ucd.life is one of the usenet groups that date to the days when internet access was through a VT100 terminal. It was newgroup'ed in 1993 or '94 to create a place for people on campus to socialize. It has survived and still has some active postings as of January 2006. Although it has been mostly dead for most of the last decade, with its social heyday being around 1995-96. Much like the wiki, they actually got together rather frequently, centering around occasional parties and regular pilgrimages to Plainfield Station. For those looking for nostalgia or a listing of the Critter of the Week posts, the ucd.life website from 1997-1999 is still online.

A few "lifers" are still around on the wiki.

Feel free to add anyone else I overlooked.

Active postings? All I see in it (as of 02/09/05) through news.ucdavis.edu is a single piece of spam. —WilliamLewis