2828 Spafford Street (Wholesale bakery - not for public)

814 2nd Street (store front - near the Train Station)

403 G Street ( Village Pizza & Grill)

Mon-Sat 6:00AM-9:00PM
Sun 8::30AM-8:00PM
Pizza Hours
Mon-Sat 11:00AM-8:45PM -Deliveries after 4:00pm
Sun 11:0AM-7:45PM 
(530) 750-2255
Aziz Fattahi

The view from Second Street


Village Bakery makes excellent bread, pastries, and pizza. Located directly across from the Amtrak Station, the bakery's storefront easily goes unnoticed. There are three indoor tables and four outside, providing plenty of pleasant seating outside. Do not confuse them with their recently opened restaurant called Village Pizza and Grill on the corner of G Street and 4th Street.

AlyssaOlenberg, Faithful Employee After 5pm all muffins, scones, and croissants are $1.35

Pizza can be bought by the slice from 11am-closing; this may be the best pizza in all of Davis. They also deliver, but make sure to specify credit card when ordering. Slices are large and cost $2.85 for cheese, $3.25 for pepperoni, and $3.50 for vegetarian. There is usually a cheese, a pepperoni and some sort of vegetable combination (Vegetarian or Eggplant or any other veggie combo). This is excellent Cheap Food. Sometimes late in the day (i.e. dinner time) they will be sold out of pizza in the rotating glass case, in which case one should ask for another of (fill in the type) to be made and it can probably be made in around five minutes unless the pizza slaves are experiencing some sort of terrible nightmare of a rush in the back (case in point the night of January 5, 2007).

The commercial baking facility, designed by Scott Neeley Architecture

The Bakery's bread can also be bought onsite or at the Davis Food Co-op a couple of blocks away, or in Sacramento at Taylor's Market on Freeport Boulevard. Village Bakery supplies bread to a number of local restaurants, including buns for The Hotdogger, Delta of Venus, Enzo's, Mishka's Cafe as well as all the Pluto's locations. In the summer of 2005, Village Bakery opened a baking facility on Spafford Street in Mace Ranch and relocated all their commercial baking from the downtown store. This freed up the downtown location to focus on counter service and pizza. The Spafford location does not have a customer counter.

Several editors have complained about extra charges on their credit cards when used to purchase from Village Bakery, although this is supposed to happen as a normal part of an authorization hold, some have implied that it is more than that; caveat emptor.

Village Bakery used to provide the bread for the South Davis Nugget, some of which was wrapped with paper bags reading "Village Bakery", others which have Nugget bags which match the Village Bakery ones.

The Village Bakery also has an espresso machine which has made the bakery a popular spot for train riders to get some caffeine before or after their trip. To accompany coffee are various muffins, pastries, and linzer tortes. Their Napoleons are filled with custard and are much easier to eat than traditional Napoleons because they are bun-shaped instead of rectangular.

Plus the wait staff is really hot and they deliver.

Alert: Some credit card processing companies automatically hold (authorize) an additional 15% charge in limbo, in case there is tip,  which will drop off after few days.  Village Bakery has nothing to do with that and your card will not be charged that.  Don't worry!

Village Bakery pizza, pretty much the best thing ever while waiting for a late Amtrak train Pizza Menu ("16 shells either cooked or take 'n bake). These prices are before tax.  

  1. Cheese - Simply delicious  ($21)

  2. Pepperoni - Tasty, they are ($22)

  3. Sausage - ($22)

  4. Veggie - red and yellow bell peppers, roasted onions, zucchini, mushrooms, and feta cheese  ($25)

  5. Eggplant - with roasted onions, Kalamata olives, and feta ($25)

  6. Greek - Kalamata olives, feta cheese, fresh basil, tomato (note: does not include mozzarella unless otherwise specified) ($24)

  7. Artichoke - artichokes, Kalamata olives, goat cheese, on pesto/red/garlic sauce ($27.50)

  8. Chicken - roasted chicken breast, roasted onions on white garlic sauce ($25)

  9. Spinach - Garlic White/Pesto Sauce, Spinach, Tomatoes, mushrooms, Goat Cheese ($26.50)

  10. Margarita - Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Parmesan, and Basil,  ($22)

  11. Hawaiian - ham and pineapple ($24)

  12. Roasted Bell Pepper - with goat cheese ($25)

  13. Meat & Veggie Combo - pepperoni, sausage, green bell pepper, red onions, mushrooms, black olives, tomato ($27.50)

You can also customize your toppings—they are $1 each: pepperoni, salami, sausage, chicken, ham, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, eggplant, spinach, Kalamata olives, roasted onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, basil, feta, goat cheese, fresh mozarella, marinara sauce, pesto, white sauce.

Greek Salad - Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, feta, & olives (small - $3) Choice of Lemon Oil or Caesar Dressing

Large 16" pizza. Each extra topping $1.00. Delivery charge $5...this charge, however, is not a tip...that is separate. A good tip is $4...a $7 tip has been scientifically proven to make the delivery drivers love and worship you forever. Delivery is available after 5PM.

Menu pictures: click on thumbnail for full size.


worker Chris, making the dough for 40 pizzas

Worker pulling bread out of oven; it's warm

Family portrait


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Recent Reviews

2009-01-14 00:25:54   I don't know what it is about their pizza that makes it so good; it just is. If you've never been there, stop by and grab a bite to eat before you go on a train ride. Next time you have a dinner party or potluck, buy a roll of fresh bread from the Village Bakery. —AmanpreetSingh

2009-01-26 23:32:18   I am no pizza snob, but after trying all of the pizzas in Davis, Village Bakery emerges victorious. Symposium is a close second for deep dish pizza. Village Bakery pizzas always have high quality and fresh ingredients along with a great tasting crust. The staff are always super nice, too. —CoffeeSnobDavis

2009-02-10 16:26:56   The pizza is at least heavenly, so much so that there are delays periodically; that seems natural to me, like how free ways are sometimes crowded about the fourth of July and such, people can deliver orders in rushes (by telephone included) and do a grand job at occasionally-overwhelming the staff very much. As for the illegal bussiness practices that are alleged to exist, specifically keeping in mind how undocumented or illegal workers might be underpaid, I'd say that it is proper to be aware and on the lookout for such dealings, yet if anyone makes concrete (hard) accusations that such trouble exists then they had best have evidence just as solid otherwise that is slander or liable(depending) and that can be as damaging. With the posts 'o "LetJusticeBeServed" and "GeorgeBush" in mind I have a mind to say that if Someone makes a Public Notice* * Try having some proof to present—because how do You really know?-Do you even? Have you seen forged documents or even asked the employees any questions? What did they say? When? Have you gone by what's called, "a well-known fact throughout Davis"(GeorgeBush) then? I've resided in Davis for about ten years; this is the first time I've heard of that "well-know fact". Then again, the pizza is delicious, and the desserts are too. I can attest to such truely, as I've been in person; that was near to two months, too long, ago when my senses proved the like as sure as night is dark and day is light. —KhayyamShah

2009-03-05 21:07:17   I used to always walk by here on my way to the Amtrak and wondered how their food tasted. After finally getting the chance, I was overjoyed! Great tasting pizza, good prices, and wonderful service! Two thumbs up :) —renee415

2009-03-20 18:30:12   This is by far my favorite pizza place in Davis. My Davis-born-and-raised husband is a loyal Woodstock's fan, but for me, Village Bakery has the best crust, sauce, and the Veggie slices have the perfect mix of flavor and texture. It doesn't taste too greasy, and the vegetables aren't overwhelmed by a sauce that tastes like tomato paste. Mmmm...On occasion, when my husband orders from Woodstock's, I've been known to place a separate order from Village Bakery. It's made for an awkward moment when the delivery guys arrive at about the same time, but I think a few seconds of awkwardness is a small price to pay for marital harmony and satisfied taste buds. —MBriggs

2009-04-15 11:54:44   Very good pizza, esp for the price. One time I went there years ago as they were closing. I wanted one piece, and they had a whole fresh pizza that they would not sell by closing time. They gave all of it to me for the price of slice. It was AWESOME. Love them. —LotsofThoughts

2009-05-24 16:17:09   I FINALLY tried village pizza the other day. My dad and I stopped in for a quick slice of pepperoni. All in all the pizza was good, but I wish it had more sauce. The crust was nice and chewy but slightly crispy on the bottom, and the cheese was PERFECT for pizza (I love when I take a bite and the cheese just stretches and stretches!) I would definitely go there again if I just wanted a slice, but other wise, I still prefer Steve's. —BrookeB

2009-05-29 16:17:52   Great news for anyone who loves Village Bakery's pizza as much as I do: The old house being remodeled on 4th and G just had a sign put up the other day reading Village Pizza and Grill in the same lettering style as the bakery. (opening in July) I'm not sure if this restaurant is owned by Village Bakery (if anyone can confirm, that would be great!), but I'd sure bet it is. I couldn't be more excited about this restaurant opening if my hunch is correct; I LOVE Village Bakery's pizza and would equally love enjoying it on an outdoor patio with a cold brew during the summer. Fingers crossed! —chellebelle1685

2009-05-29 19:21:18   I just called them and they said it really is Village Bakery, and the current location will also stay open. Yay! Village Bakery is awesome. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-05-30 18:58:21   Correct. Aziz, the owner of Village Bakery, is opening up the new restaurant. It has been in planning for a long time and under construction for a bit. I haven't talked to him in a while, so I don't remember when the exact opening date is. —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-06-07 17:47:22   Their lunch special is currently $5.50 (+tax, I imagine). It includes a slice of pizza, a can of soda (or bottled juice), and a salad. The guy behind the counter told me the special is for anytime. I've only had their vegetarian pizza. It's good. I also like the tables outside, nice atmosphere this time of year (May-June). —RonB

2009-06-15 17:52:44   Looking forward to the new location, Village Bakery may have my favorite pizza in town! Highly recommend the Veggie. —JamesWaterhouse

2009-06-17 17:14:17   My favorite pizza in town. cannot wait for the new location! —CreeSmithers

2009-07-14 20:36:57   Desserts are to die for! Great portions and awesome pricing! —davisgirl10

2009-07-24 14:47:52   Does anyone have any new info on the new restaurant? Is it open yet, or opening soon? —jsogul

  • Inside word is that he wants to open it within the next week, but I have a feeling it won't be until as late as the end of next month. We'll see... —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-07-26 19:54:24   Best pizza in davis by far!!! if you haven't had a slice, go now! —ADP

2009-08-01 23:42:38   the best pizza in town bar none! I hope they keep the lunch special at the new location. $5.50 slice salad drink. Best in town. —jonjon

2009-08-16 14:54:40   I read previous comments about the undocumented workers, that sucks for americans, but they still make some darn good pizza —lajolla4joya

2009-08-26 10:26:02   Anyone go to the new location yet? —SonnyStack

2009-09-09 16:50:51   I love this place - best pizza in town! Check out review here: http://sacfoodies.com/2009/09/09/pizza-week-continued-village-bakery/ChristineSchunk

2009-09-25 17:47:50   This is my favorite place to get pizza in Davis, BY FAR! I went to their new location a few weeks after opening. I wasn't very impressed by their service but I assume the bugs will get worked out soon. The food was excellent and the wines are local! I will be returning soon. —UMDGrad

2009-10-17 21:39:12   I ordered a pick up pizza from village bakery tonight. When I went to pick it up the nice lady at the front told me it had been burned a bit and offered to give me a discount ($3 off). The pizza wasn't that bad - just a little crispier than normal around the edges. This was an awesome gesture that she certainly didn't have to do and it's a great example of the kind of customer service I wish I could see more often in Davis. Village bakery is the best pizza in Davis. —ARWENNHOLD

2009-12-21 09:51:56   I love the new location and menu. It is comparable to Burgers & Brew but with better seating and a larger menu. This is my new favorite place to eat out in Davis. —GJC02

Really???? I don't see how this can be compared it definitely does NOT have better seating.. perhaps wrong restaurant?

2010-01-21 21:06:52   We wanted the asiago cheese bread but the Co-op was out, so we went to VB - turns out they were out even earlier! Our whole family love those, especially sliced and toasted...mmm.. —LeeY

2010-01-29 17:47:34   Stopped in today to have the lunch special, a slice, drink and salad. It was pretty good. Also got a piece of Tiramisu which was okay too. The pizza is good, but don't know that it's the best I've ever had. Very fresh, though. —redbike

2010-02-05 10:16:37   Hands down the BEST pizza in Davis, the employees here have always been nice and friendly. —DagonJones

2010-07-05 20:01:58   This is the best pizza in Davis. Davis needs Italian food and more pizza choices. Woodstocks doesn't quite match up to Round Table and RT isn't that good in this town. Luckily, there is some decent pizza. Nice bread (I miss Bouchon Bakery), and wonderful cream puffs for $1.25 apiece. My partner gives a rating of 8 or 9 /10. —seesharp

2010-07-16 17:17:08   Best pizza and scones, and cool atmosphere. —JasperD

2010-08-03 03:42:53   I love this place, friendly staff and great pizza! —Saher

2010-11-24 21:35:10   LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. You haven't lived until you've tried one of their croissants. My son, who is 11, says he never wants to move from Davis because of Village Bakery. —JasperD

2011-03-24 16:40:47   Took me years to figure out they have breakfast items like muffins and scones. Their blueberry muffins are soooo good! I am addicted :) —Ravyn

2011-03-24 21:14:33   Great EPI bread! Just don't make the same mistake I made and assume that when they open at 5:30 am they will have fresh baked goods... I thought I would bring in goodies for the office, but they don't get delivery from their Spafford location until around 6:30-ish. —BigGuy

2011-04-12 20:27:18   When I graduate next year and leave Davis, this place will probably be the only thing I miss. The pizza is THAT good and their lunch deal makes it even better. —ElizabethWood

2011-05-17 17:35:49   Tried pizza here for the first time last Friday (May 13,2011), and I must say everytime I am in need for a quick bite in Downtown Davis, I am heading over to this Village Bakery. However the thing I really don't like is that they close super early because after I got off work I decided to go back for another couple of slices, and they were closed. :-( But props on the TASTY pizza.!


2011-05-17 21:41:56   Also worth knowing that they have a presence at the Davis Farmers' Market on a Saturday. Find them at the north-western end of the covered bit. They don't sell pizza here, but they do have a range of breads. —KevinWeedon

2011-06-27 21:49:15   The best pizza in Davis. The bread is great too, but I consume more of the pizza. Even their restaurant doesn't make the pizza as good. I lived in NYC and it was nice finding a place that sells by the slice all day for a reasonable price. It's simple, its good, try it. —BobJames

2011-06-30 19:07:13   Usually I love this place but I got two slices of pizza (one cheese, one veggie) last night and they were both pretty bad. The dough was really tough and hard to chew. I got through about half of each piece and had to give up. They were also even greasier than usual.

I still think Village Bakery has the best pizza in Davis but they need to work on being consistent. They also might want to consider dropping the credit card fee.

I definitely recommend the roasted red bell pepper and goat cheese pizza - I wish they sold it by the slice. —MeggoWaffle

2011-08-22 07:08:18   My favorite pizza in Davis. Everything is great here from the slices, to the great pizzas you can order, to the cheap delicious desserts. —KurtG

2011-12-10 16:27:04   Best, best, best ever. —KarbonMeatson

2011-12-16 17:05:15   Pizza here is AWESOME! and great prices! —JeffA

2012-01-27 14:16:48   Best veggie pizza ever. —RoamingDavisite

2012-03-16 06:17:54   Just went to this place for the first time today. and I have to say it was a disappointment, not the food but rather the lack of it. In my experience when a bakery opens it already has some pastries out of the oven and ready for sale. But if you are hoping to get something to eat that isn't dessert or leftovers when waiting for an early morning Amtrak. You will have to wait until at least 6:30 before they even have anything fresh. Another thing to point out, don't get their cappuccino unless your like your morning coffee to taste like hot dirt. —HGibson

2012-04-09 22:57:19   Simply the best bakery in town. The most savory focaccia bread on the planet. And one of the best veggie pizzas ever tasted. Its awesome making a quick stop here and just chilling at their outside patio :) —MelannieLavarias

2012-07-17 08:35:01   Great place for an inexpensive yet delicious slice of pizza or a french baguette to go. —Trena

2012-08-13 01:00:13   To me, sitting outside the bench with a slice of their pizza, watching the A bus drive by and the Amtrak train make a stop at the station made Village Bakery a great stop to grab a slice. —Davekhuh

2012-11-15 19:13:38   Ordered from them tonight for delivery. The person on the phone spoke very poor English. Nonetheless, over the course of a 5 minute phone call (seriously), I gave him my phone number, address and credit card number. I was told the pizza would take an hour. Over an hour later, I got a call from them. Another person, again who spoke barely a word of English, told me he needed my credit card number again. It took some time to make sure he got the numbers, again. I told him I was concerned that they didn't have my address since they had trouble w/ my card number (yet apparently had no problem with my phone number, which I chalk up to caller ID). He asked me for my address to make sure. I gave it to him again and he confirmed they had it. I asked if my pizza was on the way. He said it was. 20 minutes later, I get another call. This time, yet a THIRD person, who again spoke almost no English, asked me for my address. At this point, I was been frustrated, but again gave it to him, with difficulty.

Miraculously, 15 minutes later, the pizza showed up. Unfortunately, it was definitely not hot, but still really good pizza. I will just pick my pizza up from this place in the future. —JMattson

2013-05-27 23:18:47   They have good pizza, I always buy a slice whenever I'm in town. However don't buy with a credit or debit card if you're only buying a slice of pizza or any other small thing. Always pay with cash even if you have to walk ten blocks to the nearest atm. —Adnil

2013-05-28 06:32:19   Nvm, never coming here again. —Adnil

2013-10-26 22:29:29   Although this place is my favorite for ordering pizza; I have to agree with another reviewer about the credit card. First I picked up, paid in the store, and saw a credit card charge of $5 extra, took it up with the manager who was hard to get a hold of, and it was finally returned to my credit card a few days later. He wanted me to come in, stating he couldn't return it to my card which can be done, but since it wasn't my mistake I made them take care of it. Second time same thing happened but I just went to pick up the cash. Now tonight I order for delivery, they already added the delivery charge, I left the tip in cash, yet I look at my credit card online somebody charged me an extra $8. If they do not know how to enter a number or are trying to make extra money maybe they shouldn't take credit cards. If purchasing I would also avoid using your credit card or debit card, and strictly pay in cash. As good as their pizza is I will continue to buy it, however something shady is going on at this business. I cannot debate that their pizza and pastries are the best I have had for over a year, but I don't exactly trust the credit card stuff since this is the third incident in a few months, and never occurred before when I used cash. If you have to use a credit card please pay close attention to what they charge, by checking your credit charges, and keep the receipt as proof. My advice: use cash, pick-up is better than delivery, and try the veggie its the best.—Sean23

2013-12-13 12:34:49   I love the food here but the last two times I ordered I was charged an additional dollar when using my credit card, ON TOP of the $0.50 fee they add for using one. I don't know if this is management policy or the employees trying to skim money (charging an extra buck then taking one from the register), but it is a huge turn off. The girl at the register wearing an SF hat was the one who rang me up both times. —bordiga

2013-12-15 18:26:05   I tried to resolve this with the owner but the manager has acted as a gate keeper between myself and the owner and would not put me in touch with him. My credit card was overcharged $6 on a order I picked up from the store. I did not tip the cashier as I walked in, paid her, and picked up my pizza. She acted a bit strange when I drew a line through the tip line and totaled my credit card slip with the base amount. It struck me odd enough that I kept my receipt to check against my online credit card activity the next day. I rarely save receipts. I checked the charge after it posted to my account and sure enough it was different than my receipt by $6. I called my credit card company and they gave me a credit and will handle it from there. We enjoy pizza from this location at least 10 time a month. I have dealt with the rude spanish speaking employees that take your order, bark a total, and hang up before I can confirm it with them. We always chaulked it up as part of the Village Bakery "experience". This however will not be tolerated. If the manager would have just taken the time to help me with this, gave me a credit, and checked up with the employee who did it, I would have been satisfied. But now I wonder how many people fall prey to employees helping themselves to a tip knowing that most people won't catch it. Village Bakery has lost us as a customer forever and I will be putting this out on social media and our food blog in the coming days. Bad move guys.... —MikeGee

2014-03-18 23:52:39   Best pizza in Davis. Hands down. —RomanRivilis

2014-10-17 18:42:59   The best pizza in Davis, hands down. The fact that they deliver is one of the great reasons to live in Davis! —TerryDuperron

2014-11-20 19:04:47   Used to be the best pizza you could have delivered in Davis. We ordered from them regularly for over 12 years. However, during the last three attempts its been an utter failure. First time, the pizza was burnt. Second time the pizza was 30 minutes late and the whole of it took up only half the box, as it had slid to the side and into a gooey mess. Yes, if it had been anywhere else, I'd not have given them a third try. But this is Village Bakery, and 12 years of top notch service. So the Third time I ordered at 4:30 pm. After several phone calls and reassurances from their staff, at 6:00 it still wasn't there (and in fact never arrived). I loved that place, but three strikes, your out.

Their restaurant still seems to be nice though. Maybe all the attention is being put into it?


2015-07-31 00:16:25   Ok, I gave them another try. Several successful deliveries later we are again Village Bakery Pizza lovers! —AaronFlin