-bedroom place. Plenty of kitchen and cupboard space, which is great for cooking and storing food. —RachelCakes

2007-05-03 00:36:48   If this place gives you your own water heater, does that mean you have to pay for hot water? —Apartmenthunter

  • Dear
    Apartment Hunter, The Arbors Apartments pays water, sewer, and garbage. The resident is responsible for gas and electric (PGE). Since the water heater is gas you pay to heat the water but not for the actual amount of water used. My PGE bill, in a 2x2, averages about $50.00 per month.

2007-05-23 18:03:31   After some adjusting I can say I enjoy living here. When we needed maintenance (shower door was mysteriously missing when we moved in) the maintenance guys did it quickly and correctly. It's also much quieter than most apartment complexes I've been to. One thing I have noticed is that there are plenty of parking spots but a most them are quite small. My car got hit last month because apparently there wasn't enough room for the other driver to maneuver. And some discourteous people like to park their large vehicles in the (limited) covered parking spots, either taking up 2 spaces or making it impossible to get out the door and some people without a permit continually parking in the covered spots. Apparently other people complain about limited bike parking, too. —BradBenedict

  • I forgot about that little quirk of parking. The covered spots are open, but the two center and two outer spots are the usual "Arbor-sized" parking spaces that are tight even f
    or a VW New Beetle. That means that you can sometimes park and then discover that the post for the covered space blocks your door. Large vehicles (not just SUVs, but old junker or classic boats) fill a spot so much that it squeezes the spaces to the side, no matter how careful and considerate the driver was when they centered their vehicle in the space. I must say, however, that I prefer dinky spaces to not enough spaces. The tradeoff benefit is that you can pretty much always find a spot near your front door. —JabberWokky

    • The problem is that dinky spaces can CAUSE not enough spaces. For a while there was a truck always parking in the covered spots and would take up two spaces. They tried to get it into one spot, but could never really do it. They either moved out or have gotten rid of their truck. Parking isn't a problem now, but that could be because some people still haven't moved in yet. It seems like there's always covered spots open. Maybe cause people aren't brave enough to try to fit in the small ones ;). The problem with parking under the trees, in the uncovered spots is that your car will VERY quickly pick up a nice coat of aphid crap. Makes your car look nasty and makes it very hard to see out of the windows at night. —BradBenedict

2007-07-16 18:35:1
0   Just cause I want to be fair, everything I've complained about has been fixed or has offered to have been fixed. Other than the tiny parking spaces and gym, which I wouldn't expect to be fixed. —BradBenedict

  • I keep writing here cause I actually feel bad about pointing out some of the negative things here. The reason I feel bad about it is because the current manager (Karen) actually cares. Showing that she cares about our our happiness in living here and not just seeing us as income is nice. Like when she asked my girlfriend why I thought the gym sucked so she might be able to improve it. She tries to make the tenants happy and (at least with us) has been doing a good job. That is more important than parking spots and gym equipment. Like a lot of people on here, I tend to point out the negative things and forget the positive things. However, since we moved in here in March I have noticed a lot of subtle changes that make living here better. Some major things, too...like when it started getting hot they had A/C people come out and make sure that our A/C was working so we could keep cool and not run our energy bills up with a faulty A/C. And new laundry machines for more convenience. So, thank you to the management and good job! —BradBenedict

2007-09-03 17:17:26   Anyone in this apartment complex have DSL service? I'm interested to know what kinds of speeds you are getting. I want to avoid Comcast if at all possible. —ZacM

2008-04-05 00:41:56   Management and maintenance are great. HOWEVER, I think the worst part about these apartments is the SMALL PARKING SPACES... My car got scratched/hit by someone a good bit(and it was evident that they tried to wipe off the paint that had come off from their own car), and my roommate also had her car scratched/hit by someone. It's just terrible that people don't take responsibility for their actions. Parking is frustrating, but I will mention some positive things about living here. Maintenance is responsive and the complex is quiet in general compared to other apartments in South Davis. The train noise is pretty loud if you live closer to the street, but you get used to it. I think what's nice about the management here is that they are considerate enough to send out monthly newsletters and notices to the residents. More positives include a relatively low amount required for a pet deposit, being close to downtown and campus. —at86

2008-04-07 19:54:22   I have DSL. The speeds are fine—I have the 3 mbps plan and I usually get ~2.8. It works quite well and I have yet to have any problems with the service (got it in September). —AndreyGoder

2008-06-08 15:10:16   Arbors is reasonably quiet, safe, has all the standard amenities, and is conveniently located in relation to campus (maybe a 15-20 minute walk from the MU). I've been here for about a year now and plan to stay for at least one more. Sometimes the rules/regulations seem a bit strict -I recently received a noise complaint because so
me friends of mine were talking on the way out to their car late at night- but by and large the staff is fair and responds quickly to any sort of issue you may be faced with. Pretty okay place to live and for the price I'd say you'd probably be hard-pressed to find better. —BreeButler

2009-01-31 17:05:49   Can anyone specify which furnishing are included, and which aren't? It says that microwave and fridge are included. What about beds? Tables? Chairs? —Oleg.Lokhvitsky

2009-02-08 20:26:44   I just signed my lease here on Friday. I am SOOOO EXCITED!!!! My only question is which is better/cheaper to have dish or comcast? —Tiffee

2009-02-09 03:00:43   I've lived in four different complexes in Davis, and The Arbors have been my best experience. The living space and rooms are pretty huge. Each room comes with its own bathroom and for the rent, it's definitely well worth it. Karen the manager is very nice and friendly, and the staff are all kind and responsive. The only negatives I enc
ountered are the small parking spots and a high pet deposit. They've upgraded to granite counters and tiles so that's a plus. I definitely recommend The Arbors! —TonyaNN

2009-03-17 23:20:04   This apartment complex is great! I've lived here for four years and am very happy. Maintenance requests are handled promptly, the facilities are well kept, and it has nice amenities. And last but not least Karen, the apartment manager, is awesome As for the noise, after two days you won't even notice the trains. —evilforestgnome

2009-03-19 00:33:00   I've been here for a year after moving from out of state, and this is the best apartment complex that I've ever seen! There is hardly ever anything that I've had to contact the office about (I think I've contacted them 2 or 3 times), and those have always been taken care of within 24 hours. The grounds, gym, and recreation area are all well maintenanced. The trains are only an issue very very sparingly (I have heard them less than 10 times). I was even able to get the highest internet speed for online gaming that ATT provides. I have a fairly wide car, so I was really worried about the parking situation, and I am really happy that I visited first, because I have no idea w
hat anyone is talking about with the spaces being small. I have seen vehicles just shy of being the size of Hummers parking in the spots with no problem at all! It may be an issue if you absolutely have to have one of the covered spots, since they seem a little smaller due to the wooden poles that hold up the roof, but those are still the same size, they just have posts on the lines. If you are planning on being in Davis for awhile though, I highly suggest this complex. —Jteeples

2009-09-23 23:10:30   I lived at the Arbors for the 08-09 school year and really liked the place. Karen, the property manager, and Sergio, the head maintenance guy, were great. They were always super nice and responsive. Sergio even fixed my roommates flat tire on her bike. Since they've upgraded the bathroom/kitchen cabinets and counter tops the apartments are very nice. And even though Olive Drive isn't that greatest street, I always felt safe living at the Arbors. —ARL589


2010-01-16 08:58:10   I just called to ask a bunch of questions because I would like to live here next fall if I get into Grad School. So even if I don't end up moving here I thought I'd say that they were extremely nice when I called, I asked like ten questions and the girl talking to me was super nice the whole time, some places you call and they act like you're annoying them for trying to get information. For 2010 a 1-bedroom in the gate will be $1050 and the deposit is $450. Outside the gate is $1030. I'm from the midwest so this rent seems outrageous to me, but after a lot of research on this wiki I have discovered that for such a large apartment and nice complex that is an awesome price. Also, their pet policy is much better than a lot of places, its a $250 deposit per cat (limit 2), and there is no monthly fee. $500 is for a dog (limit 1). I only have one cat so I'm excited not to have to pay $500 for her plus a monthly fee like some other places want. I'm going to schedule an appointment to see the apartments(which by the way they are very flexible about: I work a regular 8-4 5-day job in Bakersfield right now and they said they'll be able to come in anytime that works best for
me even if its a weekend) as soon as I know when I need to move to Davis. —NatalieH

2010-01-24 19:52:20   did anybody have any problems with getting their deposit back here because i have checked out other apartments and some have posted comments saying that it is very hard to get your full deposit back? —HaTran

2010-02-01 17:06:02   this is the noisiest place I've ever lived— the train is coming through all night with the whistle blowing, and the ground is shaking... also, it seems as if this year they
are doing a ton of construction which is really inconvenient to the residents— I fully understand that they need to do maintenance, but painting, cleaning, balcony reconstruction... it's all very loud and such. the parking spaces remain tiny even for a compact and my car has plenty of new dents from this place. As for the sketchiness— it's not really the Arbors' fault, but walking down Olive every day could be more pleasant with less homeless people asking for change. —randomstudent

  • Dear “Random Student”, I want to thank all you for letting me know about problems within our community. Without knowing, I can never make positive changes. I realize life is hard enough without "home improvements" adding to the everyday noise. Exterior painting and rebuilding the back patios are just a couple of ways we are trying to improve our community. I am sorry if the noise and mess has caused any inconvenience to you or any of our residents. I am available to personally discuss any of your concerns during my office hours of Monday through Friday from 10-5 or contact me by email at kmattis@thearbors.com. Thanks again to all our great residents and the hard working staff who together make this a great place to live. — Karen Mattis-Residential Manager


2010-02-06 16:49:31   I signed my lease today...so excited !!!!!!! looking for a room mate for the 2bedrm/2bath that i signed up. —psychstudent

  • Dear "Pysch Student", Glad to hear you are excited! Thanks for your patience on Saturday, it was a crazy day! Contact the office with your personal info and your roommate needs and we will try to hook you up with someone. — Karen Mattis-Residential Manager

2010-02-09 10:45:34   I've only lived here for about half a year (a little less) but have extended my lease without a second thought. This really is a nice place to live in Davis.

Pros: + The management and maintenance are both awesome. There are also a lot of improvements to the facilities, which is a very nice diversion from the practice of "if it ain't broke - don't fix it." + Location (at least for a student) is very convenient. Downtown and Campus are a short bike/walk away, Safeway is a 5 minute car drive and even Target is a short freeway ri
de away. + It really isn't all that noisy (surprisingly). I live on the side that faces east, so I can usually hear incoming trains fairly well. But, the trains are really easy to get used to and are actually quite enough that they provide a sort of at-home background noise. The freeway is only possible to hear when it's rush hour and there's rain on the road. Even then you can only hear it outside. + Prices are very reasonable for the living spaces.

Cons: - Neighborhood (most of the rest of Olive Dr.) is a little shady but I never really felt too unsecured about it. (I wish that Davis would also fix the ancient paving on Olive Dr. though...) —Oleg.Lokhvitsky

2010-02-23 14:18:22   We just resigned without a second thought. It is great here...the kitchen has spoiled me, the floorplan is nice and open, and the management and maintenance are incredibly helpful- they truly go out of their way to make things easier on the renters. We can definitely hear the trains, since we live in the first row facing them, but our bedroom is on the other side of the apartment so its not at all a problem at night. —AlyssaOlenberg

Dear Alyssa, So glad that you and Josh are staying for another year! I love our kitchens too! Thanks! Karen Mattis


2010-03-20 00:09:35   I'm just curious, if you prefer not to live over the summer due to plans, can you sublease it? —psychstudent

Dear Psychstudent, Yes, subleasing is allowed, with approval from roommates and management...we can even help you find someone! Contact the office about 3-6 months prior to needing to subleasing and we will talk about the simple process! The Arbors Management

2010-05-17 12:32:46   I consider myself very lucky to have found The Arbors. I have lived there (in a 2 x 2 apartment toward the back of the complex) for four years and have signed a lease for a fifth year. The Arbors is the best apartment complex I have ever lived in by a mile. My apartment: is clean, quiet, spacious, well-maintained, has a nice outdoor space, views of pretty trees and greenery, ample parking, lots of storage, wonderful kitchen, and new granite countertops. Karen, Sergio, and everybody else in the office are very committed to making this place the best it can be. They are open to any suggestions for improvement and they always get repairs done quickly. As far as the train noise goes, after a few wee
ks I stopped noticing it entirely. It never bothers me anymore.

A couple of years ago I was having trouble with a neighbor who had a subwoofer that made my whole apartment vibrate and who didn't do anything when I asked him repeatedly to turn it down. Karen solved the problem in a single conversation with the neighbor and I never heard a peep from him again. —RachelD

2010-07-11 13:28:19   What is the best/cheapest internet/cable tv package to get here? ATT or Comcast? —psychstudent

  • For internet, Comcast is def
    initely your best bet, since they provide broadband cable (rather than DSL), so the speed is much higher. i.e. ATT charges $45/m for 6mbps (their highest-speed plan), Comcast charges $43/m for 15mbps with $20/m for first 6 months (middle of 3 plans). If you don't need speed and are worried about price, the cheapest plans for both: ATT=$35/m for 1.5mbps, Comcast=$25/m for 1.5mbps. I don't know about TV though (though personally I'd stick with Comcast there too.) —Oleg.Lokhvitsky

-thanks a bunch for the info:) Definitely helps...yeah i think speed and price are equally important to me plus like you, many recommended comcast! :) Thanks again.

2010-10-27 20:50:06   im very interested in living here becuz i have a puppy and cuz i have issues with the freeway next to my door => sleepless nights cuz of the cars....Im a light sleeper and wanted to know if you could hear the freeway from every unit...if not which units DO YOU HEAR THEM IN? PLZ N THANK U~! —SabrinaT

  • SabrinaT—this is not the Arbor's website—not sure how often they check the Wiki. May wish to call them at 530-756-2424 to get a quicker answer. —PeteB

Hi Sabrina, Give me a call and we can t
alk! Thanks. Karen

2011-02-10 09:54:30   If anyone is interested in a place for the summer, I am subletting my apartment from June 12 - Aug 312011. Please contact me at 916-320-9955 (call or text) for more details. Thank you :) —psychstudent

2011-03-28 18:47:13   If anyone is interested in a 2-BDR Summer Sublet for 2011 from July 1st to September 4th, feel free to contact me for a private tour! arcamedes123@yahoo.comArcamedes123

2011-05-11 09:01:10   You could not ask for a nicer complex in Davis. My roommate and I lived here four years. We're only moving out because we're both leaving town. The Arbors is affordable, and we never once had a problem. The management is wonderful; they're nice, and respond promptly to any request (all of our maintenance requests were fixed within a few hours at most). The Arbors also has a great pet policy. As for train noise—never a problem. Yes, you can hear it (faintly), but the complex is MUCH quieter than many other apartments that I've visited. For a student, or someone who just wants to be near downtown and campus, the location is excellent. —CaitlinMorrow

2011-06-23 21:39:56   Arbors is awesome. I wa
s thrilled when I found out there was an apartment available when doing my apartment search in Davis. As you can see, most reviews here are overall pretty positive and my experience has been very similar

Positves: Security: The complex is gated. Security is visibly present at all hours of the night doing their patrols.

Grounds: Nicely landscaped. More open, less claustrophic than many other apt complexes in town.

Maintenance: Haven't had any real issues but the time I did, it was dealt with promptly.

Nice kitchen/bathroom counter tops.

Loud/obnoxious parties are non-existent

Laundry: Never have not been able to get a machine.

Location: 30seconds off the hwy coming from Sac. 3-5min to hwy entrances. Convenient to downtown.

Things are always being updated ie new roofs, exterior painting...

Negatives: Parking: Can be pretty tight even if everyone parks in the dead center of the lines. However, there are spots that are more spacious.

Neutral: Noise: Not a huge deal. The trains
have never bothered me but I'm not in the apts closest the tracks. Highway noise noticeable but not that loud.

Gym: Its got all the basics but some machines are dated. Better then paying for a local membership though and usually no issue getting on the machine I want. —DatGuy

2011-07-25 23:15:19   My apartment is located outside the gated area. Would there be any safety issues regarding this? —MM

  • I would think you'd be fine. There's a bit of opportunity crime all over Davis, but a gate seldom stops it anyway. -jw

2011-07-26 20:04:41   So I am a little concerned over the whole "Olive Drive is the shadiest part of town" thing. I will not be driving next year and I certainly don't want to be killed or mugged on my way home at night :/ —babyz

2011-07-28 13:49:46   @ babyz ::: I've live
d here for the last three years closest to the tracks, and have never felt like my safety was threatened, let alone that I'd be mugged or killed. While the top of Olive Drive is frequented by panhandlers who may or may not be homeless, I have found that further down here where we are at, it is all residential. Olive Drive may be low-income housing beyond The Arbors, but it's still just families and students by majority. Either way though, the security guard for our complex patrols inside and outside the gate all night long, so they would come running if someone were to start calling for help... I feel safe here. —Arcamedes123

2012-04-17 21:44:47   ***Roommate Needed for Fall 2012*** I am a 20 year old female transfer student at UCD (21 in October) and I am looking for a female student that is around my age to be my roommate in a 2-bedroom apartment at The Arbors. If you are interested, please email me at ash.ewoods@yahoo.com so that we can chat :) thanks! —MissKitty

2012-05-02 22:11:36   *Roommate Needed for Fall 2012* I am a male, current resident of the Arbors who is planning on getting a new apartment for next year. I am not really picky on roommates, just as long as you don't plan on constantly having groups of people over late in the night. Feel free to email me dastardlyduck@gmail.com if you are interested. ~Rheo. —RheoFoscher



2012-05-28 11:23:26   I'm a current resident and will be staying on for another year. My overall experience has been very positive. The quality of the complex has been addressed by a number of previous posters, so there's no need to go into that. I wanted to point out a few minor inconveniences that are not apparent from the above reviews.

1) Parking, obviously. But that's been covered ad nauseum. Parking's not so great.

2) The toilets are very weak. My bowel movements are not particularly powerful and I still manage to clog up the toilet fairly regularly. I've never had to rely on maintenance to dispense with any obstructions (I'm very
skilled with a plunger), but it's nevertheless an annoyance. Conversely, if your stomach is on the fritz and things aren't coming together like they normally do, it may take several flushes to remove any remnants of your last meal. Not very eco-friendly.

3) I can't figure out how to work the microwave. I turn it on and off, obviously, but whenever I try to adjust the power instead of displaying "High" or "Low", I get "LHZ59GB". I don't know what that means. It appears to default to ultra-low, so it can take 6-7 minutes to heat up my spaghetti. Very inconvenient if you're an on-the-go type of person. I'm sure that I could march over to the office and ask for the manual or find it online, but people with the drive to do that probably aren't cooking all their meals in the microwave.

4) Speaking of baking, my oven has a habit of raising the temperature 25 degrees whenever I put food in there. Even if I let it pre-heat for 45 minutes and it's at exactly 425, the thermometer will be sitting squarely at 450 when I take out my slightly blackened pizza bagels. I would also recommend getting an oven thermometer, as the ovens have the olde-tymey temperature knobs, which can be a bit inaccurate.

5) There are spiders in the storage closets. Lots of them. So bring a flashlight.

Otherwise I've had a wonderful time at the Arb
ors and would wholeheartedly recommend it to any prospective tenants who aren't afraid to unclog a toilet every so often. —ChuckSteak

Dear ChuckSteak, Thank you so much for your honest and informative opinions! If you would like to come by the office and let me know what apartment you are in and I would be happy to set up an appointment to have someone check out your gas range, microwave, and toilet. Thanks again for your review. Karen Mattis

2012-09-25 0:01:26   I'm a current resident, and
on the whole I've had a very positive experience. The administrative staff is very professional and extremely attentive — much more-so than you would expect from an apartment complex, or that I've ever gotten living in any other low-cost apartments as a grad student. At other places, small, easily-fixable holes in the wall will get you a large fine — at The Arbors, the helpful maintenance staff, who appear to be able to fix anything in 5 minutes, will just be sent out to repair it — free of charge. The gym, while small, is also well-done and nice to have — you can go get on the stationary bike and watch cable tv. Karen also throws mixers and pizza parties so you can meet your neighbors.

The parking spaces are a bit tighter than I was accustomed to — I was annoyed at first, but after living here for a year I'm used to it and it's not much of an issue. Contra the previous poster, I've never had any trouble with my toilet, oven, or microwave. (And, how many storage closets have no spiders?)

The location is good-and-bad — you're close to downtown and school, which is really nice, but there is an annoying stop-light (OK, I'm impatient) on the way and there is low income housing on the same street. I personally have not had any problems, and don't really notice the cars or trains at night; also haven't been kept awake by loud parties like at other places...

On the whole I recommend the Arbors.

-Doug C

2013-08-29 23:55:25   very late review but Karen... is awesome... without her patience and hard work... this experience as a student wouldn't have been the same. —chengy

2015-02-09 18:28:12   I have lived at the Arbors since August of 2014. It is now February of 2015 and my toilet have overflown at least 7 times. I have had to replace the bath mats and towels in my bathroom severa
l times because of this. I have had the maintenance team come and "fix" it several times, but until today, when I stormed into the office yelling, they did not suggest replacing the toilet. This is absolutely unacceptable. I live on the outer part of the complex, and while you do get used to the EXTREMELY LOUD TRAIN that comes by, you never really get used to it SHAKING MY BED! I should NOT have to pay nearly $1000 in rent to have my BED SHAKE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Yeah it's close to campus, but there are so many places that charge less and I won't have to deal with my BED SHAKING! —Abby123


Dear Abby123,

I went through our records and found four work orders (including the one from Monday) for a clogged toilet.  Did you report the issue each time it occurred?  Regardless, four work orders is too many and I should have been more pro-active in this situation. I apologize that I wasn’t, and that you were inconvenienced.

Also, had I been made aware of
the damage to your personal items I would certainly have discussed reimbursement with you at the time.  We absolutely still can speak about reimbursement please stop by the office or send me an e-mail. When unfortunate circumstances arise I hope all residents know they can come by and speak with me personally. I recall maintenance staff responding promptly to your apartment as soon as the toilet problem occurred on Monday, and we also discussed how to manually turn off the water flow to your toilet when it is clogged so that it doesn’t overflow in an emergency.

Lastly, I show that you and your roommate have renewed your lease for next school year, in light of your recent frustration, would you like to reconsider your agreement to renew?  If so, please feel free to come by the office or email me. I will certainly work with your needs.

Karen Mattis-Manager


2015-09-16 00:50:31   I just c
reated a Davis Wiki account so that I could review this place. My husband and I lived here for over four years, and I can't recommend this place enough. The manager, Karen, ended up being our next door neighbor, and we have never had a more competent property mana
ger in all of our years of renting. She is great, and so is the complex. The location is awesome; very close to campus and downtown Davis. We wanted a 2 BR/2 BA, pet-friendly apartment, and this place had literally everything we were looking for. I was sad to leave The Arbors, but we started jobs in Sacramento and decided to move there to lessen the commute. The one thing I was waiting for before leaving a stellar review was to make sure we got back a fair amount of our security deposit, which had been a problem in the past for us at other places we had lived. Tonight we got a check for our full security deposit, despite having two cats. I truly cannot recommend Karen and The Arbors more highly. Make sure to contact them with plenty of notice, as they fill up the units quickly. You will be happy you chose to live here. —Joyk

2017-11-13 12:13:30   Pros: Pricing is okay. Office staff are pretty nice. Place is generally well-maintained Cons: So many thefts, especially bike thefts (I just got mine stolen overnight). Complex also has a pest problem. The place used to be quiet but lately the train has been tooting noisily and frequently after 1 am. —Nbrigitt

Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear that your bike was stolen, I know that this can be most frustrating especially when your bicycle may be your only mode of transportation.  If you haven't already please make a police report.  If you are having a pest issue within your apartment please feel free to email me with your concerns, we have pest control specialist that comes to the property twice a month and I can have him check into your issue.

Thanks!  Karen

2018-07-17 08:39:52   Some of you complained about having stuff stolen from your car. In each case, valuable possessions were left in the car. To be fair, your car will have been broken into REGARDLESS of location. This is California not Utah. Coming from Stockton, safety rules 101 that everyone knows is to NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR! —Wyrda

2021-12-08 20:41:23   The complex itself is decent and the manager, Karen, is extremely nice and understanding. However, the parking is horrendous, especially at the back of the complex. The parking spots at the back are super tight and will be hard if not impossible to park in if you have a mid-size sedan and up. People constantly takes up two parking spots by protruding into another spot. Occasionally, someone would also park and not move their car for over two weeks, which is not allowed according to the lease. —Throwaway123

2021-12-08 20:41:58   The complex itself is decent and the manager, Karen, is extremely nice and understanding. However, the parking is horrendous, especially at the back of the complex. The parking spots at the back are super tight and will be hard if not impossible to park in if you have a mid-size sedan and up. People constantly takes up two parking spots by protruding into another spot. Occasionally, someone would also park and not move their car for over two weeks, which is not allowed according to the lease. —Throwaway123