445 Matmor Road, Woodland, CA 95776
(Corner of Matmor Rd. and East Main St.)
(530) 666-2461

Woodland Veterinary Hospital is one of the vets within striking distance of Davis, and are consistently named the Best of Yolo for both medical and boarding care. They are a full service veterinary hospital that provides a wide range of comprehensive medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical services. Their patients include  everything from dogs and cats to pocket pets, and even the occasional bird or reptile. In addition to veterinary medical services, they also offer top notch boarding and obedience training. They are also open for emergencies until 9pm on weekdays, and 6pm on weekends.


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2007-06-26 19:30:57   this can go on woodland wiki. —JasonAller

2007-06-26 19:31:30   I took my hamster here and had her euthanized because of an aggressive tumor that was developing. I went today (Tuesday afternoon), and it wasn't busy at all. The vet there seemed competent and patient, and advised me that surgery probably wouldn't do any good and suggested that it was her time. The prices were reasonable. However, the charge for them to take care of the body seemed quite high to me (for such a small creature), although I have nothing to compare it to. Overall, I would recommend this place (or at least to hamster owners). —at86

2010-11-28 11:38:14   This is a terrible place. I usually do not post comments, but this place was so bad that I had to comment so other people don't make the same mistake with their pets. We used them to board our dog in thei kennels. We got te best package they offered so our dog would be very comfortable. They offer 4 kennels with cameras so we can watch our dog on the computer. We were able to get this option. They did not do the things we paid for like extra comfy bedding and a daily stuffed kong toy. They also did not take him out after he ate so he had to poo on the floor of hid kennel. It was 2 hours after he ate and he still was not let out. We also had him up on our computer all day so we could look at him. He was supposed to get out 5 times a day. Every time we checked on him he was in his kennel leading us to believe he was only getting potty breaks. They also did not give him his bedding from home or his toys until we called to complain 3 days later. He was in his kennel for 3 dayswith absolutely nothing to do! If this is how they treat a dog on a camera I wonder how they treat a dog not on a camera. After we had to spend our vacation on the phone with them complaining about their service they told us they would fully compensate the visit. However when we picked him up they only compensated a small percentage of our visit. This was definitely not a compromise for the amount of worry and checking up we had to do. —sarahlawrence

2011-01-17 15:32:40   We take our dog here and we are on the fence about it. Even though the veterinary services have been pretty good, they are very, very expensive. Also, our dog got ill after an intervention here - it was a very damaging virus that he fought for months afterwards and that cost us a lot of money. We are certain he contracted it at this place while he was having surgery. They tend to push some services on you. As far as the boarding goes, I would not recommend them. They are very, very expensive and that's just for the crate / room which is small, cold (in winter) and with floors constantly wet (from daily cleaning I guess, but why not dry them rather than leave them constantly wet?)- if you want a run or play time for your dog, you'll have to pay a lot extra. On top of that, our dog came out ill from their boarding every time; once, he hurt his leg in a manner that is still a mistery. Following his injury, they decided to stop any extra play time he got and did not replace it with any form of interaction - when we got him back, he was very high strung - he generally is high strung after a stay there, but that time, he looked wild with need for exercise / attention. Last time he was boarded there, he came home ill, throwing up and without energy; we talked to them about the fact that we left a healthy dog for three days and a lot of money only to be treated as if we were crazy and did not know our own dog. It was very disappointing to be told by a doctor that our dog was just stressed because that special week, their boarding was full -it was a regular week, no particular holiday and our dog loves other dogs and people and has known this place for two years. This wasn't stress - he threw up for two days after coming home and couldn't eat anything. We had to fight with them so they would see the ill dog at no cost and they still charged us a tone of money for medication for him. I would not write this review if I had not had the opportunity to see how the dog did in another boarding recently - much better, more space, cheaper, free supervised play with other dogs all day long and three 20 minute free runs a day if you did not want the dog to stay with the other dogs. Our dog came out happy, well exercised and healthy which had never happened at Woodland. I would not recommend Woodland Vet Hospital for boarding and I would watch out with their veterinary services - make sure your dog doesn't catch other illnesses while there and compare their prices with other places. —JaneMaryl

2011-02-01 18:17:24   I also had a bad experience with the kennel. My cat came in and when I picked her up she couldn't even walk without screaming with pain. Turned out it was arthritis of the spine, which she NEVER had problems with before. I believe someone dropped her or somehow mishandled her so it flared up the arthritis. She had to be euthanized. Years later I took a new cat to be boarded, which they promptly vaccinated when they couldn't get a hold of me (of course not, I was on vacation!). She had JUST had her vaccinations, which were on her RECORDS and they also did not call my emergency person. She ended up dying of liver disease a few months later. —Nancycat

2011-05-04 20:29:05   I have taken my special needs cat here and have been very pleased with the quality of care she has received and the customer service at the front desk. We have seen several of the doctors there and they have been friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. The doctor that we see most of the time is wonderful and truly invested in helping me manage my cat's chronic illness. She always calls me promptly to give lab results or to give me updates on how my kitty is doing if she is being hospitalized. I purchase medical supplies from the front desk and every time I am there the office staff is friendly and professional. I know that I could probably find a competent vet closer to where I live but I am so pleased with how they have managed her case that I am more than happy to drive 20 minutes to get there. My cat has been living well with kidney disease for five years now and is still going strong. I attribute her high quality of life to the great care she gets at Woodland Vet Hospital. —AndreaSchreier

2013-02-23 20:04:11   I boarded my cats here several times and found it satisfactory. My cats' behavior after picking them up did not indicate that they disliked the experience. —LoriOrf