300 J Street
between Third & Fourth Streets, and J & K Streets)
Office Hours
Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
closed between 12 PM and 1 PM for lunch
Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM
ph: (530)753-3408
fax: (530)753-8452
* 1- and 2-bedroom apartments.
* Remodeled apartments
* Wall air conditioning and heating units.
* Each apartment is allocated a parking space. Plenty of free street parking
* New appliances.
* Some 1-bedroom upstairs units have decks. 2-bedroom downstairs units have private yards.
* Microwaves in each unit.
* Mirrored closet doors.
* A ceiling fan in the kitchen area.
* Two-bedroom ground level units have a small fenced backyard.
* Very friendly maintenance staff on-site.
* Shares management and ownership with I Street Apartments and Pennsylvania Place.
* Pool. Not heated. Keyed entry.
* Several laundry rooms available throughout complex. Current price is $1.50 for washers, $1.25 for dryers.
* Three Charcoal BBQs in the pool area.

* Just 2 blocks away from Downtown and a 5 Minute Bike ride to UC Davis Campus. NO Pets Policy

Now Leasing for Fall 2014

We have a few one bedroom units available for August move in. The rent for one bedrooms is $910. Don't miss out on this beautiful apartment home in Downtown Davis.

University Square Apartments occupies an entire Davis city block with tenant parking running through the center of the complex.

This is the resident parking lot dividing the complex. University Square Apartments viewed from Fourth Street, between J & K Streets.

See our Housing Guide for more information on affordable housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.


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2005-11-23 16:46:43   There is no excercise room, and the management changes far too often. —JoshStar

2006-04-25 00:03:32   No Excercise room. Also rude management. —MariaRivera

2007-04-26 09:15:08   These apartments are really lovely and well kept and the complex is a nice, quiet place. I have a one bedroom, and the unit is very roomy, well laid out, and private. There has been zero skimping on the upkeep, and all units have fairly new tile, cabinets, and appiances. Pitfalls? The nieghbors sometimes don't get the "assigned parking space" concept, however the street parking is abundant and unrestricted. Also, The gardner starts mowing and trimming as early as 6:00 am once a week. But you can't beat the price, especially for what you get. —rbroadfoot

2007-05-21 14:10:56   After making it through an entire school year here, I must say I like the place.


  • Quick response from maintenance. Especially during emergency calls (my bedroom roof had a leak).

  • The place is nice and is well kept.

  • Laundry easily accessible.

  • The management seems very willing to upgrade/replace appliances instead of trying to fix something that isn't fixable.


  • Only one parking spot per apartment. Seriously... this is a college town, the two-bedroom units are probably being rented to two students, both of whom just might own cars.

  • No garbage disposal/dishwasher

  • During a hot day, my upstairs unit gets really warm. So much so that if you are like me and have the bigger bedroom in the two-bedroom units, it is unbearable without a window/portable A/C unit.

  • Wiring for TV/internet not exactly ideal and well done.

  • The two bedrooms are back-to-back. Certain noises transfer a little too easily. —StuartJeff

2008-02-06 09:44:51   Ive lived here for almost 3 years now and I love the cheap rent. My only complaint is the bike parking. There is almost no spots to lock your bike to the rack. Both me and my roommate have had our bikes stolen here, because we had to lock the wheel to the frame. —MattHh

2008-11-15 17:49:11   to all people thinking of getting an apartment here: you have to pay a deposit in order to get a key to laundry and pool, laundry machines are more expensive than other apartments i've seen, they charge you at least $8 on top of your rent for insurance and you have to pay your own water and sewage bill. no dishwasher or garbage disposal, thin walls and roof so that if you live downstairs you can hear people running around upstairs and even showering. but it's warmer than most apartments in winter and not too hot in summer b/c of all the trees. parking spots in parking lot are EXTREMELY narrow and only one per apartment of course, and since it's so narrow parking is difficult and most people park crappy anyways. but there's plenty of parking on the street, just make sure to take valuables out of your car, even shoes. closets are just ok...on the smaller side. very limited kitchen space for plates and such, and bathroom has almost no storage space.

so yeah, this place has fairly roomy apartments and is close to everything, both south and north davis, but the low sticker price is offset by other ways in which they tax you, like with the water and insurance charges that i mentioned above. and yeah, no exercise room. —boing3887

2009-12-04 14:22:22   I lived here for a couple years and really enjoyed it. The location and price can't be beat anywhere in Davis. Donna is an awesome manager and goes out of her way to help you out. Maintenance was always done the same day I reported any problems, and Josh the maintenance guy is always friendly. The apartments are nice, and stay warm in the winter. I have stayed at a few different places in Davis, and this was not only the cheapest, but nicest. —ryanabe

2010-01-25 23:13:17   Can anyone describe the typical noise level on a given weekday? —Mellerz

  • If you are senstive to noise this may be an issue, the train is quite noisy from any appartment this close to the tracks. However, the residential noise is quite low in my experience living there from 2005-2008 —MattHh

  • I actually live here now and it's pretty quiet. :) —Mellerz

2011-05-18 10:37:02   Put down a deposit ($500) here for single under 12month lease at $835/month. Water and heat included. Looking forward to the move as a transfer student. —Juan-PauloVarela

2012-01-22 18:02:15   I've been living her since early September and although I probably will not be renewing my lease, overall I think it is a very nice complex and WOULD recommend it to people looking for a pretty nice, inexpensive place to stay.

The manager, Donna, is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and is incredibly professional in her interactions with residents. I leased an apartment from them sight-unseen (I moved here from the east coast for grad school) and, at first, my dealings with a woman named Linda left me more than a little nervous about what I had actually signed on for. She seemed very disorganized (called me several times to ask the same questions) and was very unsympathetic that my being from the east coast made it difficult to come in and sign the lease paperwork early. She also told me during one of our earliest conversations that they do not rent to undergraduates (which of course is discriminatory, but it was my first time renting an apartment so I didn't know any better) - obviously, this wasn't true either.

BUT, when I did get to Davis and arrived (2 days before move-in) so I could sign the lease paperwork, Donna made up for all of my concerns in about 30 seconds. She apologized profusely for Linda's behavior, apparently the woman no longer worked for them. She said she would've been more than happy to give me my keys early (I was staying in a hotel) if Linda had actually written down the appointment I'd made with her, but as things were the carpets needed to be cleaned and I didn't mind the extra two days that much. I got all of the paperwork signed, she explained everything VERY clearly, and on move-in day she came and did a walk through that included checking my keys to make sure all of them worked, even the mailbox/pool keys (I've since heard stories from other complexes about keys that don't work, and are a huge hassle to get fixed). We did find a bit of a surprise in the kitchen - she opened one of the drawers and a tiny cockroach was in it. Then she got even MORE apologetic and called an exterminator immediately - he came by and sprayed, and I haven't seen any hint of bugs in the kitchen since. Recently I went back east for the holidays, and on the way back my purse got stolen - I explained the situation to her, and she replaced my keys right then. Every time I go into the office she always has a smile on her face and something kind to say, and Josh the maintenance man is very on-top of problems, even taking care of other little things that he happens to come across. The rent is cheap (for Davis, anyway), there is now PLENTY of bike parking, and even though there's no gym if you're a university student the campus gym is ten minutes away. I pay 835/month for a one bedroom (next year is 850 I think), electric, heat and water are NOT included, nor is insurance. Parking spaces are a bit narrow, but you can park on the street surrounding the complex and there are almost always spaces there to be had. As for location - I dare you to find a complex this good for the price. I make a right turn out of the complex, ride 7 minutes down 3rd street, and I've hit campus.

I'm shopping around for a new place mostly because of noise - the walls are paper-thin here, and I have some party-hardy undergraduates above and beside me. I'm a graduate student, and a pretty quiet one at that, so having to listen to the constant thumping of a subwoofer and loud yakking about boyfriend drama is a massive source of stress. It is more than likely that other areas of the complex are quieter, and that I just got bad luck on that account. I also dislike having windows that look into other people's apartments (I'm a big fan of natural light and open spaces), though again that might not be so bad in areas where you don't have neighbors that smoke outside your kitchen and stare into your window. If you can snag a unit with a patio/balcony, or even if you don't mind the noise so much, I think it's possible to have a really lovely place to call home in University Square. —SMessbr

2012-01-27 19:14:28   I lived at University square for two years and loved every minute of it. At the time we were able to get a 2 bedroom 1 bath for about $1,000, which split 3 ways was really affordable. The location, room sizes, small community feel and potential backyards/patios are the best qualities of the complex. The apartments are a minute walk from the bars and rest of downtown, so the location is perfect. The room sizes were shockingly large. You can fit 2 beds and two desks, a dresser, TV and bookshelf in most of the larger rooms, depending on where the door and closet are. The smaller rooms are more than enough space for 1 person but having 2 would definitely be pushing it. I've seen it done before, though. The small community feel is amazing as well. The place is crammed together and you can always walk down a few units and have a drink with some neighbors. I did so and managed to make some lifelong friends in the process. Where else this close to downtown are you able to have a fully fenced backyard on the 1st floor? Amazing perk. The cons: The thin walls, especially the ceiling. If your upstairs neighbors are active, you will be annoyed out of your mind at times. You can hear every footstep with each creak. The limited closet space is also problematic. For some reason the larger of the two bedrooms (which is more likely to be shared) has the smaller of the two bedroom closets. Further, the smaller bedroom is also the only bedroom with a built in wall AC unit. During the summer months, it was almost impossible to cool down the larger room. —ScottLondon

2012-05-29 17:35:04   Can any former or current residents tell me how noisy it is due to the close train tracks? —JChen

2012-10-10 12:54:09   This is a nice to place to live. I just moved in August. Clean Rooms and the staff is top noch. The whole reason iam writing this review is because of what happened to me just an hour ago. I was at school and lost my keys. No bike lock key no car or house key. So i ended up walking home and i am waiting for there lunch hour to be over. Donna over hears me on the phone all stressed about not having a key. She invites me in during her lunch hour and cuts a brand new key for me right there. I was prepared to call a locksmith and pay a crazy amount to get in. But in the end i only payed ten dollars. It is nice to know that the staff will help you out as much as they can. For this reason and the price and location i would have to recommend living here. —JamesMathison

2013-12-23 21:07:00   Subtenant needed for ground floor one bedroom apartment at University Square — this is a GREAT apartment, but I am leaving UCD and need to find a subtenant beginning winter quarter. Sublease will be through September, after that, new lease is negotiable. Apartment has tile floors in kitchen and bath, lots of storage, microwave and large fridge, ceiling fan in kitchen, mini blinds and parking right outside the door. Laundry is about 20 steps away. Very clean and very quiet. Please email me if interested, and I'll reply to schedule a viewing. —ras

2014-04-25 09:37:36   These apartments are great, the complex is very nice and relaxed,e the management is great, the location is perfectly convenient. I definitely recommend living here! —Rosy

2016-01-28 22:40:14   Not sure if management changed after the positive reviews below, but it is now by far the worst management I've seen in 6 years of living in Davis. I implore you not to live here if you have another option. The only thing you are really getting for your money is the great location close to downtown. Otherwise other apartments are much better deals. There aren't really any amenities besides the dirty pool. The laundry room and everything else in this place is not well kept at all. The repair men are great, but it takes management weeks to get them out to the apartment to fix things. Residents have requested improvements time and again, but they refuse to listen and are just cheapskates. There is a reason why there are no tours allowed. The units mostly have old items and they are in such a rush during move in that they cheaply brush things aside. The amount of my own money I've put into this apartment is ridiculous. They use cheap paint to where it will get all over any item resting against the wall. This complex is the nosiest I've lived in. The walls and floors keep no sound out. You can hear everything your neighbors do so prepare to know them intimately. Don't live on the bottom floor if you do live here. Also, the utilities are a ripoff. They use Conservice which YOU have to pay for your water/sewage. Almost all other complexes have this completely included in rent, and often a cheaper rent. They ratchet up the cost during winter. I could go on, but mostly this place is just poorly run. The management is rude and careless. They are owned by this faceless corporation that is not even locally based so they undercut everything to make money and don't care about students/residents. Good luck hunting, but I would avoid this complex if you can. —Jonathan_28

2016-03-10 19:52:28   I'd like to hear more comments on the recent living situation here. How bad is it to live on the first floor? Are the laundry facilities still as terrible as before? Would you recommend this place for a graduate student looking for a mostly quiet community? Thanks! —goosegoose